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  1. stephen129

    Quite possibly...

    You can use a knife to score from the top to the bottom working your way around the orange. This makes it much easier to peel. I also like to cut it like this:
  2. stephen129

    Everybody's Golf - Sign up in the first post.

    I just got this from PSN as it was a tenner. I know nothing about golf and have never played a golf game. I have the following questions: What are: Auto Impact, RNG, Mirror and RGA? What do the different balls do? How come sometimes the game just putts the ball into the hole for me?
  3. stephen129

    Is there a sushi thread?

    Personally I've never been to places around there so couldn't advise, but if you ever come to London PM me and I'll recommend some places. I would definitely stick with western style sushi for now, high quality fish is just so hard to find in the UK unless you live in a big city (or you could most probably order online, but I've never done that). You might not even like traditional sushi anyway. Focus on getting the rice correct. In terms of more general Japanese food you can definitely make more 'authentic' versions of things. The ingredients for dishes like buta no kakuni (braised pork belly), nasu dengaku (miso glazed aubergine), tori karaage (Japanese fried chicken), okonomiyaki (Japanese style savoury pancake) or yakitori (grilled chicken on skewers) are much easier to find, and pretty straightforward to make. If your yardstick is Yo Sushi and supermarkets then you're quite lucky as there's a ridiculous range of things to try and the quality improves immeasurably. For me, amaebi nigiri (sweet shrimp) and hotate nigiri (scallop) are one of the best bites of food you can eat. I need to get my arse back to Japan asap. Why is it so far away and expensive?!
  4. stephen129

    Is there a sushi thread?

    Eat Tokyo is solid for hot food. The sushi is a bit average. I went to the Chiswick branch recently and that was definitely one of the better branches. I'd go to Mai Sushi (western style sushi), they do a big sushi boat for £40 which is a bargain imo. You're referring to Hana Matsuri which I thought was solid when I went last year.
  5. stephen129

    Is there a sushi thread?

    Personally I can't stand Yo Sushi. The conveyor belt thing is generally a gimmick, you never have any idea how long stuff has been going around and around. I actually find Wasabi pretty solid for the price (assuming you like salmon), it's definitely better than supermarket stuff. I like the mini chirashi they do which is only a few quid and is made up of random off cuts. There are few reasonably priced places in London that I go to that are sufficient quality. There's good places in West London around Ealing/Chiswick due to the Japanese population there. I got this chirashi-don the last time I went (although it was 38 quid, so not exactly cheap, but it did include uni, o-toro and botan shrimp...)
  6. stephen129

    Is there a sushi thread?

  7. stephen129

    Is there a sushi thread?

    This article is a good start: https://boutiquejapan.com/sushi-myths-and-misconceptions/
  8. stephen129

    Is there a sushi thread?

    I have a Korean supermarket that I go to that has salmon that is specifically for sashimi. However I did read this article: https://learnhowtomakesushi.wordpress.com/2012/07/02/you-can-now-eat-raw-salmon-safely-fishmongers-read-on/ Personally I've never tried acquiring sushi grade fish myself, it's not easy to find. I'm pretty sure you don't live in London, but if your ever there, Atari-Ya supply a lot of London's decent sushi restaurants. Definitely some of the best sushi I've had in the UK is supplied from there. Check Asian supermarkets. Often they'll be focussed towards Chinese cuisine. The Japanese section will usually be pretty small, but you'll hopefully find bamboo mats, wasabi etc. I've never been to Lidl for Japanese stuff. The world food sections of regular supermarkets will stock some stuff, but they won't necessarily be Japanese brands. I would definitely stick to getting proper sushi rice. To someone not that fussy/familiar with different rice then you might get away with something like Jasmine, but really you shouldn't substitute. Sushi is first and foremost about rice. I'm Asian and eat a lot of rice so I'm a big stickler for it. At home I have paella rice, risotto rice, basmati rice, Thai Jasmine rice and sushi rice. With regards to wasabi (it's actually horseradish dyed green with some other stuff in it) you can get it in a tube or in a powder, it comes in a can and you add water to it. Real wasabi is horrendously expensive as it's a very difficult crop to grow. I've only had it a few times in Japan, never in the UK. Pickled ginger is readily available, I've seen it in Sainsbury's and other western supermarkets. You should also be able to find seaweed sheets quite easily. When you come to making sushi, focus on getting the rice right first. Supermarket sushi is pretty disgusting because the rice is horrible. If your experience with sushi is Waitrose, then you should be able to do a lot better at home. Also a note, you'll probably be making western style sushi (California rolls and things with mayo in etc). Traditional sushi is very different. You definitely won't see any crunchy bits, mayonnaise or avocado. Another thing you should consider making if you can't find sushi grade fish is kimbab, which is a Korean version of sushi. The typical one only has vegetables in it and it's delicious. https://youtu.be/Y-Y9CXGRJPU On a bit of a tangent, anyone who says something along the lines of "the sushi was amazing, the fish was so fresh!" has no idea what they're talking about. Fish used for sushi is aged to bring out its flavour. It's not literally just sliced and put on rice.
  9. stephen129

    Is there a sushi thread?

    The issue with making sushi is finding sushi grade fish. I just bought some unagi/kabayaki which is actually made in China, but it's exactly the same stuff on your unagi-don that they charge you £16.50 a bowl for: I also found some inarizushi (fried tofu pockets) in a can that are good: You'll also need to get hold of some sushi rice, there's an American brand that is solid called Nishiki, otherwise you're looking at spending quite a lot of money for Japanese sushi rice: You'll also need to season the rice with sugar and vinegar, brands like Mizkan sell ready mixed sushi vinegar which I've used before and are decent: Any questions, fire away. I would consider myself fairly knowledgeable on the subject. In short, it's fairly straightforward to make sushi at home, but you'll probably be restricted to vegetarian stuff or california rolls (which are made with imitation crab sticks).
  10. stephen129

    Anthony Bourdain has passed away.

    Supposedly his last interview: https://popula.com/2018/07/15/bourdain-confidential/
  11. stephen129

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Prediction Colombia 2-1 England Colombia 16 mins England 34 mins Colombia 82 mins
  12. stephen129

    Joanna Newsom - Have One On Me

    So thanks to the following track, I've rediscovered Joanna Newsom. I can't believe I never listened to In California properly. It's absolutely beautiful.
  13. stephen129

    Anthony Bourdain has passed away.

    I'm still shocked by the news. I was under the impression that he was exorcising his demons. He'd given up drugs, smoking, alcohol and taken up martial arts. I remember him writing about fantasising about committing suicide in his book Medium Raw, but that was years ago now. I owe my love of travel to Anthony Bourdain. I think it was the Singapore episode of No Reservations that I knew I had to visit one day. I've been to many of the same restaurants and places he's recommended in his shows. He taught me to be curious of other places and cultures. I hope he's up there exploring and eating his way through heaven. “If you’re 22, physically fit, hungry to learn and be better, I urge you to travel; as far and as widely as possible. Sleep on floors if you have to. Find out how other people live and eat and cook. Learn from them; wherever you go.” - Anthony Bourdain
  14. stephen129

    Good crisp bad crisp

    I've not had this particular flavour, but their chilli and lime ones are really good. Very heavily seasoned. Like a cross between Walkers and McCoys, but then boosted with even more salt and MSG.
  15. stephen129

    Take A Pic Of Your Dinner!

    https://therecipecritic.com/2016/04/slow-cooker-barbacoa-beef/ Had to get a lot of stuff from mexgrocer as it's not easy to find proper corn tacos, chiles in adobo etc in normal shops.

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