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  1. This is a long shot as it's such a niche product but has anyone got this working well on the Surface Pro X? I'm getting weird flashes / lag exactly as shown here in this video. It SHOULD work fine - I'm wired and on a really fast line - but alas it's a janky mess. It's an arm64 chip and I'm using Edge arm64 version. I can't work out what I'm doing wrong or what to even troubleshoot at this point
  2. Simmy

    Xbox Game Pass

    The 3rd was crud too to be fair. Remember how awfully it ran on consoles? I was furious - it was a slideshow often.
  3. Thanks a lot for the info, happy to wait!
  4. Seconded, would love to see it too.
  5. I had the same and my line is solid. Trying it on a surface pro X with arm chip. Strange one, I'll get back to you if I find anything.
  6. Simmy

    Xbox Game Pass

    Have you used that offer before? If not - yep, same as always. Wait for it to expire (TURN OFF AUTO-RENEWAL!!!!) and get xbox live gold up to 3 years and upgrade to Ultimate for a pound. IF you have used that offer before then it is exactly the same EXCEPT instead of a pound, you buy 1 month of Ultimate on top and voila - converted 1 to 1 to ultimate Hope that helps! EDIT: I did the second option in December - please someone confirm I am still right with this before I inadvertently get Pistol to flush a hundred quid down the drain.
  7. Simmy

    Xbox Game Pass

    Speaking of achievements - is there any games recommended right now in Game Pass that are like "story" games where I can systematically work through a guide to get achievements for the weeklies? Worked brilliantly with Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango, Full Throttle... But I am a bit stuck, now. Any recommendations?
  8. Simmy

    Nintendo Switch

    My little brother lives in another country and has Mario party. I guess, honestly - is it worth me getting to play with him online? Always wanted to play it but it's a big investment to check if it works ok - or even well for that matter.
  9. Curious, especially that you own 2 new consoles - do you find yourself drifting towards one over the other and if so why?
  10. I know it's a bit of a niche question but until about an hour ago I was thinking about getting a series s to buy this "Dev mode for but it seems I can use my Series X, buy dev mode, install retroarch and STILL switch to normal mode to play online etc? Has anyone else done this? Is there limitations / things to consider?
  11. You and me both. I'm loving the backwards compatibility too - it's so effing fast! I'm downloading the older games cause I know I'm gonna enjoy them more due to the accessibility. Few years ago I'd have never said this but Microsoft are on to a winner here.
  12. Honestly I don't want to sound like I'm over emphasizing this I promise - but I got a Series X on launch day and somehow, despite my hype being crushed to an absolute minimum with the "no new games" memes, it's the best console and best thing I've bought in 10-15 years. I cannot overstate how much I love it. I've got Game Pass Ultimate until the end of 2023 and it feels like I'm sorted. I dunno how to explain it. It's brilliant!!
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