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  1. Don't worry guys, Mata has signed a new contract. That's basically a new signing.
  2. stephen129

    Pitt cue

    Go to Smokestak instead (which personally I preferred anyway). Shame UK BBQ is so much worse than America though. Mighty Quinn's in New York which is a mini chain is so much better than anything I've had in London. (Which must pale in comparison to places like Franklin's, Snow's or Joe's Kansas City)
  3. Does it have to be chicken breast? Thighs are much tastier. Supermarkets sell boneless skinless (the latter annoys me, but I understand people don't like it for health reasons) chicken thighs. I'm thinking this kind of thing: It's the technique that's important. Personally I like doing braised chicken legs/thighs with chorizo, waxy potatoes, red peppers (the roasted kind you get in the jar is good), paprika, cayenne, black pepper, herbs if you fancy (e.g oregano), MSG, lemon (you can sear them on a very hot cast iron), white wine/cider. stock, tinned plum tomatoes, tomato puree. Serve with plain rice. Another one you could try is: Chicken legs/thighs, soy, honey/orange juice/marmalade/mirin/rice wine, tenderstem broccoli (add later so it doesn't overcook)/spring onions/pak choi. Serve with plain rice. And another one from J. Kenji Lopez-Alt:
  4. Why have I never made this?
  5. Usually the most basic parmesan style cheese is vegetarian. Double check, but I'm fairly sure this one is vegetarian: https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/299914452
  6. stephen129

    PES 2018

    My MyClub team is mostly 80s. I get promoted up to Superstar and find it really hard to win. It sucks all the fun out of the game.I end up stuck in this annoying purgatory of being too good for Top Player and not good enough for Superstar. I keep getting promoted, then relegated, then promoted etc. I'm also having trouble shooting. I had it on basic for ages, and it seems nigh on impossible to score from outside the box. The goalkeeper always just palms it away, it never goes far enough into the corners. If I aim a bit further it just goes wide. The ball seems to go wide a lot. I decided to change to advanced shooting, watched a video tutorial on how it worked etc. I managed to score a decent low driven drive, but I also missed super easy chances. I seemed to shoot over the bar constantly even with a light press off the shoot button. Has anyone got any suggestions on how to score effectively?
  7. I have one. Not really used it though (got it as a present). It is well built and the app looks good. Quite tempted to sell it, I never cook big hunks of meat.
  8. stephen129


    It can if you buy the $300 add on. I hear Sonic 2 looks incredible on the little screen.
  9. stephen129

    PES 2018

    When it does the mulltiplier for the EXP boost, does it only count the player who has the similar traits, or can I get 10 trainers at once, and it'll multiply the combined total of their EXP?
  10. stephen129

    PES 2018

    I'm not sure what you mean by this? I'm playing PES 2018, not 2019 (unless it applies to both).
  11. stephen129

    PES 2018

    If I manage to get duplicate players and one is level 1 and one is level 20, which one should I turn into the trainer? Do contracts get more expensive as a player levels up? Should I just renew my players contact to 50 or whatever to save money?
  12. stephen129

    PES 2018

    Big bump. Ok so I've been PES 2018 Lite (MyClub only)for a bit. Only just starting to understand how everything works. Only just discovered that training a player with a player that is in the same position, club, country and playing style gives you a mega EXP boost (I only knew about the position). So my question is, is it in my best interest to get the guy I'm using as an 'EXP trainer to get to level 20 or so, before using him on the player I want to train?
  13. I've made this before. I modified this recipe and it's amazing. One of my favourite recipes. http://www.helengraves.co.uk/caribbean-brown-stew-chicken-recipe/ I usually use oxtail which I cook for about six hours and add a decent amount of rum (maybe 250ml). Instead of regular soy I use Kecap Manis (thick sweet soy), but you can just add more brown sugar to taste. I sometimes add a bit of Dunn's River Jerk Paste too (flavour bomb), but be careful it's pretty hot. If I don't have scotch bonnets I use a Caribbean scotch bonnet sauce. I gave my old housemate a taste of the sauce and he declared it the best sauce he'd ever eaten. (Not that my old housemate is an arbiter of taste) My picture doesn't really do it justice.
  14. Wait, we have a player called DJ Buffonge? We have to play him with a name like that.
  15. Jerk is traditionally cooked on a drum barbecue, the smoke part is important. A method I use at home is to cook it in the oven at a low temp to cook the meat through and then finish it on a hot cast iron pan. Also definitely use dark meat. I'd say legs are best.
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