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  1. Nintendo Switch

    I have it at work, but haven’t tried tate. Not sure it’ll be great, TBH - the stand is really lightweight, and achieves stability partially by hooking into the notches on the base of the Switch with little bumps. I’d worry that it wouldn’t have the weight to hold it vertically, and the Switch edge may slide around on the same bumps. I’ll try it next time I take my Switch in.
  2. Nintendo Switch

  3. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    You apparently get a huge bonus if you clear a stage without killing anything - never done it. I've managed a perfect run on L1 normal once (no damage, all crystals, all treasure), but it was a bit of a flook. I do always try and get the 8-way shot power-up (looks like a spanner, lets you harpoon diagonally), but mainly because if you get hit while holding it, you lose the power up rather than a chest, so it's like a shield in Sonic. Sometimes you get an invincibility thing spawned by a dead enemy, which also gives you a bonus part at the end. There are also bonus stages on L2 up, but they're pretty hard to get into.
  4. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    It took me a while to get my head around. Tiger Tiger This bit you know. Play the game to get ether crystals (either in the stage, or from chests) and Poppiswap parts (from chests, including the big chest at the end). Extra stages get unlocked as the game goes on, which also makes more parts available (although 99% of the parts are available on any stage, apparently - so once L2 is unlocked, L1 will also start yielding new items, etc). Customize Poppi Ether Crystals (top right) - get these from playing Tiger Tiger, and you can also turn unwanted Poppi parts into Crystals, which took me ages to realise. These are your currency for all things Poppi - you can use them to synthesise parts (more on that later) or unlock upgrade slots. The energy meter is that thing on the right (100/350). Each Poppi component uses some energy (the top number), and your limited by your maximum (the bottom number). This is basically like base building in X-Com or Starcraft. Energy Converter - upgrading this increases your energy cap, allowing more/better upgrades. It's cheap at first, but gets very expensive. Role CPU - this defines what kind of Blade Poppi is. There are a few different variants of TNK, HLR and ATK. In theory you can make any Poppi be anything, but in practice their passives on the affinity chart kind of point you in the right direction (face tank for alpha, dodge tank for second form, attacker for third). Higher levels of mods give better stat boosts but need more energy. Element Core - what I just changed to Ice for Poppi Alpha (this isn't my screenshot). Not all Poppis can be all elements, for some reason. Dark/Light elements draw more energy than the rest. Arts Cards - these are equivalent to blade arts, the ones that activate from time to time on your normal blades, e.g. back attack, hasten special recharging. You have to do a one-off payment of ether crystals to unlock each card slot. Different arts cards (and higher levels) draw different amounts of energy. Skill Ram / Skill Upgrade - these are equivalent to Battle Skills on your normal blades. All three of these slots do the same thing, it's just that you get Skill Ram unlocked for free and have to use Ether Crystals to unlock the other two. The third one is crazy expensive. Again, different skills/tiers draw different amounts of energy. Specials Enhancing RAM - these are the extra effects of your L1/2/3 specials - you know, the nodes on Poppi's affinity chart that say "Effect determined by Poppiswap". You have to pay Ether Crystals to unlock these, in order. Different tiers draw different energy. Annoyingly, nothing is shared between Poppi forms. You'll have to boost each one's energy caps and unlock their slots etc. Create/Crystallize Parts And you thought the other bit was badly explained! This view defaults to Create Parts, which lets you use Ether Crystals to make new parts, but you can hit Y to toggle to Crystallize Parts (shown here) where you can effectively "sell" any unwanted parts to get more ether crystals. This is vital, as you'll get quite a bit of junk via Tiger Tiger, and this means it isn't wasted. It took me ages to work out you could do that. On the create side it's pretty straightforward, but there is one big unexplained thing - Poppiswap Manuals. These are key items found throughout the game which increase the number of parts you can make. I've found three so far - one at the mouth of Uraya, one in the old factory in Mor Ardain, and one in Tantal (which finally gave me the ability to make elemental cores). The names vary from "Artifical Blade Report" to "Nifty Nopon Get Girls" - I think the idea is that Tora's father/grandfather left them behind. Finding manuals will unlock new parts or higher tiers of existing parts. Note that you can get things from Tiger Tiger which you don't have the manual to synthesise yet - if you find one you can make extra ones, presumably via reverse engineering. As mentioned above, there are a few parts which can only be got in Tiger Tiger, but the Dark/Light Element Cores and the Master Mods (both Leve 5 exclusives) seem to the only ones anyone cares about. I think that's about it. Apparently if you're willing to grind Tiger Tiger, then Poppi is the most stupidly overpowered character in the game. Right now I'm on Ch6 and largely using the other tank, mostly as she can have three different elements rather than just the two. Later on, I'll mix things up a bit.
  5. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Also, in gameplay news I finally found the Poppiswap manual that lets me synthesis new elemental cores, so I have the Ice Poppi Alpha that I've always wanted. Looks like you can't synthesise Dark or Light cores, though.
  6. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Another shout out for the dub, it's really excellently localised. I played XC1 with Japanese voices until about half way through, then discovered how good the English voices were and restarted. Didn't even try XC2 with the Japanese voices. The use of diffent English-speaking accents (Welsh, Scottish, Southern England, Northern England, Australian, American) for different continents is a stroke of genius, and really builds a sense of place. "Welcome to AXE TOWN, population: YOUR FACE!"
  7. Great CD Revival

