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  1. This isn't the case. I've cashed in Datacubes from the first biome at the Processor in the second, ones from the fourth in the fifth, etc. The Processor in the first biome is the only one you need to re-beat a boss to use, so if I found a Datacube in that area I tended to wait until I got to the second biome instead. Also worth noting that you can use a Processor multiple times in a single run, so in the scenario above I could process the 'cube from the first biome then teleport back to any I might have found in the second biome and process those, too.
  2. Maybe they meant to change it to “100%” and made a typo. So, my game got the patch and I'm mid-run but haven't gotten any error messages yet. Should I just close it?
  3. Maybe they were just tired of thoughtless people on the internet constantly theorising how they all secretly hated each other, how X only got their job because of Y, or listening to how, “Giant Bomb hasn't been any good since Z”. Go back and read this thread and you'll have a pretty good picture of why they might be looking to do something else. 'Fan Club', indeed.
  4. In case you hadn't considered it, you can just leave using the translocator. I think it'll always be just behind you.
  5. I'd actually recommend people read this spoiler, as I was waiting for a permanent upgrade the entire game. I figured it out eventually, but you can find some good stuff in those rooms.
  6. I'd say Returnal is a perfect candidate for adaptive difficulty; it may already implement it in some form, as you wouldn't necessarily know. There's so many variables it could tweak on the backend based on the player's successes and failures, such as weighting the appearance of certain enemy types that they've had trouble with, making 'lucky' rooms more likely to appear after a long run that ended badly, dropping a suitable weapon just outside the boss arena, etc. Obviously such a feature would require a lot of testing and tweaking, but ultimately the developers want people to play
  7. My guess, and obviously that's all it is, is that Jeff intends to turn Giant Bomb into something of a curated streaming platform. As in they'd pull from a diverse range of freelance streamers, who the viewer can be assured aren't total arseholes, who'd be paid in a more direct manner for their time rather than having to rely on ad revenue or fishing for tips. Kind of like public-access television for the internet age, rather than the algorithmic, ad-driven behemoths of YouTube or Twitch. Giving a budget and support to people who wouldn't (shouldn't?) normally have it feels like energy he could
  8. You could always cancel your pre-order then put it in again. Should be painless enough to do from your order history. When it comes to Bing questions, I wish they'd swap out every use of 'favourite' for 'favoured'. It shouldn't annoy me as much as it does, but... actually no, the entire exercise is meaningless so my annoyance is the most authentic part of the entire exchange.
  9. At the risk of being a braggart, I didn't find any of the bosses to be much of a sticking point. All of them fell on my first attempt expect for the second one, which I think took two; that one isn't notably harder, I just wasn't in great shape when attempting it. That isn't to say I haven't found the game challenging – I'm not done but have hit credits, at 20 hours and a neat 20 deaths – but any given non-boss room could be way more difficult. All the variables in play when entering one can lead to some nightmare scenarios, usually involving a flock of flying bastards or shielded
  10. After years of manoeuvring, Bakalar finally takes his revenge. GB's content has been of particular help over the last year, so this is a bit of a blow. I wish them luck with whatever they choose to do next; not anything to do with games, if I had to guess.
  11. I feel confidant in saying there are at least three times as many Switches in the UK than there are PS5s; it sold 1.5 million last year. Does that make New Pokémon Snap a flop?
  12. Ah yes, those treasured childhood memories of waiting for firmware updates to install and games to download multi-gigabyte updates.
  13. V-Bucks are the same price on PC, PSN and Xbox: £6.49 for 1000, £15.99 for 2800, etc. You may be able to buy them cheaper via exploiting regional pricing, but that's a different thing. The vast majority of people will make purchases on the platform they're playing on, and from the region they're playing in. I'd say PlayStation's clause is about disincentivising Epic from running promotions only on their store, as otherwise they could tempt PlayStation owners to buy V-Bucks at 20% off on PC* and still make more money by cutting Sony out entirely. *And functionally this i
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