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  1. Found the oddly titled Mmm! by Reiner Knizia in my local charity shop at lunch, mint for £1. Should be a good one to play with the kids, co-op prevents pouts.
  2. Finished my Monster World series playthrough with Monster Boy on the Switch (MW5 in all but name), so I'm back in the market for something new. After idly playing a bit of Phantasy Star IV, I thought I should return to Phantasy Star I - I had some unfinished business on a run where I was drawing all my own maps. I grabbed the new SMS Power 2.1 Translation Patch and gave it a run out. Yikes, a lot of the headline features here are not to my tastes. The new default font is baroque and weird, although the PS4-inspired one is good. The 2x walk speed is just too insanely fas
  3. Done! Thoroughly enjoyed that! Came into it off the back of a traversal of the Monster World series - 1&2 on SMS, 3&4 on Megadrive, and the Dragon’s Trap remake thrown in for good luck. Definitely a worthy entry in the series. The shift to a more puzzle-based approach had already started with MW4, and this ran with it, finding a natural partner in the animal form mechanics from MW2. The puzzle box dungeons + grid-based maps actually remind me of Links Awakening, which is possibly my favourite Zelda for exactly those reasons. Art style was OK
  4. Linus Torvalds (AKA Mr Linux) owned a Sinclair QL, and said he got into developing his own software due to the crappy support for the platform, particularly in Finland. I've never seen one outside the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park, where they also have the One-Per-Desk variant with a built-in telephone. Well worth a visit if you're ever in the Milton Keynes area, but take a bottle of water, as all the old computers running makes the air ridiculously dry.
  5. Ooh, Game Gear Shinobi 1 & 2. Makes me wish I had the GG adapter for my Mega SG.
  6. Same as a defender, disappointingly! I didn't have him, but did get an assist for Johnstone earlier in the season. Good GW here - didn't take a hit and went in with 10 players, ended on 70pts, with the biggest haul coming from my cheapest player, £3.8m Tyrick Mitchell. Looking forward to Kane and Salah matching each other for goals in the battle for the golden boot. I'm not going to trouble the top of the rllmuk league, but I think I've done enough to end the season ahead of my brother, which is all that really matters. Getting into the top 100k would be nice.
  7. Atomic Punk is actually part of the Bomberman series - it was called Bomber Boy in Japan. I played the hell out of that WWF Wrestling game when I was a kid, one of the few carts we had.
  8. I ummed and ah-ed between Watkins, Wilson, Bamford and Benteke. Guess which one I chose?
  9. Decided Man Utd are a trap this week. At least one of those games is going to be nothing but academy kids and Donny van der Beek. Captained Iheanacho rather than Bruno, which is going well so far. Hopefully he can thrive against a second-string Man U defence in his next game.
  10. You're right, typo on my part - it is actually Wonder Boy V: Monster World III, which would indicate The Dragon's Trap is implicitly Wonder Boy IV, as well as being Monster World II. Although the Japanese Game Gear release seems to just be called Monster World II, with no Wonder Boy mention. Monster World IV is just called Monster World IV however, not Wonder Girl. The remake seems to be called Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World, though.
  11. 2 Liverpool, 2 Man U, Saka and Holding, captained Kane. Total shitshow.
  12. I didn't when I started out, but the way this game lets you regain that life by doing a bit more damage shortly afterwards makes them an essential part of play. I occasionally use them in the old-school panic button mode, but mostly use them as a way of bouncing enemies so you can get a further combo in on them, which means you pretty reliably regain the life straight away. It's especially important against the harder-to-hit bosses, such as the Y twins or Max. You've got to make each breakthrough really count. I rarely use star moves, though, due to a mixture of wanting
  13. Spotted at this morning’s boot - a boxed Atari 2600jr with a few loose carts. Didn’t get it, the 2600 is past my nostalgia horizon, but the packaging was mint. Also spotted a Quickshot-branded old PC game port multi-tap - never knew those existed! I wonder how many games supported them? I bought a few CDs, some children’s books (including Tintin and the Picaros for 50p), and had a nice walk.
  14. The structure of the game is a masterpiece, IMO. Lovely linear potted adventures until the late game, when you get a bunch of non-linear time-trotting side-quests, one for each character. It also manages to have some genuinely challenging bosses, even if you know the systems well.
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