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  1. Alexlotl

    I am Setsuna

    Had some rare playtime tonight, so had another session. Unfortunately, I think I’ve broken the game. Remember that support spritnite I mentioned that gives you 20mp for each enemy kill? It didn’t take me long to work out that this means the best way to deal with any non-boss battles is to get a sneak-start, then use an attack-all combo with momentum. Nine times out of ten this kills all enemies on the screen in one shot, you get all your MP back and it’s battle over. I just cleared a whole area doing this, and it got a bit dull. Figure I have three options here: a) Don’t use the optimal strategy b) Use it to plough through the game quickly and see what happens in the plot. c) Just pack it in and play Octopath instead. I’ll sleep on it.
  2. Alexlotl

    Nintendo Switch

    This is M2 though, right? While the Mega Drive Collection is probably less good emulation.
  3. I swear by 99% IPA for cleaning, acetone can be nasty.
  4. Alexlotl

    Nintendo Switch

    I think the GameCube’s startup jingles are my favourite ever, but I do love that little click, and the way that side of the screen lights up in the colour of the joycon.
  5. Alexlotl

    What musical hill are you prepared to die on?

    I think the album's in rude health - the vinyl revival has dragged playtimes back from the indulgent 70 minute CD-era to a more manageable 70s-esque 40 minutes, and the resulting killer/filler ratio has gone up too. People talk a lot about the big "Taste Freeze" which kicks in at about age 33 (I like to imagine Steve Lamacq is an ice golem composed of entirely of Frozen Taste and beermats). But I'm still listening to a lot of new-to-me stuff, even if a lot of it isn't new by any stretch of the imagination (e.g. Yellow Magic Orchestra, Scott Walker, Talking Heads, Boards of Canada), usually as a result of a chance recommendation or discovery of a CD at a car boot. It is harder to stay on top of new-new stuff, but I'd recommend listening to 6Music a bit until you find a DJ whose tastes you get on with (Marc Riley for me, mostly - his Christmas annual best-ofs are great) and start there. Spotify's make-a-radio-station-based-on-this-track can also be good, too, although it can also be kind of insulting. Taking your points of reference there (REM, Pixies, Beatles), I'd recommend giving the following a try - some of my favourites of the last few years. St Vincent - she changes a lot from album to album, but I'll recommend starting with Actor, as that's where I got on. Probably best described as Art Rock? Has a completely unique guitar tone, to the point where you might think it's a synth. One of my few day-one-purchase artists. Courtney Barnett - Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit. Wonderful aussie narrative lyrics and some decent grunge-influenced chops too. The one-two punch of Elevator Operator and Pedestrian At Best that opens the album is :chefkissingfingers: I need to pick up her new one. Alvvays - Antisocialites. Superior jangle/dreampop. The debut was very good but arguably not that original (kind of like a C86 Sonic Mania), but the second album is just fried gold - they're the real deal. Generally, try to fight the temptation to be an old man yelling at a cloud, or presenting the drivetime slot on 6Music.
  6. Alexlotl

    Currently playing...

    I thought SMS Sonic 1 had great music. Yuzo Koshiro arrangements, from memory. There's a romhack out there which adds a Mark III FM soundtrack, which I'd like to try one day.
  7. Alexlotl

    What musical hill are you prepared to die on?

    I've long said I'll have the Sean Connery one played at my funeral. It'll give everyone a good laugh as my coffin goes through the curtain. If you need someone to kill you on that hill, I'm free.
  8. Alexlotl

    Nintendo Switch

    Not sure if you’re being sarcastic. If they don’t upscale them they’ll take up less than 1/4 of a 1080p screen. Upscaling doesn’t necessarily mean having godawful filters applied.
  9. Need some decent joysticks? I have a pair of Powerplay Cruisers (one fruit salad, one black/red autofire) which I got to go with the ZX Spectrum Next, but I sold on my pledge for that one as I didn't like the project direction. Trying to clear stuff out, so should be able to do you a good price. No-one should have to use those awful Quickshots.
  10. Alexlotl

    What musical hill are you prepared to die on?

    The Velvet Underground were a better band after John Cale left and Doug Yule joined.
  11. Alexlotl

    Game Boy & GB Advance Appreciation Thread

    ...and snagged a copy of Catrap as my inaugral test game. Been interested in this one ever since Jeremy Parish reviewed it. Never got a European release, so doesn't seem to show up often.
  12. Alexlotl

    Game Boy & GB Advance Appreciation Thread

    Was it boxed? Cardboard is what demands the big bucks in retro these days. The bare hardware itself is still pretty cheap.
  13. Alexlotl

    Game Boy & GB Advance Appreciation Thread

    Just won a bid on a Super Game Boy 2 to go with my upcoming Analogue Super NT. Wooyay! Vague plan to pick up an OG Game Boy, mod them, then get Pokemon Red and Blue and play through them with my daughter. I have to try really hard to write "Game Boy" and not "Gameboy". I swear it used to be "Gameboy", it's a Berenstein/stain Bear-esque glitch in the matrix.
  14. Alexlotl

    Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    The Photographer's Eye by Michael Freeman is great on composition, and good for inspiration. Sounds like you might already know the technical stuff - if not, just subscribe to Practical Photography for a year and you'll get decent articles on everything, they do a semi-regular seralized skills course (and are generally quite a good read, or at least were last time I subscribed). Alternatively, a lot of people like Understanding Exposure for the tech basics, but the author pissed me off, personally.
  15. I was thinking of this: https://amigastore.eu/en/559-laser-upgrade-for-amiga-mice.html Looks like they do one for the curvy A1200 mouse, too.

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