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  1. The Hierophant

    The Jazz Thread

    Excellent pre-bossa nova Getz https://open.spotify.com/album/0bQ5xQfhdimWjTP62v5deB?si=VTSuCtWuQG-F9D15f4NWBw (don’t know why that isn’t embedding - see below.)
  2. I used the bottom grate for a roast chicken. It worked fine.
  3. Aaaah, sorry, no, I meant putting food at that level.
  4. Anyone used the bottom grill (charcoal grate) when cooking with the slow n sear?
  5. I’m really interested in the Meater. One of the versions comes with a case/board that has a range extender but it still isn’t that far.
  6. The Hierophant

    The Jazz Thread

    Thanks, and no worries. I was glad I did. First time seeing Nubya Garcia. The whole band were amazing.
  7. The Hierophant

    The Jazz Thread

    Maisha are playing down the road tonight. It’s pissing with rain, both mates I was going with have let me down...I'm still going to go aren’t I?
  8. The Hierophant


    I really like some of the Doing the Things etc. But some of it is spoilt by being fairly juvenile.
  9. The Hierophant


    @Mr Monday, well that’s weird we were just talking about Louis Cole.
  10. I can recommend these: https://19gales.co.uk/
  11. Are we on or is the XBox thing getting in the way? I’m at a book launch in the afternoon (from 4pm I think) but should be back in plants of time.
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