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  1. I saw them support the Pixies last year. I really like Your Light but feel the album is a bit a disappointment. A bit slow and a bit overproduced imo.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2020/jan/16/jrr-tolkiens-son-christopher-dies-aged-95
  3. What I meant by this was how to wade through ten years of music and essentially choose two from each year. And then rank them! I have some ideas. I think top 10 might actually be easier so what I may do is pick my top album of each year. And then ten wildcards from across the decade to make my top 20.
  4. I saw them supporting someone last year. Will check out their stuff.
  5. I understand Critical Role is popular and hopefully this will get more people into D&D. If they did do a Greyhawk setting I’d probably loan about various bits of it anyway! Now that Cubicle 7 has stopped doing the One Ring and Adventures in Middle Earth it would be great if Sophisticated Games (which has the Tolkien licence) worked with WotC to make AiME “official”!
  6. I have all the early issues of Crisis.
  7. That’s a shame. I've no interest in this. I was hoping for a new Greyhawk supplement or a Xanathar's Guide II. Last few releases have held very little interest for me.
  8. As far as Errick’s concerned that’s a detail. The souls of the dwarves are returning to their rightful place with the Dwarvish gods!
  9. If you follow them on Spotify then Spotify should let you know when they have a new release. BandsinTown and Songkick will scan your Spotify and let you know when they are touring.
  10. Let’s get this started for the week. Lots of directions to take from Madonna. She famously worked with William Orbit on Ray of Light. William Orbit was in a relationship with and kick started the career of Beth Orton. This is from her second album:
  11. Errick gets another cantrip. Oh and the ability to summon dwarvish gods: That might come in handy...
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