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  1. I'm making my way through Yakuza 3, as someone who came fresh to the series with 0 (then Kiwami and Kiwami 2), and... I'm really enjoying it! I was a bit worried about coming from the Dragon Engine goodness of K2 and Judgement to this, but it holds up really well for an early, uprezzed PS3 game, with the same excellent sense of place and characterisation that permeates the earlier games. I especially love the way they've handled Majima from 0 onwards - So colour me impressed. Yes, it's the middle part of a fairly meandering gangster soap opera, but Y3 has done enough to keep my attention, and I honestly can't wait for 4!
  2. I think it's a Dragon Engine thing, Kiwami 2 had modern, 21st century saving too. Saving in Y0 requires around 27 separate button presses.
  3. Sadly, I have to agree. Although having played through Judgment recently, that is absolutely the best that the Dragon Engine has been, and has an amazingly smooth combat system and great gritty look. It does still look kind of... clinical though. Too clean compared to the earlier 0-engine games. I'm currently working my way through Yakuza 3, and it's a breath of fresh air compared to Kiwami 2. The change of setting makes a pretty huge impact, and its definitely got a different flava to the previous three games. Kiryu is also a great dad.
  4. I have also played through Shenmue 2 twice and never found bloody duck racing. Where is it?
  5. I've found with the games past 0 that you feel that you're going through the motions until approximately chapter 3 or 4, when the story inevitably does a right turn, someone dies, another person backstabs, someone else tearily raises their fists to the sky and swears bitter vengeance, and then you're fucking in. In other words, there's no such thing as being Yakuza'd out. Make like Kaito-san and bust your way through.
  6. From the interview: "Also, regarding the translations, it’s not the old translations from the PS3 versions. The team that’s been localizing the Yakuza games since Yakuza 0 has now reworked the translation to make it more understandable, smooth and natural. So there’s a higher quality of translation and localization, too." This is actually brilliant. I've just completed Judgment, and the current RGG localisation team are masters.
  7. I loaded up Kiwami 2 last night to have a wander, and I was thinking about when Yakuza 3 might make an appearance. I wasn't banking on the very next day... Fantastic news! Anyone else thinking of going digital straight away and then double dipping with the physical next year?
  8. I've got a feeling they might be being stretched a little bit thin, what with everyone and their grandma wanting them to handle their emulation jobs. Aren't they a tiny studio? It's a shame though. I remember when they were regularly interviewed over their Sega 3D Classic releases; the amount of effort that went into each conversion was incredible.
  9. I like your interpretation of 'fumbling through it'. Well done! It looks like a great game, but I do find the aesthetics a bit of a turn off - I feel a bit grossed out watching that. Oddly enough, my only experience of the R-Types is through rinsing R-Type DX on the GBC, which was amazing at the time. Maybe it's time I invested in R-Type Dimensions.
  10. Vasara Switch is up! I like it. Something between a typical Psikyo and a GigaWing, there's a good pace to both games and the close-range sword mechanic is neat. I also like the way it gives you the name token of the random medieval Japanese officer you killed in that little spaceship you just blew up. I agree that Timeless mode seems a cheap shoe-in so far, but I can imagine it being fun with four players on screen. Again, thanks to @Stanshall, @Revival, @Klatrymadon and @MagicalDrop for even discussing these obscure-ass games. Secretly the best thread on rllmuk (after the All Things Yakuza one). Is X-Multiply any good?
  11. Ooh, is it unlocked yet? I preloaded it last week to take advantage of the discount, looking forward to tucking into them.
  12. It's a brilliant console for shmups and Bomberman. The awesomely-titled Soldier Blade is the pinnacle of the Star Soldier series, just above Star Parodier which is the Turbografx's answer to Twinbee. Bomberman '93 and especially the Japanese '94 are the best Bomberman games outside of Saturn Bomberman. They're the games worth getting the multitap for.
  13. Yeah absolutely, he's really threatening and scary. Definitely from the same mould as Kuze/Awano from Y0, rather than whoever the baddies were in Kiwami 1 and 2.
  14. It's criminal that this thread is lingering on page 6 of the forum, the game deserves a much bigger audience. The story has got its hooks into me now and, so far at least, it's second only to Y0 for awesome plot beats and twists. Hamura makes for an amazing villain. I also liked that bit at the end of chapter 2 where, rather than simply run away from the angry gangsters with guns, you nab a skateboard and pull off some sick tricks while skitchin'. Only in a RGG game...
  15. A shout out to @Camel for originally drawing it to my attention, but the inimitable and nigh-on impenetrably Japanese Saturn shmup Game Tengoku Cruisin' Mix Special is down to £11.99 in the PS summer sale, down from £25 odd. I like it a lot so far, it's very Star Parodier. I also can very rarely tell what the flaming hell is going on.
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