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  1. Crashed to the Xbox home screen. It's so weird. I'm also getting sub 30fps for entire multiplayer matches to the point I'm getting motion sickness. Was smooth as hell on day one but I'm genuinely struggling to play it at the moment and dunno what's up - if it's just me getting this or if it's a known problem.
  2. Um... Is anyone else having really bad issues in this? Like flickering textures, micro-freezes, textures flipping between low quality and HD? It wasn't like this on day 1 but I'm actually struggling to play this now because of it. Series X if that helps. Anyone else having serious issues?
  3. Is there something similar for Android?
  4. Interesting, I'm getting 500-800 download speeds regularly on Series X. Guess it comes down to network setup etc.
  5. Is the insider program related to this too? I'm level 9 and I get 10 points here and there for completing tasks but are those points for something else?
  6. One thing - I was getting a crackly noise in the left ear that was driving me nuts during heavier bass in the audio. Hooked it up to the PC and selected "flat" in the EQ and that sorted it. EQ tweaks in that app don't seem to play nicely when Dolby or DTS is active on Xbox and it sounds waaaaay better with DTS now.
  7. So in game always select headphones when I want Dolby / DTS to work correctly right?
  8. Folks, in actual game settings with something like Dolby or DTS enabled for headphones in system settings - are you selecting Headphones or Speakers as output? And, similarly, are you selecting Stereo or Surround? Does it matter? Is there a consensus? Cheers!
  9. Had to look that up to see what it was! Please tell me there was like an actual sequel / continuation of botw announced recently and I didn't imagine it? Not that I misheard and I've been ignoring spoilers / info for nothing
  10. Realise this is going to be something that should be obvious but is this the prequel to breath of the wild, so same world etc? Is the map size the same? I've caught nothing about this but if it's the same gameplay but a prequel then I'm buying this immediately without a second thought!
  11. Folks a question in regards to capturing video. So I know when internally stored, you're limited to 30 seconds at 4k. I must say, the 30 seconds clips I've shared with mates have looked exceptional. However am I right in thinking if I want longer at 4k I'd need to use an external HDD? Any would do, right? Also, when uploading to Xbox Live are you still limited to 30 seconds? Or can you also upload the longer clips that you capture and save to the external drive? Cheers!
  12. I got obsessive with that on the PS4. Hope it's something that needs to be done for this one launch issue and never looked at again. My UI used to fucking crawl after multiple game updates etc. Find cable connect to console press power button until 2 beeps then turn controller on then navigate to repair database then wait 5 minutes then launch UI then delete those fucking "welcome to PlayStation!" notifications then off you go. Repeat when UI crawls again. Made a difference to responsiveness but I don't want to be doing that this generation too.
  13. Dunno what to suggest really but that's not good. I would say swap it but now isn't exactly the best time for that due to the lack of availability. Did anyone mention coil whine in the reviews? It surely can't be an acceptable thing to have in a new unit regardless if a few others here are noticing it too.
  14. Is this coil whine some of you are experiencing quite loud? Or do you have to stick your ear up to the console to catch it?
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