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  1. Give it another 5 years and that’ll be worth more than the actual cart.
  2. Alexlotl


    I remember thinking Game On series 1 was quite good, but then series two started, and I realised that actually it was just that Ben Chaplin was good.
  3. Alexlotl


    I think Edgar Wright has gone beyond what he achieved with Spaced, and Jess arguably has too, based on her trophy cabinet. I read an interview with Frost last year where he sounded very post-therapy, so that may explain the blanket "I don't like to talk about the past" statement.
  4. I like the Analogue consoles. Something about having a recognisable SNES and Mega Drive under my telly, combined with using the original controllers etc. They look and feel good too. MISTer looks interesting, but too hotrod for my living room, which needs to be child friendly. Switching away from the wire-nest that was OG consoles with an upscaler to the Analogues was wonderful in this regard.
  5. So, Crystal Palace have got Tosun on loan from Everton, and it looks like this might clear the way for Benteke to go back to Villa to replace Wesley. Twitter seems to be full of Villa fans excited about this. Nostalgia is evidently one hell of a drug. The man has scored 4 PL goals in the last 2½ seasons. Amazingly, he's somehow stayed in the talent-stuffed Belgian national team throughout all that, and got a contract extension in October.
  6. Sounds like Chelsea are more keen to get shot of Giroud than Batsman, and they wouldn’t want to be completely without striking cover. As a neutral (and FPL player), I wish Palace had bought Bats over the summer after his loan spell.
  7. Once the bottle is open, oxidation will change a whisky’s taste over time, though. If you’re a top tier loony you can buy inert gas to displace the oxygen in the bottle prior to corking. It’s no doubt overstated, but it’s a real thing. I had a bottle of Ledaig 10 which went from fire-in-a-TCP-factory to something much more mellow as the bottle progressed.
  8. If I was trying to hit someone hard enough to end their season, I don’t think I’d use my crotch to do it.
  9. Both were badly run projects, though. Unless of course the goal of the Vega from the very start was to deliver nothing, steal everyone’s money and face no consequences, in which case it was a fantastic bit of project management.
  10. You say that, but here in York I was listening to the Chelsea/Spurs game on the radio, and right about when Hazard equalised* there was a massive explosion from the sky, like reality had just broken. Sonic booms heard as RAF scrambles Typhoons http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-36188979 That created quite a memorable moment for me, at any rate! Always thought the passenger jet pilot who wasn’t responding to radio was probably just glued to the match himself. * this is how I remember it, and I’d be fascinated to know if the timings line up.
  11. Had another crack at L3 last night, but dying by falling off the bottom of the screen on the vertically scrolling stages is just doing my head in. Not sure why I'm struggling with it so much - if it was a push-scroller, I'd accept it completely, but when the scrolling is player driven it just seems perverse. It's also frustrating because other than dying by falling, I've not lost a life in all the time I've put into this - the enemies are no great shakes, and I quite enjoy the sense of serene progress I get from plodding my meatlump through the game, whipping all and sundry. If the game were universally bollock hard, like Ghouls & Ghosts, then I'd be more willing to accept the cheap fall deaths.
  12. Anyone know why Lampard has dropped Tomori? I assumed it was a one-game resting so didn’t ship him out of my FF team on my wildcard, but now he looks firmly out of favour. That said, you could argue he had a good game yesterday!
  13. Yup. This season they’ve beaten City, Chelsea, Spurs and Leicester, and drawn with Arsenal and Liverpool (spoiling Liverpool’s otherwise perfect record). They’ve also lost to Newcastle, Bournemouth, West Ham and Crystal Palace, and drawn with 2/3 of the newly promoted sides.
  14. Did some more of L3 yesterday evening, but got frustrated by the erratic control on the stairs. Maybe this kind of thing isn’t an issue for Castlevania veterans, but I had all kinds of problems where two sets of stairs cross, and your pressing of up is suddenly interpreted as wanting to go up the other flight of stairs rather than the one you’re on. That, combined with the rather silly rule where the bottom of the screen becomes instadeath seconds after scrolling away, cost me a heap of lives and put me off quite a bit. Climbed some stairs, turned around at the top and try to walk across what looked like a platform across the top of the stairs, only to fall down the stairwell and die even though there was a platform about 5 pixels off screen. Turned it off at that point and played some Chrono Trigger. I will probably return, but that stuff felt more shoddy than legitimately hard.
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