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  1. I think this could be really good. It's a documentary called Heart Of Neon being made by Paul Docherty, former games artist and currently documentary film editor (he edited the excellent Jodorosky's Dune among other things) Paul's still filming and has asked for contributions from anyone who's a fan of Jeff's work and will be attending the Blackpool Play Expo later this month so I thought I'd post it here to Share and enjoy
  2. maryliddon

    Audio Club

    This ended being harder work than anticipated. Starting to get my sea legs tho
  3. maryliddon

    Audio Club

    I'm not super happy with my ability to structure my own music; I'm like an overly enthusiastic puppy and usually jam in way too much too quickly So I'm having a go at DJing, kind of getting the hang of it, and this the first thing I done: (I fucked up recording the set and it stops abruptly on the final song )
  4. maryliddon

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    Trying to LIVE JAM a bit more, had a nice time with a digitakt / octatrack / tb-03 yesterday. Bit of a nothing burger but fun to do
  5. maryliddon

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    Oh I like that.
  6. maryliddon

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    An ode to Elon
  7. maryliddon

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    Ha, cool. Nice noises. Reminds me of What Shall We Do Now? a bit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CS_FCbQ-okM
  8. maryliddon

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    I made an album Kind of like Revels; bits from the factory floor shoveled into a bag. It's on sale here https://gazaxian.bandcamp.com/album/snog-gary-avoid and free here Enjoy
  9. maryliddon

    Games you loved that are rubbish in hindsight.

    Ha! I think I got a bit confused with how complex the game was, assumed any failings playing the thing were mine and gave it a Crash Smash. Oh well!
  10. maryliddon

    Audio Club

    Cheers What's the World In Action version?
  11. maryliddon

    Audio Club

    Bit of a mess but it came out very quick
  12. They're all in an Egghead trance!
  13. 3, they have to send one to Sky and one to IndieGogo
  14. I don't think it's hacking, it's just slack twattery taken advantage of. It's entirely possible levy would use the same password for his yahoomail account as he may had old RCL website Foggerty made. I think the bank statements came from Andrews. RCL's articles of association bar anyone being removed from the bank mandate without formal agreement.

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