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  1. Someone posted a link to a blog post he made on Forbes contributor (ie. open to anyone) section the other day.
  2. I wonder what Dean Cain thinks about CEX?
  3. Harsin

    Gamer or lamer?

    This is our most convincing 'new' member yet!
  4. it's at the beginning of the Danny DeVito episode.
  5. You should check out this DVD m8, careful though you might have an aneurism from laughing too much.
  6. Harsin


    It really sure what accent he’s going for there. It sounded a like Phil Mitchell fucked Windsor Davies (R.I.P) and thus is the resulting lovechild.
  7. I know you have to suspend your disbelief a bit with actors aging with long after the original projects like this. But fucking hell, they really should have thought twice around basing major screen time around Jesse Plemons. Needed Harry Potter levels of suspension of disbelief for that one. Also, would it be worth having a separate thread for this?
  8. I think the fairest way to settle this would be to get the studio and their lawyers on one side of a field and him and his mates on the other, then they run at each other. Last man standing gets a bag of cash and a giant yellow novelty wheelchair.
  9. What a bunch of mugs. They're really taking the biscuit.
  10. I dunno just pick pretty much any big publisher E3 game announcement video with behind the scenes testimonials from the last 5 years, I'm sure you'll find at least one.
  11. By that logic you should be factoring in the cost of the phone for Tour.
  12. I much prefer just getting the pertinent facts released on the web for me to quickly read than having to watch a 20 minute video of some dead eyed bearded twat with tribal tattoos and an 'ironic' retro gaming t-shirt staring at the screen and droning on about how this will be the bestest most powerfulest console EVAR interspersed with whooshing CGI fly-bys of circuit boards.
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