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  1. Had a good 20 minute or so run on Wonderboy in Monster Land on the SMS yesterday. If I had time to devote to acing a retro game right now, it would be this. Watched a Let’s Play run-through while doing the dishes - the amount of unlabelled secret doors just gets silly towards the end, and there are various tricks you have to use to beat some bosses twice for extra money. Basically, money management becomes more important than health management. Still, it’s a gorgeous, great sounding game with a big place in my heart, so I’ll keep plugging away at it vaguely.
  2. Didn't say, but I should think there'll be a lot of crossover. I wonder if they'll be official ones, or just part of the totally-nothing-to-do-with-Kevtris jailbreak firmware? Either way, it sounds like he's already got them running on the bench.
  3. Hmm, just did one of my periodic stalks of Kevtris' posts on AtariAge, and spotted this:
  4. A vocal section of the MiSTer community seems to dislike that Kevtris' reverse engineering is all closed source. Also, Kevtris doesn't communicate much (as far as I can tell, just on the Atariage forums), and when he does, he can be pretty blunt about the shortcomings of other projects (although I'm not aware he's said anything bad about MiSTer - mostly about emulation boxes). He's picked up a bit of a reputation as being arrogant, particularly since a lot of his secret sauce is now replicated by MiSTer cores. Personally I think it's great that someone is getting paid to work 8hrs a day to reverse engineer all this stuff. I'm fairly sure that if Analogue ever go bust or cease making things completely, Kevtris will ensure there's a convenient leak of his work which has nothing whatsoever to do with him, just like the jailbroken cores have nothing whatsoever to do with him. I do wish Analogue would just spend a year staying consolidating though, putting out a cheaper digital-only NES, stepping up the production of existing units and getting Kevtris to squash bugs.
  5. Yeah, I wish they'd do an affordable NES, I'd snap it up. Hell, I'd be very suprised if it wasn't possible for them to put out a cart adapter + new core for the Super NT to make it play everything on the NES, just like the Mega SG can play all of Sega's 8-bits. Like the Mega Drive, the SNES was originally architected to be backwards compatible, only changing course very late in development. They're suffering a bit of backlash with the rise of MiSTER and the sense that this stuff should be open source, but I love Analogue's systems - they're the only things that combine original console accuracy with original console convenience. Just plug them into the TV, plug in a controller, stick a cart in and play. I can leave them out in my TV stand without worrying about my 3 y/o messing them up, I don't have to deal with a nest of PSUs, upscalers an AV cables, and I don't need extra remote controls. Still on the fence about this one. Unlike the SNES/MD where the alternatives are either innaccurate emulation or lots of extra hardware, the GB/C/A has a lot of competition simply from GBA/GBC units with replacement LCDs. The suspend functionality looks pretty killer, though.
  6. Nope, that’s him. Made it clear he wasn’t playing in the restart too.
  7. They have moved the stupid buttons! TBH, I think they’ve still kind of got it wrong. Too close to the edge of the unit now, I can see myself dropping it trying to press them. Not sure why they don’t just put them in the obvious place. Still, definitely an improvement.
  8. I believe you can use the following stack to play card games: Analog Master System Converter Master System to Mark III converter Mark III Card Catcher Or just jailbreak it and play the ROM.
  9. I believe the HHA mark you down for having anything interactive being blocked, which includes turning drawers against the wall. Ironwood stuff makes for good kitchens, but it’s a devil getting the recipes.
  10. Wonderboy? Don’t remember the leaps of faith, but it has the constantly draining health. What platform was this on?
  11. Likewise! Have you resumed physical gaming yet, or sticking to online stuff for now? I'm also keen to give Favour of the Pharoah its first outing, as well as give Die of the Dead a go.
  12. New Frontiers fixes both the “solved” and slavery issues of PR, while tickling most of the same brain cells and having the usual wonderful Race To The Galaxy art. I wish I managed to get it on the table more often.
  13. Unique music for all hours, plus rainy variants. Well worth giving the OST a spin on YouTube, it’s good music to work to.
  14. Where would he go, to be fair? Most of the richer clubs in the Prem are either being managed pretty well, or (*cough* Spurs *cough*) appointed their manager too recently to ditch. I can only really think of West Ham as candidates, and I suspect Dyche is smart enough to run a mile from that trap.
  15. Fixed in today's patch: - Addressed issue where a dialogue bubble would improperly appear after speaking with island residents.
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