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  1. Guess what then. Loads of people have the bandwidth!
  2. Speak for yourself. I've got plenty of bandwidth for streaming
  3. That's me. I can't wait to try this out.
  4. I'm a tech whore. Nothing gets me more excited than new tech and the potential it brings. Tech issues aside the potential of this sort of future has me dripping. I almost never get the "old man fear". I'm all about the new. Companies don't always pull it off (I was excited at the initial Kinect launch for the potential) but I embrace change in tech. There's so much that can be done with this sort of tech. Don't forget as well it's not just Google heading in this direction. I fully expect MS to be announcing something very similar and there's also Amazon who'd also be in a position to get invested in this.
  5. I'm pretty sure this isn't meant to replace local gaming overnight. Just initially provide a rather convenient alternative. You'll probably start seeing the more forward thinking devs offering free cloudsave linked Stadia copies with your purchase. Those demos you play by clicking a link will help a lot. First taste is free. Like it or not the next gen battle is over services and not hardware. This is just one front. The winners will be the companies that are *everywhere*.
  6. Also doesn't google have almost all the money in the world at this point. I doubt they're going into this half arsed.
  7. They released a photo from inside their main processing hub
  8. Turns out Chunky Reader on ios has amazing image quality. Far, far better than the workhorse Comic Glass I've been using for years. So much improved in fact that I question if Comic Glass even have functioning retina support.
  9. 2 screens? Nintendo have gone insane! *Edit* Plok comic? It'll never work!
  10. I'm moderately erect at present. Interested to learn more.
  11. Ripping and tearing never goes out of fashion
  12. Does Baba is you even have "not" in the game? I'm not very far yet though.
  13. Could they make the hashtag any harder to read or is it just a bug?
  14. The game does have super spongey enemies though. Hell. Even the melee nutters that charge you take at least a full clip to put down

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