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  1. Best tip I have for embermane is roll towards him rather than away
  2. I swear half of them are going in super undergeared too. I wish we could see.
  3. Moosegrinder. There's a worse Embermane. Just playing with some xbox gamers and we're getting pummled. Two of the fuckers ran to go farming. Twatlords
  4. I created a guild if anyone wants to join (No idea what they do) It's called MUKDoesaBoop. The name plate is just MKBoop instead of MUKBoop because although the game said 2-7 characters it only accepts 6. I'm Mightyflub on Epic. The guild like the rest of the game is crossplatform.
  5. You want risk? Keep playing. The game gets challenging pretty quickly. Ragetail Gnasher is my nemesis the fucker.
  6. One fairly large problem. You unlock a tier of monsters and then you can randomly encounter them in the world. Even if you don't have the gear for them. You don't know what you're getting until you party up and at that point people start quitting. They need to split patrols up into tiers I think.
  7. I had a great (and occasionally frustrating) time last night. Ended up playing until after midnight. I have the next tier of monsters unlocked but I'm spending some time building up a selection of useful weapons and armour in different elemental types. I like my hammer but I find it too slow against highly mobile stuff so I'm also sorting out repeaters and warpikes. It's going to take some time but I feel I need to practice a lot more on the easier stuff. I can feel it ramping up the difficulty. It ends up being even more challenging when it becomes apparent that quite often your teammates are a bit undergeared for a particular fight (Or are wearing the wrong type of armour for example). The two biggest issues I have are: Quite often people will kick off the fight but won't send up flares until you ask them to. That doesn't help anyone People when they go down will instantly self rez rather than wait a few seconds for someone to come and get them. This has the unfortunate result of tending to leave one man standing with the monster enraged and the threat meter at 100% One other thing. Whoever designed the map Embermane lives on is a sadist. It's a maze full of little holes. Even if people send up flares it can be really hard to figure out which way to go. Also I think flares on the compass should last far longer. Time to play more.
  8. Matchmaking surprisingly has been fine for me all night. Just had a fight against embermane where my party was obviously undergeard, two of them were in frost armour and all three of the fuckers used up all their self rezzes in the first phase rather than wait for a heal.
  9. https://venturebeat.com/2019/05/23/dauntless-hits-4-million-players-mark-after-ps4-xbox-one-and-epic-games-store-launch/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Guess that explains the servers going boom
  10. It's great and super quick when everything is working properly. Now we have a nice long bank holiday weekend to play

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