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  1. All things Musou!

    Did not know that - great stuff!
  2. I voted WW because it's so obviously lovely, but have just this afternoon polished off the Champions' Ballad DLC before confronting and defeating Calamity Ganon for the first time. Can I change my vote? Goddamn. Proper man-tears by the end of that, the ending is perfect. It's a shame that Champions' Ballad takes place before Ganon's defeat, as if it were included in the base game I feel there would be far fewer complaints about a lack of story - really nicely directed cutscenes, which I wasn't expecting from Nintendo! For me BOTW takes everything that made WW great and builds on it. Bloody hell, still reeling. Fantastic finale to what has felt like Nintendo at the very top of their game.
  3. All things Musou!

    That's one thing they've done right with Samurai Warriors - the VA is all in Japanese and of a really high standard, especially in Sanada. Sasuke (when you meet him) has this great can't-be-arsed delivery that suits his character perfectly.
  4. All things Musou!

    Spirit of Sanada is really good. I felt that the RPG bits didn't always gel with the core musou gameplay - luckily I think most if not all the fetch quests in the game are optional. My only other complaint was that only a few notable characters age, despite the 40-year odd timespan. Gameplay is tight tho - great looking, smooth and punchy.
  5. Keep on it. It starts off good (I loved the obliterator!) and gets even better. Tough though, I'm no way near through with it yet.
  6. FFS, one of those things that just goes right over your head. Brilliant, thanks! @Mr Do 71
  7. Could a kind soul please subtly point me in the right direction with regards to that Thundra Plateau shrine quest? I get that you have to put the right shiny balls into the right shiny holes, but lord only knows I've spent an hour trying to get said shiny balls up onto the actual plateau where the holes are. Any tips?
  8. Nintendo Switch

    Yeah, it doesn't mess about. Quite addictive though (if you've got something else going on in the background) - I've been playing on that easy picnic mode and managed to get quite far before.
  9. Nintendo Switch

    Definitely on EU store (as far as I know), I purchased it just after Christmas. EDIT: https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Y-danji-1315100.html £4.49
  10. Nintendo Switch

    Yōdanji by Kemco. It's a neat £4 'coffee-break rogue-like' (their words) featuring various playable creatures from Japanese folkore, with upgradeable move-sets, easily-understood mechanics, an addictive gameplay loop and sprite work that recalls Skipmore's games. It is difficult, but deffo has the 'just one more go mum' factor, all of which makes for a deKaylicious game. Sexbest then, if not quite Acebest.
  11. NIOH

    Such a brilliant game. I surprised myself by placing it above Mario Odyssey in my GOTY list here, but it really does have top-tier combat and gameplay. Going to have to jump in again after completing BotW.
  12. Shmups

    What with Strikers 1945 II hitting the Switch this week, and shmups.com recently voting it the 25th best shmup of all time, I have a few questions for the floor. A) Are they supposed to be known for their difficulty? I can barely 1cc Strikers I on 'Monkey' setting, which is the lowest of seven difficulty levels. 'Normal' is absolute slaughter. Or am I just shit? B) For any who have played, what makes Strikers 2 so good? I had the compilation on PS2 but the only thing I remember is a ship called the Flying Pancake. Looking forward to it nevertheless, but interested to hear others' views.
  13. The Official Rllmuk Awards 2017 - Voting Thread

    Exactly. Disappointing - not living up to your hopes and expectations. There is no contradiction in one of your GotYs also being disappointing.
  14. The Official Rllmuk Awards 2017 - Voting Thread

    Read Treble's post - Odyssey was one of the year's best games but fell short in his opinion when compared to Galaxy and 3D World, which he was expecting Odyssey to be better than. Hence great but also disappointing. Makes sense.

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