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  1. Saw The Cult last night. Wasn’t expecting a great deal, but could miss the chance to see Billy Duffy. They were great!
  2. My wife made the tomato and red pepper soup last night with some added spices. It was good. Will try the chowder.
  3. The Hierophant

    The Jazz Thread

    Might be a bit too straight ahead for some but I really enjoyed the new Quentin Collins. I hadn’t heard him before but I really like it: https://open.spotify.com/album/1DvDS2zUdzvRIVv3VvrVOi?si=rc1n4grOQOitkyvreFb_zQ
  4. Everyone okay for tonight? I might be a little late, my son had a rugby tournament and so we are running late today.
  5. My wife has totally switched to the thermomix for bread. My daughter still uses the Kitchen Aid for making cakes.
  6. I’m thinking about this too. My son is 9. How would it be for him?
  7. I think you appreciate that by reference to the case they “chose”, but that is exactly what happened: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atlanta_murders_of_1979–1981
  8. That was a great session. Not sure what Roscoe did wrong but glad he is back to us. bit concerned about the drow we’ve picked up.
  9. I cooked a Sunday lunch today. I made the batter for the Yorkshire puddings in the Thermomix. Bung everything in and mix speed 6 for 15 seconds. I expected lumpy batter. It was silky smooth. So easy.
  10. Been thinking about spells a lot this week. Currently going with: cantrips (already chosen and fixed) guidance resistance mending toll the dead 1st identify (domain) searing smite (domain) 1. bless 2. guiding bolt 3. Healing Word 2nd Heat Metal (domain) Magic Weapon (domain) 4. Aid 5. Augury 6. Find Traps (why didn’t I take this earlier!!) 7. Spiritual Weapon 3rd Elemental Weapon (domain) Protection from Energy (Domain) 8. Dispel Magic 9. Remove Curse 10. Spirit Guardians 4th Fabricate (domain) Wall of Fire (domain) 11. Death Ward 12. Freedom of Movement
  11. The Hierophant

    The Jazz Thread

    Very happy to share. Finding and sharing good jazz is what this thread should be about.
  12. The Hierophant

    The Jazz Thread

    Really enjoying this 1977 album from Bennie Maupin:
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