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  1. I was quite excited by that but I really struggle to get a good look at the miniatures. The pictures are either way too small or dark against dark backgrounds.
  2. Sardan

    The Jazz Thread

    Nice spiritual jazz record for a NZ saxophonist:
  3. Thanks. I’ve never played Pathfinder but I understand it (well 1e) is 3.5bD&D on steroids and I played lots of 3.x.
  4. I’m in for tonight. What’s the game like @Doctor Shark, worth getting?
  5. Sardan

    New Order

    I’m pleased Be A Rebel is a leftover, it didn’t really do much for me. According to an interview with Tom Chapman’s (and Phil Cunningham’s) side project New Order are working on new material: https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/whats-on/arts-and-entertainment/sea-fever-were-deliberately-trying-to-do-something-different-3522105
  6. The problem with the sexual sequel films isn’t Luke it’s the first order being a pale imitation of the Empire and the Palpatine clone.
  7. Sardan

    The Jazz Thread

    of course! I knew all that, d’oh.
  8. Posted about James Mtume’s death in the jazz thread but this mix belongs here I think: https://m.mixcloud.com/mixmastermorris/mixmaster-morris-james-mtume-rip/?fbclid=IwAR2XKU1BSPftbjmS66TZVPu_8JQR-vSEoxoReBskuDrdMdLiDFbTZViqgC4
  9. Sardan

    The Jazz Thread

    James Mtume died a couple of days ago. Played with Miles in the 1970s and was responsible for Juicy Free, an absolute classic tune.
  10. I’m in. Need to pick spells. Going for Arcane Eye (most Sardan 4th level spells there is) plus one other I think. Was going to pick Control Water but realised I have a scroll of that I can transcribe. Currently thinking of polymorph or Banishment
  11. Thanks. I can dry brush and wash (at least I used to be able to) but glazing is something I’ve never done and am keen to try.
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