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  1. My AC fishing grind/Doctor Who watch on Britbox is proceeding well. Paid off another loan, have two bridges, a slope under construction and I'm up to The Keys of Marinus. It's really nice to have Isabelle on the Island.
  2. You mean when Picard and Agnes were racing through the flowers to get to the Romulan fleet? Romulans use plasma weapons or disruptors. Which are green.
  3. I'm pretty sure that's when I first saw it too.
  4. Its surprising just how well An Unearthly Child holds up after all this time. Shame the next three episodes were a load of tosh about cavemen but then DALEKS and here we are today nearly 60 years later watching the same show.
  5. I grabbed my 30 day free trial for having some Doctor Who in the background while working from home. Episode 1 is go!
  6. That Fed ship design felt totally STO to me. In a good way too. I've probably flown one very similar
  7. I can't describe how glorious this looks in person. My 11 inch has an amazing screen but this one appears to pop even more.
  8. Double page spreads in portrait on my eleven inch were hard for me to read with my shit eyes. On three new one is much much better
  9. I'm trying different comics on the new iPad and I'm reminded that some people probably haven't read Nextwave. You should fix that
  10. So guys. I used to think my 11 inch iPad Pro was amazing for reading comics. Today my 2020 12.9 inch model arrived. Holy shit. This thing is severely impressive. Incredibly expensive overkill yes. The single best way to read digital comics currently available? Definitely. Lockdown just got 100% more comic.
  11. I just keep a bookmark to the daily deal page and check it every morning https://smile.amazon.co.uk/Kindle-Daily-Deals/b/?node=5400977031
  12. I've had a single sturgeon so far. I think I got it on day 2. Never seen another one. Obviously it's in the museum. Phew.
  13. LSH is getting better with every issue. Braniac 5 has had a personality change with this reboot. He's a really nice guy now who loves his friends. And it suits him really, really well not being a dick. Art is lovely too. Can't wait to see it on my 12.9 incher when it arrives
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