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  1. That’s not how you save money, that’s how you end up with a load of 99p dross.
  2. Does anybody ever not select 'Required amount only'?
  3. Just thought of another one, for good or bad, major releases these days have waaaay more content. Onimusha could be completed in 5 hours with all content seen by an average player. That would be unfathomable for major releases these days. Obviously there were some longer older games, but modern games these days have to have plenty of modes beyond story, or challenge sections, or time trials or new game+++. Only indie games are allowed to be that short now.
  4. I played and completed Onimusha yesterday, and whilst it was enjoyable, there were a few things in it which I'd completely forgotten about from previous generations. Things which I'm pretty sure I used to list as things I wanted from new generations, but then forgot what it was like to play without them. Skippable cutscenes. These days you skip cutscenes by accident, and can even pause them. Back then you died against a boss, you better believe you're sitting through that 5 minute cutscene again. And again. And again. A vaguely decent camera. Even in non-prerendered background games where you can't see the enemy directly in front of you because of the artistic camera angle, back before the right thumbsticks cameras in 3D games were uniformly terrible. Auto checkpoints! Even in games considered harsh by modern standards, death usually means a slight inconvenience. As opposed to kicking you back to the title screen and you hoping you saved recently. Some sort of budget put into voice acting. Exhibit A
  5. Onimusha, it was the cheapest and also lasted the perfect amount of time. Really weird to go back to as well. I enjoyed it, but really missed a lot of modern QoL stuff. It felt like a super cheap budget Dark Souls precursor, with the worst camera known to man. Honestly it’s worth a trip down memory lane, and it’s short and sweet, but can’t hold a candle to modern gaming.
  6. Anybody else with the hori split joycons who needs a case that fits them I recommend the Khanka Hard Travel Case https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07QX51HF4?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  7. Big train journey tomorrow. On the switch thinking of either: Dragons Dogma (never played before) Onimusha (I remember really enjoying this back on the og Xbox, but it might have aged horrible since) Return of the Obra Dinn (was waiting for a sale on this, but is something I will definitely get eventually)
  8. You shouldn’t even read the scenarios until you’re a good way into the game I’m afraid.
  9. therearerules


    Saw the Zelda Skyward Sword run. Lost track of everything eventually. What I got was that if you die and reset when restarting, you spawn as the character in the title screen. Then you can play through the game in the splash screen, opening certain save files to trigger certain flags, which then copy to the save files, but those flags relate to the location of the save file rather than skyloft. Looks utterly bizarre and misses almost everything.
  10. Hollow Knight good ending, just kept getting stomped, so just defeated the regular final boss, then watched the good ending cutscene on YouTube
  11. And poison sniping certain archers.
  12. The first time you play the depths you should experience the door to the bonfire being locked. Especially the giant monstrosity you pass whilst looking for the key.
  13. What would it unlock at that point?
  14. This is why you don’t take it first, because you’ll never experience the game without it otherwise.
  15. Have Netflix films been oscar nominated before?
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