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  1. Most important announcement. Skate Bird coming to gamepass. Complete with lo-fi birb hop OST
  2. Flub

    Google Stadia

    I cancelled over a month ago. Because I'm a trend setter.
  3. When I get home from work tonight I plan to move to New Zealand for a bit
  4. Cheers for that. It looks lovely on my 4k monitor Razer fucking sharp. The speccy is such an iconic thing. A proper beast. I had a c64 but I was always super jealous of a friend who had a Spectrum.
  5. Any chance you could render out a version in 4k that I could use as wallpaper? That's amazingly realistic
  6. Flub

    Google Stadia

    I'd be very interested to see a DF piece on the Stadia version of Red Dead to see what settings it defaults to.
  7. As far as I'm aware Rockstar would like the game to stay as authentic as possible which sadly rules out Steampunk giant spiders and Back to the Future train. I like that aspiration though. However I do think the game needs an awful lot more activites (Both PvE and PvP). There's going to be loads of professions and things to do that they could add. The same with cosmetics. I just don't think they make enough money from the online to make it very worthwhile though. At the very least I'd reduce the cost of fast travel significantly and place down more vendors. Every settlement of a certain size (Especially the towns) should have a the full compliment. Sometimes you have to trek for miles just to find a butcher. Level 65 to be able to buy a fast travel point for you camp is pretty bad too. I'd negate the level requirement for that and let people buy it with gold early. I see the game as more a "Wild west life sim" than a gta chaos engine.
  8. Sparse, very buggy, strangely chill. I haven't bothered with any PvP. Just PVE stuff.
  9. I'm having nothing but problems tonight. Just started up again and getting massive stuttering that I normally get only very rarely. *Sigh* If the game hadn't charmed me so much I'd be packing it in about now. I suspect it's not making Rockstar anywhere near enough money to put much effort in either. Top tip for new players. If you have Twitch prime you can get the Hunter license and some gold free from the Twitch rewards page.
  10. Just decided to do some hunting. Everything was going fine. Then every npc/animal in the game decided to freeze. Had to quit losing all my skins.
  11. Resupply missions are timed though. Won't it just drop me out of the solo session when the time runs out? Also how do I get into a solo session? *Edit* Lol. Didn't realise you could scroll down the player menu
  12. New Mutants and Hulk were excellent this week. Surprisingly I enjoyed X-Force as well. That cliffhanger should probably have been in the main title though.
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