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  1. https://www.redbubble.com/i/throw-pillow/Ono-Michio-by-Roulette/44197986.5X2YF Pair it with this for when you go down the shops.
  2. Allegedly his conditions to be in it in the first place was that they kill him and make another pensioner Indiana Jones film.
  3. Here's my simple rule for weekly rewards? Does it require more than 5 mins effort. | | No Yes | | Go for it Fuck that
  4. £20 for me after cashing in some MS reward points.
  5. Was hoping they’d have a pre-order Judgment punch card.
  6. I always like at the end of a segment how the hard man voice overs try their best to make even the most paltry sentences sound like they've just got sent to the cubes in Mega City One. HE'S LAUGHING ON THE OTHER SIDE OF HIS FACE NOW WITH A £25 FINE!!!
  7. I'd never heard of Aragami before the sequel taking up residence in the coming soon section for weeks. Bloody hell you weren't kidding Darren! The game I played this afternoon looked like it dropped through a time portal from about two generations ago compared to that. Why the hell would they do that.
  8. What did you think about it was complete shit, Goat Simulator is a lolrandom monkey cheese waste of time and does at least resemble your criticism. But Goose Game? Fair enough not liking it but callng it a cynical cash-in and only having a daft selling point doesn’t describe that game whatsoever. It was clearly made with craft and a lot of love from the devs even if you didn’t enjoy it.
  9. Untitled Goose Game is far from ‘complete shit’.
  10. Bloody hell, I think Aragami 2 must have had a budget you wouldn't get change from a Happy Meal. It feels like someone found an old forgotten Saturn game in creepy abandoned Woolworts and decided to remaster it.
  11. Even if you have issues with the ethics of the arcade model, I'd argue there's still a gulf of difference (even taking into account inflation) between the amount kids tended to spend in them and this: Unfortunately even Nintendo are in on the virtual currency racket. We've gone off topic a bit and I've contributed to that. There's two separate things being discussed here: 1. Policing exposing your kids content that you believe is ethically/morally wrong. I don't think anyone has a problem with this. 2. Parents who get pissed off because they don't think their children are enjoying the right things in the right way at the right difficulty (usually why don't you like exactly what I did at your age). The latter was the original topic of the thread.
  12. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-08-20-roblox-exploiting-young-game-developers-new-investigation-reports It sounds pretty shady and exploitative.
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