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  1. My second fave villager. Second only to Jitters who normally would get the hoof because his house is literally a football pitch but stays because he's the island druggie and needs help.
  2. I'd say that sounds like a million to one chance. Do you think they'll still come?
  3. I haven't noticed a single issue playing this undocked. It's lovely.
  4. Don't forget to check the seasonal part of the nook terminal store. Some nice new stuff in there.
  5. My Cranny had an extra item for sale today and the clothes shop appears to have just got some great new stock in.
  6. You can change your party leader though which in turn becomes the character you play as. I found that handy occasionally. Currently at the plains heading towards Colony 6.
  7. Brad's hair is currently majestic.
  8. Even if you spend it on gear you'll go through it quickly and only really see a benefit super early. I wouldn't worry about taking it. It's not a huge sum. I'm about 90 minutes in so far and remembering why I like the game so much.
  9. Has extra lyrics I've never heard before https://open.spotify.com/album/6LRUdnlY48RCXDLIOVgXDS?si=HXev9czVTf-SqQXJXEQEyA Full OST
  10. The Blue Skies mod is out next month Don't watch until you've played the original.
  11. There is now a need for a goldballs in my life
  12. I have longstanding problems with neck pain that I can directly trace back to a weekend of playing this on the nu-3ds while lying on my bed. No regrets. I only got about a third of the way through as well. I'm really looking forward to starting again tomorrow.
  13. Not getting a sniff of interest so mine is shutting down. If anyone needs me later just send me a PM
  14. I'm on 420 today https://turnip.exchange/island/029f2c0f
  15. Flub


    Second episode in the can. Still loving it. Both episodes should probably have been out at the same time given it's essentially a single pilot story but a very good start to the series. Knowing some DC comics stuff I can already see some future plots forming. Especially with Brainwave's son. I also get the impression that if Courtney ever makes a mistake she'll learn from the experience. Unlike Barry "I'm a fucking Idiot Allen" over on the CW who's elevated fucking up and not learning a thing to a near art form. I wish I could go back to watching that but it makes me so fucking angry. Stargirl at least looks like it's going to be a bit more cheerful. Kinda hoping that the good response DC are getting to this will get us a new Stargirl comic. I think she's only appeared once since the New 52 started but with rebirth we can forget all that horrible shit and bring her back. Which makes sense given they're about to bring the JSA back as well.
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