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  1. Given Microsoft's (somewhat indeterminate) commitment to supporting their existing consoles with new releases, Lockhart as an entry level device certainly makes less sense than ever. xCloud currently maxes out at a 720p feed, with 1080p to come, so maybe they intend to cap it at that; I imagine you'd want to pump up bitrate rather than output resolution anyway. In that context 4TFLOPS roughly lines up with the supposed specs of the Series X: quarter of the target resolution, quarter of the GPU power.
  2. Dreams is almost certainly coming to PC as Media Molecule have publicly stated they'd like it to; before now I assumed it wouldn't actually happen. I'd imagine some games are more viable than others. Days Gone would likely be an easy port as it runs on Unreal, for instance, whereas Naughty Dogs' games might be akin to RDR2 where they're so tuned for console hardware that they don't run as well as you might expect on a powerful PC. Speaking of Unreal, I'm kind of expecting this venture to be Epic Games Store exclusive, at least at first.
  3. That's unexpected. Makes a certain amount of sense given that Guerrilla are presumably porting the engine to PC for Death Stranding, but this is clearly something Sony has decided to do on their own as opposed to being a contractual obligation with a third-party developer. I still regularly listen H:ZD's soundtrack whilst working. Really looking forward to the inevitable sequel.
  4. I quite liked the PS3's smoked glass look. It attracted finger prints from across the room, but it definitely felt expensive in a way their consoles since have not. Personally I don't buy the supposed PS5 photo. The design itself is plausible but it's so lacking in embellishment that it would be easy for anyone to 3D print, plus I feel like the timing seems off: if it was a disassembled chassis from a factory line I could maybe understand, but that image suggests it's a working unit you plug in and I suspect we're a couple of months off from that point.
  5. The controller is real, but it's a third-party PS4 pad: the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2.
  6. I could see this happening, too, albeit to various devices. Feels like it would be a good use of all their xCloud research, at no ongoing cost to Microsoft.
  7. Technically you can...
  8. If you out-level a quest – indicated by its name turning grey in your log – it'll give you a pittance of XP upon completion. As such you really need to pay attention to the recommended level if you want to progress efficiently, which really hurts the game in my opinion: it pushes you down a fairly specific path which doesn't feel that well paced as you're 'stuck' in each locale for hours on end, despite the world ostensibly being open. I'd like the next Witcher game, whenever it appears, to ditch levels entirely. Feels like all the pieces are in place for a more interesting progression system, e.g. have certain monsters be next to impossible to defeat until you've crafted the correct oils, or other gear gates a bit like the Eye of Nehelani in Wild Hunt. You could still have a skill tree, just have the points for it purely unlocked via Places of Power, or hidden stashes of witcher concoctions, to encourage exploration.
  9. Purely anecdotal, but my Design Lab controller seems better built than the standard one that came with my One X. I opted for the rubberised grip and it hasn't shown any signs of wear after 200+ hours of use. I'm curious to see if the Share button is the extent of major changes to the Series controller. Personally I'd quite like them to add motion controls so more games might integrate them as an option; they're easily my favourite way to type using a controller and it's bizarre how few PS4 games let you use motion for aim tweaking.
  10. I have an LG 27UL650. As a multi-purpose screen I use for PC and consoles it's good, albeit a stopgap solution whilst I wait for what I actually want. Apparently LG will be releasing 48" 4K OLEDs this year, so it's possible I'll be able to fit one of those in my limited space; need to get the tape measure out.
  11. Those mooted PS5 specs are very odd. Even if we assume 9.2Tf is the actual performance target, having 36 Compute Units clocked at 2Ghz isn't a very efficient way to get there; makes more sense for a console to have a greater number of CUs that are clocked lower, as it would improve yields and reliability. I'm leaning towards the GitHub test data being for an RDNA1-based dev kit that's clocked high to get it as close to final performance as possible – which would go some way to explaining the unusual, vent-heavy design – whereas the retail hardware will be more 'RDNA1.5' featuring a greater number of slower CUs. Personally I expect the PS5 and XSX to be pretty comparable in CPU/GPU terms, with the differentiating factors being around the sides, e.g. Microsoft has a bigger RAM pool whilst Sony's machine can shift data from the SSD into memory quicker.
  12. I'd say there's a big difference between real-time 3D graphics and playing back video footage when it comes to resolution. Many aspects of a game's image will be tied to the resolution it's rendered at: we aren't just talking about aliasing of actual polygons or texture detail, you also have all the screen-space effects like reflections or volumetric lights that would tend to run at some fraction of native resolution. Films would tend to be derived from a 'perfect' source, whether that be real world footage or supersampled offline render. That said, I see no reason for games to go above true 4K for a very long time. The exponential processing power required would be far better spent on other areas of perceptible image quality, plus modern image reconstruction techniques are already surprisingly effective: I'm not sure 'true' 4K is going to be worthwhile target for a lot of next-gen games when scaling back a bit would net huge performance gains, although I could see launch games erring towards that native resolution just to avoid the pitchfork brigade.
  13. I bought the game and DLC around 21:30 yesterday and I'm fairly sure it didn't work. They took my money and the order went through, but I still haven't received any keys to redeem. The new version of SideQuest just introduced wireless screen mirroring to PC via ScrCpy, albeit without audio for now.
  14. Ferine

    Outer Wilds

    The only thing you 'unlock' in this game is knowledge of how things work*. You can get everywhere and do everything once you have access to your ship. Are you constantly holding in the right-trigger during flight, like an accelerator, rather than using the left stick once you've escaped an object's gravity? Not sure where else you could be going so wrong, but I'd recommend checking out the cave in the starting area for zero-g navigation training. *Okay, technically there's a new menu option you can unlock. That's just a convenience, though, and doesn't affect minute-to-minute gameplay.
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