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  1. I've had it in my basket twice today – ShopTo in the morning, Very around lunch – and both times it went out of stock during the checkout process. This was within minutes of stock appearing.
  2. Just make a Superman visual novel, where you have to choose between editing that article/mooning over your co-worker or saving the people screaming for help every minute of every day.
  3. Ferine

    NIOH 2

    I'm also enjoying this more than the first game, which I didn't finish, but I'm not entirely sure why as it's been a while since I played the original. Perhaps the level design is generally a bit wider, with more alternate routes? My main criticism, also true of the first, is the excess of loot and stats. Every stage floods your inventory with a deluge of chaff, to the extant that sorting through it all is a total chore, one that I'm not sure is that worthwhile: technically there are a bunch of systems to optimise and customise your equipment but it feels like a waste of time to engage with them when you might pick up something better in the next 5 seconds anyway. I suppose you could argue that's an intrinsic facet of loot games, but I'd say the game's real strength is as a highly customisable action game; it's not like I'm against progression systems as the various skill trees tend to feature meaningful upgrades.
  4. That's one of the 'hacking' interactions. There seems to be a few different kinds and they don't have any kind of explicit tutorial outside showing you where to place your multitool/hand to start off, so just poke at them and you'll figure it out.
  5. Given that VR is a limited audience, I'm positive Valve will put Alyx out on PS5. They could make it work with the original headset and Move controllers – the game's already flexible across different inputs – but I'm not sure they'd want to. Obviously we don't really know anything about PSVR's successor yet, but it'll probably have something closer to the Index controllers. Incidentally I could see it coming to XSX, too, so long as Microsoft offers some kind of VR support; I can't think of a good reason they wouldn't.
  6. That was my takeaway from the presentation. Playing games at PS4/PS4 Pro levels of performance should pretty much work for everything, but unlocking the extra performance of the PS5 might break some things. It reminds me a bit of Boost Mode on the Pro, where Sony were extremely cautious in their messaging around it and it turned out to be totally fine; I'm sure there are titles that didn't like it, but I can't recall a single one.
  7. The thing to remember is that modern games are constantly loading, so whilst actual loading screens should more or less be a thing of the past on both consoles – let's say 10+ seconds at the high end – Sony's gambit with the PS5 is that you'll be able to stream in assets much more reactively. With the access speeds of the current generation of consoles, games need to anticipate what's going to be needed in memory should the player do X, Y, or Z. So maybe the player isn't using their special ability that summons a flaming golem from the sky right now, but if they do use it in the next 20 seconds all the associated effects, audio, animation, etc, need to be ready to go. So that stuff sits in RAM, taking up space, because you're never quite sure when you're going to need it. What Sony's saying is that their SSD can transfer data so fast you can effectively pull in a lot more stuff on the fly, when it's needed. For example, that building behind your character, out of view? No need to keep all its textures and micro-details in RAM because by the time you've turned the camera around everything's been spooled in. Essentially this frees up RAM, allowing it to hold more of actual relevance at a time, and should make developers lives a good deal easier when it comes to memory management.
  8. I could see the XSX having the edge in terms of TFLOPS but the appreciable difference between the two machines, factoring in all their various hardware customisations, being minor and variable. For example, the Xbox maintains a slightly higher dynamic resolution in a game whilst the PS5 has better noise-reduction on the ray-traced shadows, that kind of thing. Digital Foundry will be rubbing their hands with glee.
  9. I think it would make sense to show the casing, as they'll probably want to mention their cooling solution given it's rumoured to have been a focus.
  10. Why would you release the system to everyone then decimate the benefits? Should've just made this adjustment a month ago if they were going to. This change shifts Game Pass Quests from something that had me at least turning on my Xbox pretty much every day, and downloading some games I might not have otherwise tried, to a scheme I've no desire to engage with at all. I get that it is essentially still "something for nothing", but whereas before it was generous enough that it felt worth my time pursuing, now it offers such a pittance it's almost a disincentive. It's such a hard swing I actually wonder if they're going to "we've heard you" up to half of what it was originally and call it a compromise.
  11. Ferine

    Dreams - It's out!

    You can do all of that in Dreams itself. But yes, you could record the playback via the Share button and mess with it in another program.
  12. I think people are seriously underestimating the triple threat of decent CPU, guaranteed SSD and ray tracing hardware. The new consoles represent a far more significant technological leap than the PS4/Xbox One, a generation that's actually set us up well for the next due to the numerous tricks they pushed developers to iterate on; things like temporal anti-aliasing and other image reconstruction techniques are genuinely good at this point. Importantly we also know that the new consoles will be backwards compatible, so if you have the budget it actually makes a fair bit of sense to sell off your old console and get the new one – I'd expect them to be supply constrained for a while.
  13. Ferine

    Dreams - It's out!

    I don't think copyright infringement is that big a deal, really. They don't use any of that stuff in promotional material, official streams or have it highlighted by Mm in Collections or Jams, plus importantly there's currently no way for people to profit from their creations. There is a complaints process on their website so obviously it's something the developer is prepared to deal with, but I'm guessing instances will be relatively rare. One possible exception would be people recording music via a microphone, not recreating it in the game's audio tools. Not much of a loss, in my opinion.
  14. Ferine

    Xbox Game Pass

    I'd wager it'll come to Game Pass closer to the launch of the first paid DLC. That's scheduled for March 26th but was supposed to have some window of timed exclusivity to PlayStation, so maybe late April?
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