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  1. Fucking hell Rainbow 6 Extraction is £45 on PSN, I honestly thought it was a F2P with a couple of extras for the GamePass version.
  2. There's this on HUKD. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/horizon-forbidden-west-ps4-with-free-ps5-upgrade-3876554 £50.99
  3. Last E3 everything seemed to be a sodding 4 player co-op title, most of which will get utterly curb-stomped in the scrum (seriously who the fuck will be playing The Anacrusis in a crowded market). Wonder what this years bandwagon will be.
  4. I don't think not wanting to pay £70 makes anyone a muppet. Especially at a time when may of us are drowning in games in our backlog. I loved the first Horizon and I'll probably crack but SOny are taking the piss this gen. I read soemthing about saving money by buying the PS4 version and now you can upgrade for free after they walked back an updgrae charge after bad PR. Is that still a thing?
  5. I know its been said multiple times, but all I can concentrate on is his ludicrous white teeth in that bottom right image. A LONG TIME AGO, IN A DENTISTS FAR FAR AWAY
  6. Praey for the Gods should get a 4 just for the first word of the title.
  7. In the case of Fallout 4, I'm glad nobody tried to clone it.
  8. Since when. Disney re-upped her contact didn't they. EDIT: Yup. https://collider.com/kathleen-kennedy-lucasfilm-contract-renewed/
  9. They have a deal for Ubi+ to be on Xbox (ie. you can access your subscription from the console, same as Netflix, Disney+ or Spotify), not GamePass. Have a look at the thread on here, loads of people misread the the announcement.
  10. We don't talk about Lego
  11. I don’t know why We Don’t Talk About Bruno is the breakout hit when Surface Pressure is right there.
  12. They fucked up spectacularly when it came to the transition of music to MP3. Steve Jobs was frightened that Sony would just utterly destroy the fledgling iPod, then watched in delight as they managed to make the absolute worst possible decision at pretty much every juncture. LG and Samsung have completely eaten their lunch in the TV market as well.
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