    Don't do it!* * without letting me cherry-pick any rarities first
  8. Great CD Revival

    Still buying, but haven’t been documenting it so much. Here’s my last six: All eBay with the exception of the Bowie and the Divine Comedy, which I found in my local Heart Foundation today for £1.50 each - chuffed with that! Been looking for Ladytron’s last album for <£5 for ages, eventually got it for £4 delivered. Typical problem with late-era CD releases, there just aren’t many out there at all. The LRD album was £2, inspired in part by the death of a friend who often praised it - it’s actually very Dreamcast-era Sega, and pretty ace. The Decemberists EP is one of their essentials which never got UK releases (along with Castaways & Cutouts and Her Majesty The Decemberists), so they’re hard to get for less than £8 or so. The Lips is their first album worth owning, by all accounts - Jonathan Donahue (of Mercury Rev) on guitars, and Fridmann behind the desk. It’s pretty damned good. Car boot season starts at the end of the month, then things *really* pick up.
  9. Nintendo Switch

    Sonic Mania Plus coming, with a few new characters and… a physical release! On to the list it goes.
  10. Nintendo Switch

    Heads up: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/03/third-party_nintendo_switch_docks_could_be_bricking_consoles Some third-party docks apparently bricking Switches since the 5.0.0 firmware update.
  11. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    My good/bad luck with crystals continues - cracked three rares on Zeke (who was wearing all the lucky things/blades etc) chasing Kos-Mos and got... Furry Tit Monster Dahlia. Thankfully everyone else had already gone to bed, because she's even worse in the flesh than the screenshots I'd seen. Dewclaw heels? Christ. Off she goes to be a stalwart of the Merc Missions.
  12. Sega Saturn for Beginners

    On that last note, there was quite a lot of slave-processor stuff going on in the late 16-bit era - Mega CD, 32x, SNES SA-1 carts (which essentially contained a second SNES CPU clocked at a higher rate), and I think the ill-fated SuperGrafx too.
  13. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Spent about 90 minutes exploring Temperantia properly last night. It’s not the most thrilling of areas, it must be said. My three dormant core crystals (Praxis, Vess and Watery Katana Guy) all woke up while I was exploring, so I had fun trying them out. Praxis is okay (I like her bubble design), but Wulfric’s a better lancer, and I feel like I need a bit of positive discrimination to get some male blades in the mix.
  14. Nintendo Switch

    The Switch can use eight concurrent joy-cons via bluetooth. Based on that, I'm sure it could use two plus two bluetooth earbuds. No-one's going to want to use bluetooth earbuds in a multiplayer situation anyway. The fact that plugging in a USB Bluetooth controller and using that works fine suggests that it's not that the 2.4Ghz spectrum becomes unbearably congested if you send audio too.
  15. Nintendo Switch

    So that's two extra gadgets, and I can't charge at the same time, to replicate a feature which should be built-in. I think I'll just take an old pair of earbuds in my Hori case, TBH, and keep grumbling about it.

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