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  1. They can't do Allen vs Predator as he is one.
  2. Spider-Man 4: No Home-O It's okay though Disney will have two incredibly minor characters have a chaste kiss in the background to show how progressive they are. This scene will be cut from the international version in a bunch of territories.
  3. The 'Bob Dylan' of games lol. Didn’t even manage to be the Bob Hoskins.
  4. How long will Square Enix try to keep up the facade of supporting Avengers before giving up the ghost.
  5. It’s a wholesome film about the bond of love between a father and daughter.
  6. Health concerns, specifically degenerating hearing loss, is what I've heard people say elsewhere.
  7. On the boxart it actually has a second sub-title so it's full title is WARFACE: BREAKOUT: COLD SUN
  8. Sounds like a game about a shootman getting acne after putting too much camoflage paint on his face.
  9. Tim Blake Nelson is great and if She-Hulk has a more comedic bent I can see him being a lot of fun in it.
  10. I like that Disney+ still generally uses the actual posters instead of the increasingly bizarre random screen grabs Netflix chooses to represent shows.
  11. Somewhere, somehow, someone's going to pay £5.99 a month.
  12. Maybe don't announce pre-order bonuses, DLC, season passes and a Ubisoft style spreadsheet for all your different editions before you even have a sodding game next time.
  13. Maybe I saw the thumbnail in another app? It was the characters painted on a wall as graffiti with some dudes in suits walking past.
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