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  1. Shook

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Yeah I’m sure it’ll be cutting edge and spectacular. No way this is coming to flatscreen. Just been waiting a long time for a new HL game and can’t see myself investing in what is needed for this.
  2. Shook

    Half-Life: Alyx

    I don't know much about how VR has progressed in terms of uptake over the past few years but watching that video above is offputting (save for the game itself). All that equipment! It looks like a lot of bother to me. The preserve of enthusiasts. Top VR tech still looks like something you'd go somewhere to experience rather than have in your home. I just want to play on a console with my mates.
  3. Shook

    Half-Life: Alyx

    I think the creatives did have plenty of bashes at it though (re-used assets are mentioned iirc). I think the bashes gave increasingly diminishing returns as the time, and hence pressure, grew. Add in that Valve were increasingly investing effort in hardware and money-making systems (something the devs you mention don't do) and the picture becomes clearer. Anyway, here we are. I just wish this was a 'normal', non-VR release too.
  4. How's the campaign? I'm shit at multiplayer.
  5. Plenty of fun if Scotland get into England's group.
  6. Shook


    There’s all this talk about Nuno. Imagine the difference for him though. Wolves have got that proper family vibe thing going on. Like Leicester. So much love and passion and belief. He’ll sure as hell not have any of that at arsenal if he moved. If I was him I wouldn’t do it. I had a season ticket for years and years and live less than a mile from the emirates but stopped going regularly a couple of seasons ago. Mainly because of the ridiculous expense (and time, I’ve got two young kids) but the deluded and entitled fans started getting to me. We can’t get one of the biggest managers at the moment, we’re not at that level.
  7. Shook

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Have you watched the Final Hours clip? Top of page 2 in this thread. The content is interesting but the overall vibe from the devs is really telling. They are/were shitting themselves. It confirms something many of us thought - that Half Life was not a popular conversation at Valve for a very long time due to staff not wanting to touch it with a barge pole. Too much pressure, too much anticipation, too much disappointment, too much of a wait. They wanted to do a VR game. Portal made people too sick. Half Life fitted the bill. They nicked the gloves from counter strike, picked up on player behaviour in HL2 VR test areas. I think the feeling you mention is present because they've found a way to take the series forward organically, without opening a can full of number 3-shaped worms. This is amazing news. If this game turns out well and is warmly received by the small number who'll first play it, then an unimaginably big psychological hurdle (for Valve staff) has been cleared.
  8. Shook


    It would be a risk for sure, but Emery had loads of experience, a strong CV and spent good money while at Arsenal and that didn't work at all.
  9. Shook

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Maybe because once they started getting involved in VR and hardware (2013 was it? Before?) they decided that anything Half Life related was going to be VR to add a fresh take? VR is young and its future difficult to predict. It doesn't sound like they've really been able to plan anything around their new HL direction until much more recently.
  10. Shook

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Just lazily screengrabbed from reddit but might be of interest. I like this bit: 'Alyx was meant to have released with the Index in December of 2018, but the dev cycle took longer than anticipated even with re-use of assets of shelved HL3 attempts (the amount of developed assets, for example, is apparently the highest of any Valve game and twice that of Portal 2.' Sounds like they did a lot of work on HL3 and this game will include some of that work.
  11. Is it best to play the other Metro games before this?
  12. Yeah. Maybe they’ll port it over to normal consoles in 50 years time.
  13. There was a time when such a voice of reason was extremely rare, R3troid. Holy shit look at your username!
  14. Ah shit I’m getting a bit excited.
  15. Getting eaten by a barnacle in vr could be pretty mental.
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