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  1. Bloody hell, how did I manage to post that here, was meant to go in the cheating on your partner thread in Off Topic.
  2. I do think it says a lot about a person's overall character if they're happy to cheat. Exhibit A:
  3. Actors looked older for their age the further back you go. Fun Fact: Humphrey Bogart was 17 in Casablanca.
  4. They only came out in November 2020?
  5. Even if the streaming version is a bit sub-optimal it's still a much better scenario than games for the X/S being dragged down because they chained an Xbone shaped concrete block to their ankles.
  6. I'm not sure that hunting down random people on Twitter who haven't even tagged him in (at least the one I saw) to get into flame wars if the best idea.
  7. I think you mis-read my post there bucko.
  8. Sounds like they've found a good workaround to technically keep their foolish everything will run on Xbone promise. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-06-16-microsoft-says-it-will-use-cloud-streaming-to-bring-2022-exclusives-to-xbox-one
  9. It'll be the Outer Worlds but bigger and with less interesting consequences of quests I'd imagine.
  10. I didn’t get that vibe from his post at all, more that it came across as an eye-rolling tryhard miment.
  11. They best not lock anything decent behind a fucking Amiibo.
  12. Remember the wankers who would unironically assure you Final Fantasy XIII got better if you just put 30 hours into it.
  13. Thanks for putting a bit more effort into the OP than the other thread.
  14. Four player squad roams around an open world map triggering various variations on horde mode encounters with monsters and gaining resources to upgrade your characters/weapons.
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