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  1. The iOS app is really buggy as well. It often just logs me out between sessions and often just logging back in won't return my subscriptions. I need to kill the app and relaunch it for that. Then there was one week where randomly my issues wouldn't download (Just gave an error). Tried again the week after and it was fine.
  2. There was a big patch today. Lag seems to be sorted (touch wood), daily gathering quests only need half the amounts and gathering spawns are apparently fixed now. I got ranger to 1184BP today and did the urgent quest. That was a fun fight. I'm going to gear up all the classes to at least 1184 and see if I can hold out long enough to get them all to level 20. Not sure if I can hold out that long though.
  3. Also the balls on him with the title "Braver Newer World"
  4. The OST is now available on Spotify (Not Apple music for some reason) and to buy from Bandcamp. It's amazing.
  5. All the Immortal Hulks are on sale at Comixology again. £2.39 a volume.
  6. The thing that concerns me is this first zone being the model for future zones. Do some story, grind in the same way to a specific BP, do a bit more story, run out of resources. I like the combat but the grind needs to be more rewarding. I enjoy running around in a pack smashing stuff and triggering PSEs but the rewards are so trivial. Even just upping the sale price for stuff would help a little.
  7. I don't think I've ever seen a MMO launch with so little content. I assume there's going to be a massive dropoff of players by the end of the month. I don't mind a bit of grind to get what I want but in this case the grind is too long and the rewards too low. Especially given the amount of resources needed to do significant upgrades. (Turning a 3* weapon into a multiweapon costs 150k). Each piece of 3* gear you feed into another piece costs thousands for very minimal gains It feels like they had a lot more content planned but didn't have time (Or inclination) to rebalance what they
  8. I finished what little plot there is today. My problem now is a massive shortage of cash and n-grinders. Both absoutely essential to increasing battle power (So I can grind the rank 2 zones). It's certainly the grindiest game I've played in a while (And I play Black Desert). At least in Black Desert there's lots of activities I can take part in to make money. PSO2NGS is so bare bones your only option is to grind one of three zones (Depending on your level and battle power) and one of two zones once your battle power reaches 1184. I don't mean huge full size zones either. I mean sma
  9. How are people finding PSO NG? I never really played the original but I'm loving this. Currently rocking a ranger/hunter. There's a bit of a grind because of the story gating but I'm spending my time in one of the combat zones with other randoms just triggering events and getting ph4t lewt. Feels good to play and airborne traversal is lovely. There's also significant lag at times. It was ok this morning but the further I go into this evening the worse it's getting.
  10. Has a release date now. August 12th https://www.gematsu.com/2021/06/skatebird-launches-august-12
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