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  1. The Hierophant

    Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    We played lost mine straight into STK and it was great. But it’s quite a sandbox and I am not sure how suitable it’ is for a junior DM.
  2. The Hierophant

    The Paradox Strategy Games Megathread

    Damn, missed it.
  3. Just a thought, would anyone be able to do midweek?
  4. No problem. I hope everything is okay.
  5. The Hierophant

    Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    I think you're right. It’s still pretty cool though.
  6. What about a 100gp pearl for Identify?
  7. The Hierophant

    The Worst Characters Committed to Screen

    Wow. So wrong.
  8. The Hierophant


    I got close to, but never quite finished the Eternal Champion books.
  9. The Hierophant


    The BBC are filming Michael Moorcock's Runestaff series. https://deadline.com/2019/02/bbcs-michael-moorcock-runestaff-1202556240/ It's years since I last read it but may have to re-read it before this comes out. I recall it was pretty bonkers.
  10. The Hierophant

    Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    WotC is publishing a Stranger Things D&D Starter Set! https://comicbook.com/gaming/2019/02/13/stranger-things-dungeons-dragons-starter-set/
  11. The Hierophant

    Concerts - general discussion and experiences

    Saw White Denim last week. Wow. What a fantastic live band. Such musicianship.
  12. Any other random metal items in the party stash?
  13. I can take care of powdered silver so don’t knock the gold off yet. I also have a plan for magic circle. (How many scimitars do we have?)
  14. https://roll20.net/compendium/dnd5e/Holy Water#content

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