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  1. Years on, I still remember that the cheat code for CJs Elephant Antics was to type ITCHY ARSEHOLES, and I never even played the game.
  2. Two things that now have me questioning my memory - first, this was from Amiga Action, which I don’t really remember ever buying. Secondly, I’d have sworn I was stuck at a point much earlier in the game. It’s definitely me though, trying to make it clear that I was very clever despite needing help. He’s wrong about the safe, it’s essential to see the painting inside to be able to identify the correct grail at the end of the game. But finding the combination relies on having picked up a painting from Henry’s house at the start of the game, and offering it to a very specific Nazi guard when infiltrating the castle. Such a flawed game, although I still love it a bit.
  3. I wrote into The One (I think - whichever Amiga mag had The Boggit!) asking for a hint for Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade, as I was stuck in the catacombs. They printed an answer to my question and I got unstuck, but I’d forgotten to put my name on the letter, so they also called me a numpty or something. I’d imagine there’s probably a scan of this moment of glory out there somewhere.
  4. From memory, Stu Campbell (before he went off the deep end) used to have a thing about the GBA version of Zoo Keeper being better than the DS, because the Quest Mode was based on skill rather than luck. It was certainly possible for the DS game to put you in a situation where you couldn’t win certain quest levels if the random drops didn’t contain enough of the right creatures.
  5. Same, I tracked it down but then didn’t play it much. The opening setting (being at your apartment) isn’t as compelling as Hotel Dusk, and the instant game overs felt a bit arbitrary. I hear it gets better, though. I still love that art style, and I’d love to see the series come back.
  6. Ooh, Spook Country. I have I missed a bargain offer for Pattern Recognition, or is this the first of the Blue Ant trilogy that has been on offer? Last time I read it, it felt like an odd book, a group of interesting characters in search of a plot, which they eventually got in Zero History. Looking forward to revisiting it, though.
  7. Ooh, always wanted those two books as a kid, plus the mysterious Great Frieze. I’ve seen a few of another series of Asterix game books which are the same size as the albums - I picked one up last year, but haven’t played it yet. I don't think I posted it here, but this was one of my better Charity Shop finds of the last 12 months - 20 Asterix books for £1 each. I went home with 10 of them, leaving duplicates and things like Twelve Tasks which just aren't very good. They seem to be mostly 1990s editions (a bit after my time) with not particularly pleasant uniform cover art. They also all have rubber stamps in the front indicating they were imported to Pakistan and sold there. I've been trying to build a complete set from charity shops and car boot sales, and I think I only need 2-3 books now to finish the original unbroken run of 26.
  8. Wow. How was it packed? It's spookily well preserved. I'm amazed the headphone foam hasn't crumbled into dust. I don't miss cassettes, and won't be participating in any revival, but I do kind of miss portable cassette players.
  9. For me, it’s: - Atari 2600. Before my time, and looked too painfully shit to emulate. - C64. I had Beeb then a Speccy, friends had a CPC, but I didn’t know anyone with a C64. I think I briefly tried emulating it once, but didn’t get on with the aesthetic. - Saturn. The PlayStation was such a big thing, as was Goldeneye on the N64, but I knew no-one with one of these, and they had an awful rep. I do remember briefly seeing SFA2 running on one at a friend’s girlfriend’s house though, and was impressed. I’ve owned them twice after the fact, but never got around to getting them modded so only ever had one or two cheap JP games. I really need to sell my white JP one I have in the loft, as I’m never going to use it, unless someone comes up with a HDMI mod. - Gameboy Color. Loved the original GB and the GBA but missed this one completely. - 3DS - probably retro now? Loved the DS, love the Switch, but missed this step. - PSP/Vita - not sure these qualify as “big”, but I never played either. Seriously considered getting a PSP Go as a PlayStation emulation platform a few times, though.
  10. Ooh, good find on Triumph. Those last three MJ Jacksons albums are rare birds on CD.
  11. Huh, turns out that pervy box art is not East Asian (apologies for the assumption), just some American loon on eBay called Two Piece Snackbox who sells professional quality, semi-pornographic replacement cover art for Switch games. As well as River City Girls, his repertoire includes Pokémon and Sonic games. What a world we live in.
  12. Late to this, but watched a review of it last night on YouTube, and it looks great. My 9 y/o daughter loves Turtles in Time on the SNES, but doesn't seem to be interested in the Streets of Rage games, either the original trilogy or SoR4. This looks like it might be right up her street, and she'd love the comic book aesthetic and ability to just footle around aimlessly rather than being trapped on a constant belt scroll. Glad to see some discussion of whether the game is creepy here. Doing some eBay searching for a copy, it looks like there is alternate pervy cover art available for some East Asian territories, although I'm not sure if it's official. Either way, provided the game itself has nothing worse than a few bits of innuendo and some light swearing, I'm fine with that. I don't suppose anyone has a physical copy for Switch that they've bounced off and are looking to shift?
  13. I picked up the Illustrated Gormenghast Trilogy for £1.99 the other day. I've always meant to tackle this series, and this seems like a decent edition. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Illustrated-Gormenghast-Trilogy-Mervyn-Peake-ebook/dp/B0056GJI5Q/
  14. I picked up Puyo Puyo Tetris for Switch, and my daughter loves Puyo Puyo and doesn't get on that well with Tetris. I'm the opposite. Great game, though. Columns, I'm afraid, is a lesser puzzler. It's just too straightforward and easy. When I bought my Japanese Mega Drive to use with the Framemeister, I picked up the cheapest JP cart I could find to test it worked OK (prior to buying a Mega Everdrive) - Columns. I plugged it in and started it up for a quick go. 30 minutes later I was still playing on that first go, despite not having played the game for twenty years. I turned it off eventually because I got bored. Presumably Sega could easily make Puyo Puyo Columns Tetris if they wanted, but they know Columns is a bit of a dud. Puzzle Fighter on the other hand... but that's another thread.
  15. Turning the Switch actually properly off, rather than just to sleep, can sometimes help with Joycon issues. But, at the risk of getting technical, it sounds like it might just be buggered. Replacing the antenna looks easier than replacing a stick: https://www.sosav.com/guides/game-consoles/nintendo/nintendo-accessories/joycon-right/antenna/
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