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  1. Do it! The way the game is built around that fat controller is something else. Best control scheme ever.
  2. Picture: Look I look a bit like Halo CE. Me: LOOK AT THE GRASS!
  3. Oh jeez I'm getting the feeling!
  4. I loved Marathon. One of the biggest carry overs to Halo was the marine chat. So similar. Also seeing Halo as an open world Mac game when it was in early development was really interesting. Highly recommend watching those vids if anyone hasn’t. You know the Elites had tails but they removed them because they couldn’t make it work right when they were driving warthogs?
  5. We’ll know a lot more tomorrow! I’m looking forward to this reveal way more than I was 4 & 5. There’s a chance some of the magic will come back. Probably not too much, but we might be in for the best halo experience for years come the end of the year. If that’s not the case it’s not like we’re alien to disappointment with this series. Even when at its worst, Halo has a special something that sets it apart.
  6. I didn’t enjoy the thorough demystification of the story at any point after CE tbh. The chief’s translation circuitry working for the grunts but not the elites gave us a nice amount of reveal (die devil!) of the deeply religious covenant’s opinion of John 117, while keeping the elites firmly alien and threatening. My memories of them are far stronger and resonant when that was their character. Much less so when you think of them as vocal Brian Blessed-esque story carriers. All that was a big turn-off for me.
  7. I really enjoyed ODST. Another one of those would be a good addition to the series. Not sure 343 could do it though.
  8. I have none tbh. Halo CE is my favourite game but I’ve got used to disappointment since then. Still, a return to simplicity would be a positive.
  9. Time travel to earlier-on seems like a realistic possible approach to me. The bits we’ve seen would fit with that, given the aesthetic.
  10. Wasn’t this one of the leaked theories earlier this year? Not quite the same but I read something along those lines I’m sure:
  11. Stålenhag’s been my favourite artist for a good while. Really hoping this delivers.
  12. That's an awful lot of preparation to play a game! Some people just don't get the motion-sickness do they? Sounds like @Thor is immune. I haven't played enough VR to find out if I am.
  13. It is an option, see the graphic a few posts up.
  14. I'm really liking the detail and the overall look. That shotgun! The teleport movement looks odd though. I wonder how bad the motion sickness will be if you just run around using the thumbstick, like we're used to doing.
  15. North London. I might take you up on that! GSOH, can travel.
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