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  1. Alexlotl

    Currently playing...

    Great adaptation of the arcade game, and adding a life meter makes it the proper ancestor of the Mega Drive Shinobi games (the series peak, IMO). I find it damned hard, though!
  2. Alexlotl

    Currently playing...

    Thankfully no, or I understand there would be even more dungeons. This is FF4 Namingway Edition for the SNES (essentially restoration of all FF4j features to FF2US, with a decent script), which I'm playing on Super NT / SD2SNES.
  3. Yeah, save state is a bit hit and miss, and music is often wonky after restoring (I'd guess it isn't capturing the state of the Z80, only the X6800). Still pretty invaluable if you're time poor, though. The Mega SG will do Master System FM itself though, and probably a better implementation (there's ever so slight clipping on the Everdrive's implementation due to lack of FPGA space, by the author's own admission). What I'll be interested to hear about though is whether the dedicated SMS core (which sounds more enhanced than the Mega Drive's built-in backwards compatiblity) will be usable with the Mega Everdrive, or if I'll have to buy a Master Everdrive to use it.
  4. Alexlotl

    Currently playing...

    Closing in on the end of FFIV, and I’ve got to be honest, I’ll be quite glad when it’s over. The Giant of Babil was a total letdown - I was expecting something huge, the Tower itself to turn into a robot or something. Back to the moon now, and the final dungeon. Which is another ducking cave. I remember feeling a similar way about Phantasy Star 2 when I finally clocked that, and like PS2, this is a game I’d bounced off many times in the past finally made bearable through modern patches. This isn’t an unfinished hot mess like PS2 was, but it has less character, hasn’t aged that well (inventory management yay) and the random encounter rate is similarly fatiguing. It’s starting to feel like work at times. Hoping to have it done and dusted by the time my Mega SG arrives, or it’ll probably get lost in the wash.
  5. Yup, looks a lot like my old one. We used to leave the trapdoor off so we could flick the switch off to play Bubble Bobble!
  6. Alexlotl

    Game Boy & GB Advance Appreciation Thread

    I put in at least 120hrs, and I think @strider mentioned that he’s clocked silly hours on this too. Strong contender for the GBAs best game, and the only FFT game I’ve ever really got on with. My favourite build was suicide-bombing lizardmen with revival rings equipped. Fun times.
  7. Alexlotl

    Game Boy & GB Advance Appreciation Thread

    Probably best if you break it again, all things considered.
  8. You don’t need much space - it’s tiny! If it’s anything like the other Analogue consoles there’ll be a quasi-official jailbreak within a few months of launch which will let you play games off the SD. It’s not ideal for the Super NT as it doesn’t support any expansion chips, but that shouldn’t be an issue for the Mega Drive (unless you really want to play Virtua Racing). So no space needed for games either.
  9. Reading the manual now and checking on my wishlist. Master System Start button support for MD pads is present. Can't quite get my head around the horizontal resolution differences, but I think if you pick one of the preset modes (e.g. 4:3 for 16:10) then it'll automatically handle it. The section on FM includes real hardcore FM nerd shit like enabling YM2612 ladder effect, so I think Kevtris probably has this covered. No word on whether my beloved Mark III Paddle controller will be supported! On the subject of the Master System, interestingly neither the Mega SG or the adapter has a hardware pause button, but the adapter is apparently designed to be moddable to add one. Odd choice.
  10. It'll never support a genuine 32x, at least not over a digital connection - that crazy jalopy combines the analogue video output from the Mega Drive with the output from its own GPU. Blame 90s Sega, not Analogue. Implementing 32x in-the-box in FPGA might be possible, but that would assume that a) the existing MD implementation has left huge amounts of gates free, which seems unlikely, and b) it's worth Analogue paying Kevtris vast quantities of money to support 40 largely unmemorable games. That said, I'd love it if it was possible for them to somehow use the CD port and make a combined 32x + Mega-CD addon, with no moving parts. I would like to play Tempo one day. Better photos here, including one of the MS converter:
  11. The Super NT has native HD output with lots of scaling options which you can configure and tweak in real-time, hybrid scanline generation (varies thickness of scanlines based on the brightness of elements, replicating the bloom you'd see on a real CRT - looks great and 100% natural), optional interpolation for X and Y axis to remove shimmering/tearing when using non-integer scale factors, native CD-quality digital audio output, zero-to-little-lag (using interpolation adds a bit), in-game hooks for reset etc, and it's a solid, fast, attractive little box that feels like a proper whack-the-cart-in-and-go console for the modern era. The Mega SG will presumably have all of the above, plus: - Master System support (including FM) with bundled cart adaptor - GameGear and SG1000 support with adaptors to be sold separately - Front headphone port - Mega CD support (requires actual Mega CD, as the Mega CD was far from a dumb drive, and contains pretty much a whole second MD CPU + some custom chips) The really tricky part is going to be getting the FM chip right. I know some FM mavens didn't think their earlier demos sounded that great. Two things I'm really hoping for, but which haven't been announced yet: - Support for setting different scaling factors for the Mega Drive's 256 and 320px width screen modes (external scalers suck at this) - Support for using the MD start button to pause Master System games (should be a breeze for FPGA)
  12. Not the most elegant solution for Mega CD 1 connection - without the little rubber mat, the Mega SG is suspended in the air by the connector. Mega CD2 will presumably look a bit better, but nothing on Twitter yet.
  13. Review copies are out!
  14. Alexlotl

    Kindle shop Recommendations

    Seems fair. £6 for the first book, then they refund you a pound for each sequel.

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