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  1. Along with everything else great about the game...
  2. You should dude. It's a very decent Persona game.
  3. A bit of help? I'll nest it in increasingly explicit spoilers.
  4. How do you not have Persona plats?
  5. Thanks to this lovely writing I did something fairly rare for me and listened to something new. And it was great. Cheers for that.
  6. Shades Zagreus searches the underworld for his missing sunglasses.
  7. I generally take an Olympian God trinket for Tartarus and then one for the next god I need for my prospective build in Asphodel. Rarely I'll want a specific third Olympian so I often take the Pom Blossom for Elysium onward. That's my lazy standard.
  8. 1. It 2. The Shining 3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4. The Exorcist 5. Nosferatu 6. Halloween 7. 8. 9. The Omen 10. EvilDead 11. Hellraiser ...dunno.
  9. danbot


    Stick to Michigan for a while. Alaska is definitely for later.
  10. May be worth using a 1 key now if you can respec to 3 death defiances.
  11. My son and I played so much of this. Really enjoyed the spell building and planning little co-op runs. Brilliant game. Also played a Delta for a while but we both preferred the original.
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