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  1. Grilled peaches, mozzarella, prosciutto, leaves, high quality balsamic I bought in Modena, extra virgin olive oil. One of my favourite salads.
  2. I season mine before or after I cook. Sometimes I don't even bother as I'm putting oil in the pan anyway. If you want to season properly, warm up the pan then pour a tbsp or two of oil (personally not found much difference with whatever I use, some people swear by flaxseed) then wipe it completely clean with a lint free cloth and heat it for a bit. There shouldn't be any sticky residue or leftover oil. This is a mistake I made in my early days of attempting to season.
  3. I love oxtail. One of my favourite cuts.
  4. Honestly that stainless steel pan I mentioned is really really nice and should last forever. 5 ply, rivetless, super smooth. Thick, but not too heavy. Pick the size and shape you want from here. Bear in mind a sauteuse will have higher sides so the flat cooking area will be more than a frying pan. Definitely useful in some applications. Frying pans are better if you want to toss or get a spatula underneath things. If it gets too dirty, just a lump of bicarbonate of soda (what the Americans call baking soda), some water, and heat it up on high, then scrape it all off with the harsh side of a sponge. https://www.havens.co.uk/spring-brigade-premium-pot-series-2052l.html
  5. Yeah this is a good point. When they say "cook x for five minutes", they don't mean exactly five minutes. You're looking for signs that things are ready. E.g. Browning in the meat. Everyone's oven is different, everyone's pan is different, everyone's heat source is different etc etc. Also taste your food regularly.
  6. Also watch this to learn how to hold a knife properly:
  7. As in oil or butter (or whatever other myriad of fats there are to cook with). Fat = flavour
  8. Yeah you definitely still want to use fat when cooking.
  9. This is something we agree on. Definitely do not buy a set. You're just buying a load of redundant knives. Put all your budget into a gyuto/chefs knife.
  10. If you need a knife a Victorinox Fibrox is cheap and solid. (Cheap plastic handle, but the blade is decent for the money).
  11. Looks good. Did you cook that on medium or high heat? The circulon website itself tells you not to cook it on high heat. https://circulon.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/76/~/cooking-with-high-heat I've never owned one, maybe they're fine. I am not an expert on every single non-stick pan. All I know is all the ones I've used have died on me.
  12. I would love to see evidence of this without heating a non-stick pan past a temperature that it is not designed to go to. Sure you can do it for a while, but you'll have to replace it sooner rather than later. Anyway, clearly we disagree on what pan is suitable. Not much point continuing this argument. We'll let Sith and Jei do their own research and decide for themselves. I think my original post was fairly clear on the benefits and downsides of each pan, and not being to cook on high heat is quite a big factor imo (unless you want to keep buying new pans).
  13. So you think a non stick pan can sear a piece of steak as well as a stainless steel or cast iron/carbon steel?
  14. What because it's harder to clean? I explained how to clean it. It's not that hard, bicarbonate soda and water, heat then scrub. Also cast iron isn't that hard to maintain. If you find it a pain in the arse it sounds like you're doing it wrong. Yes, a Teflon/non stick is the easiest you maintain, but then again so is buying ready meals. Why not learn how to actually use decent equipment and make decent food. You can't sear a piece of meat in a non stick properly.
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