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  1. If Ellie could transfer the virus by bodily fluids, then Dina would be a Clicker by the end of the game.
  2. Christ, it sounds like a pyramid scheme.
  3. Yves probably hoping it might take away from the #MeToo headlines that dominate anything to do with Ubisoft right now.
  4. First cut had no big coat and had her falling to her knees and shaking her fists to the heavens going ‘I thought she was just fat’.
  5. He really doesn’t. He says Abby tried to escape so they took her to the pillars as punishment. They also notice Ellie has been bitten and freak out.
  6. His fashion sense makes me cry.
  7. The Game Awards™ choices of Trending Gamer Award Winners™ continue to deliver.
  8. Anyone want to guess what he did when doing something that would usually land a person on the sex offenders' register only got him a week off.
  9. It was also announced back in 2017, it’s hardly a quick cash in. It's a big tent pole release that they've hilariously bungled at every step so far,
  10. That is what the acclaimed creator of The Book of Henry tried to fall back on after criticism, although I think you’d have to be pretty naive to buy that. See also his tortured explanation that Bryce Dallas Howard running in stilettos was actually an empowering feminist statement. His ‘Bridezilla’ comments didn’t help either.
  11. I want to play this tonight but scared to turn on my PSN (thermometer says it’s 31 degrees in here). The game gives the fans a workout at the best of times, if I play it now might turn my PS4 into a white phosphorous IED.
  12. They should just make a stand-alone Batman Beyond film without tying it to all the Snyderverse bollocks.
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