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  1. I created an account yesterday, which was a bit confusing as it talked about giving a free film with a voucher code, then there was nowhere obvious to enter a voucher code, so my already low opinion of the website went a bit lower. But, I can buy and watch a film, so that's fine. Managed to borrow my daughter's Firestick for the big telly and downloaded the app, and went to sign in. Instead of letting my type in my email and password, the only sign in options are a QR code or numeric code to pair my mobile somehow. Whatever. I used the QR code on my phone, which took me to a page on their website that just said MENU at the top with a drop down that did nothing, and then a completely blank white webpage. I tried manually signing in (I'd not visited that website on mobile before), then tried again, same result. On 2 year old android phone with Firefox. Nothing on the Firestick app changed to say I'd signed in. So, no idea how I'm supposed to use the app. What a load of crap. Will watch something on Netflix instead.
  2. Had a mad cataloguing session there, thanks!
  3. The trailer option disappeared from that tab after we switched the autoplaying off. Edit: this is on the PS3 app, so there's not a tab as there is on the browser version.
  4. I turned the auto-play of trailers off, but it also turns off the ability to choose to watch trailers of shows you are interested in. The option basically just turns trailers off full stop. It's really annoying, as I CANNOT STAND autoplaying trailers while I'm browsing, but my missus keeps complaining that she can no longer select to watch a trailer if she's interested, so I'm going to have to turn it back on. Jeez, Netflix, it's not the trailers that are the problem, it's the autoplay. That can't be hard to understand, surely?
  5. Down to 207 after midday. WIll leave gate open for a bit with the previous dodo code
  6. Just checked. Got 324 here, if anyone can get in within the next 10 mins (had to do a system update too). Open for 10 mins while AFK. Good luck. 3R14X
  7. Ah yeah, £60 per year, not month. We only have a tiny independent cinema near us (closed now, obviously) and I pay £45 for a membership for that already. Don't have a chromecase or apple tv though. Thanks.
  8. I have the antique wardrobe in 'natural', but if you have it in another colour I'll take it.
  9. Has anyone used this as a streaming service? My missus spotted a film that they're showing on there from Friday which she fancies watching, so we went to the website but it wasn't clear how it works. There's talk of membership levels, but a lot of the blurb seems to be about access to actual cinemas and a monthly magazine, and costs £60 odd quid per month and stuff which we're not interested in. But it also seems to be an online movie rental / streaming service as well, but I can't tell if we need a membership or a subscription to access that? Basically I couldn't find an explanation of how it works on the website. And is it just a website, or is there an app, or some other way to watch a film on the big telly?
  10. Still after an ironwood dresser recipe here too.
  11. Hardly anything. Don't worry about it.
  12. That's the one. Sent them both to you.
  13. I've got a Tool cart in green and silver. It's like a little cart on wheels, with tools in the bottom.
  14. I've had a total of two so far, one a day.
  15. Ugly surf board here (I think it's the 'cool' one).
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