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  1. So, FedEx, the same company that accepted money to deliver these packages, sees that they're marked as £0 in the customs check and just guesses a ridiculously high price instead of looking up the parcel reference to see what Analogue paid? Really earning that £12 handling fee, there.
  2. The third one was developed by Core Design rather than in-house at Sega, so I'm not sure how it compares.
  3. Back on topic, working my way through my bottle of Caol Ila, which I'm enjoying. Unforseen positive side-effect - my 8 y/o daughter, who has both ASD and ADD, is awful at staying in bed in the evenings, and constantly comes downstairs with imaginary complaints. But if I'm drinking peated whisky, her heightened sensory state means she hates the smell so much that she stays upstairs. Triumph! I give my liver about 6 months, but it's nice to have uninterrupted evenings again.
  4. Just finished Chapter 7. Anyway, in line with the suggestions of the architect (Takahashi), I’m going to stop the main game here and play through Torna: The Golden Country, then resume from Chapter 8. Apparently the plot content of Torna was supposed to sit here, before being cut from the main game to get it finished on schedule. I’ve never played Torna before, so I’m looking forward to learning more about Jin & Lora, not to mention Cole and Mikhail.
  5. Very respectable set! What did everyone else have, way back when? Off the top of my head we had... Phantasy Star Miracle Warriors Spellcaster Golvellius Fantasy Zone 2 Ghost House (card) Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion California Games Again, a pretty strong selection! Wonder if the absence of stinkers explains some of my fondness for the platform. We didn't have them all at the same time - we got burgled by a bunch of kids one time who stole some games and left others, then we bought some replacements with the insurance money. It's qu
  6. Working at 50hz gave you more CPU cycles between each screen update, so it was worth doing when the 60Hz markets died. Interestingly, the CPU speed of PAL consoles varied a bit - the French ones had the same clock crystals as the NTSC ones, but with a different divider, while the UK ones had different clock crystals. I think this was something to do with SECAM compatibility. The differences are fairly small, but they're there. This is the list of games that can be glitchy if run in 60hz: https://www.smspower.org/Tags/PALOnly
  7. So, I backed the first kickstarter on the basis of well defined, ready to roll product, but then sold out when it got a bit overwhelmed by feature creep due to stretch goals, etc. Well, having watched a few vids on the finished thing, I think I quite fancy it now, although pretty much solely to use as a nice HDMI Speccy, which it sounds like it does pretty well. A few questions before I buy one from the SpecNext store: 1) Did they ever release a core with a framebuffer to fix the occasional timing issues over HDMI? 2) I'm interested in doing development. In the ear
  8. Mixture of the two. When I play on my Mega SG/Super NT, I'm doing one of the following: 1) Playing favourites that I first played on original hardware back in the day. 2) Playing favourites that I first discovered through emulation 25 or so years ago. 3) Playing stuff that's either new to me, or I never gave much time previously. We were a middle class family who were lucky enough to have at various times (generally one in, one out) a Master System, a Mega Drive and a SNES, but we probably only had about 6 games for each, tops - we couldn't afford any more. I
  9. He was probably just using the wrong aspect ratio again.
  10. Depends a bit on what you mean by a redesign, really. Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion is a good one. Totally distinct from the Mega Drive game, and arguably better.
  11. Although ironically one thing that put me off the sequels was the big blue line they put around your character, which was clearly done to solve the visibility problems. But I was playing it on an AGS-101, so it just looked rubbish and ruined the aesthetic. I wonder if anyone has romhacked it out?
  12. Watching Jeremy Parish's recent videos on Castlevania, this is quite possibly it, as Konami have previous. Akumajo Dracula on the MSX (the non-identical twin of NES Castlevania) was bastard hard and only gave you 3 lives, but... you could buy the official Konami MSX Cheats Cartridge and run that in the other slot to unlock infinite lives. Castlevania 2 is apparently just as obscure in Japanese as in English in terms of villager clues - it's by design, not bad translation - but guidebooks were available from day one. Nice to see this old thread get a second life, even if the ravages
  13. See above - same issue only cost me £54 back in February, something fishy going on there. Switch was a similar age, about 22 months old. It was an original model, rather than the die-shrunk better battery one. What I actually got was a completely different Switch (again, original model) with a different serial number, minus all my saves.
  14. I've bought two Everdrives direct from Krikzz before and from memory always managed to avoid customs somehow.
  15. I suspect it'll be the same - the SMS is running in hardware on the Mega Drive, and it had no controller port wiring for a pause button. Bear in mind even the old Power Base Converter had a hardware pause button! The Mega SG can do it because it abstracts the controller ports away from the underlying system, so it can map the Start button to the hardware pause line in hardware. This is also why it can happily use MD pads for the few SMS games that are normally incompatible with them, like Wonderboy in Monster Land. It's a bit of a sod getting the Mark III Sega Paddle Controller to
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