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  1. My Switch has died, so I'm playing Chrono Trigger on the Super NT - the US ROM with this bugfix patch applied. It's obviously pretty great! Impact of the patch not too obvious so far (Toma drinks cider, humans refer to Magus as The Fiendlord and Mystics as Fiends), but it's just always a pleasure to play this game, and this is the first time I've done so outside of an emulator. Decided to actually use my perma-stat-boost tabs as I go along this time, instead of stockpiling them and never really getting around to using them out of fear of doing it wrong. +1 power in the early game is not to be sniffed at! Just cleared the cathedral and got Marle back - I will miss Frog's attack power. I did try playing the Ted Woosley Uncensored version of FFVI instead, but it was a bit unstable - suspect my ROM wasn't good.
  2. I think the danger in picking underplayed games rather than known classics is that a lot are underplayed for a reason.
  3. In the REmake, with the pistol I used to shoot them until they fell down, then switch to knife and get some free stabs in before they could stand up. The B(?)-and-down shortcut to do a fast 180 turn was essential for getting away before they completely stood up, if your stabbing was insufficient. It’s possible I actively aimed at their legs with the pistol to make them fall, I can’t remember. Once you get the shotgun it’s worth aiming up and waiting until they’re close, then shooting. With a bit of luck you’ll blow their heads up. Mind you, can’t remember if RE:0 has crimson heads or not - if not, then decapitation is less of a priority.
  4. Never got on with this on the GC. Absolutely rinsed the RE:make, which was my first proper Resident Evil, but this one just seemed too damned hard and stingy on the ammo in comparison. Given as the next game in the series was RE4, I think even the devs must have got sick of running out of ammo and said “fuck it”. Won’t be playing this month, but look forward to seeing how people get on with it.
  5. Some valid points, but I couldn’t disagree more about the combat. The timing for chaining arts means you constantly need to be in the moment, while assembling the right orbs for chain attacks means you need to think strategically too. Have you done a full burst yet? Have you got a reliable break/topple/launch/smash routine? So much going on. XC1, by the late game (Fallen Arm onwards), was mechanically stepping through the same attack sequences and waiting for bars to fill. XC2 avoided that very well, I feel. Cloud tides aren’t hugely relevant (it makes a difference to salvaging, and there are some areas of Gormott that are inaccessible at high tide), but town development is hugely important for side-quests, Merc quests, trade contracts and items, particularly pouch items (food, books etc) which are (quietly) one of the most powerful mechanics in the game. Sounds to me like you didn’t dig into a lot of the games systems because you weren’t forced to, and now you’re complaining the game lacks depth. If anything, it has too much depth!
  6. Depressing that (based on his performances for Nigeria) Ighalo is still top class, but wasting his prime in China. I miss him as an FPL asset!
  7. I’ll sit this month out, I have no way to play RE:0, and I never got on with it on the GC.
  8. Alexlotl

    Nintendo Switch

    Found the hidden recovery menu, tried the factory-reset-but-retain-save-data option, didn’t work.
  9. Alexlotl

    Nintendo Switch

    My Switch seems to be buggered. I was playing a few demos with my daughter the other day, and the Monster Boy demo froze on a white screen after the intro video. The Switch wouldn’t respond to any button presses, so I held down the power for 12s to turn it off. Now, whenever I start any game, physical or digital, it shows the loading screen then says “The software was closed because an error occurred.” I’m not using an SD card, have plenty of storage space left. I’ve tried scanning games for corruption and removing/redownloading them, no joy. Starting games with other user profiles doesn’t fix it either. Tried deleting all my screenshots too :-( A factory reset might do it, but a) I’d lose all my save data, and b) if the issue is dodgy flash in the Switch itself, then it may just hide the problem for a while. I suspect I’ve got some OS level corruption, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to scan for that. I could try a 7 day trial of online to back up my saves while I format, but it looks like Pokemon Let’s Go saves don’t support this, which is probably the one game my daughter cares about. Bollocks.
  10. Well, that was fun. I'd absolutely recommend any hardcore Monkey Island fan give this a go. So many things about the game's overall look just make more sense in EGA, the Steve Purcell character portraits feel much more integrated with the game (and have lots of animation!), and the dithering (with the mdapt shader) is so well done that it really doesn't feel like 16 colours. Always love spotting the Sam & Max cameos in the games Steve Purcell worked on. Loom next!
  11. Putting Shearer and Owen on the same sofa could be good TV, mind.
  12. On the toughness of 16-bit games, it’s worth noting that a lot of them had their difficulties jacked for western release in response to the rise of video stores renting out carts. They didn’t want people to finish the game on one rental, then never buy it. That was done to SoR3, some Contra games, all the Working Designs RPGs and quite a few others. These days I tend to check whether there’s a restoration patch on Romhacking.net before starting something new.
  13. The all three of the Ocean Addams Family games would be a fun Halloween Month. Plenty of variety there, and heaps of ports.
  14. I really think Sterling deserves a rest after his efforts midweek.
  15. I would be well up for Super Star Wars (and/or the sequels). Hard as balls, but still great fun and lush looking/sounding. Regarding Okami, howlongtobeat.com suggests it takes about 40hrs to complete, which seems a bit big for RGC. That's at least 3 month's gaming time for me.
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