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  1. Not quite as bad as Mastertronic.
  2. 2020 just keeps on giving doesn’t it.
  3. I anyone going to take one for the team and buy these memoirs he's trying to drum up interest for then?
  4. It’s amazing how many games fall into this trap. See also: Halo sequels and Doom Eternal.
  5. I remember buying the special edition of Gears 2 and it came with an art book with a foreword by him and my main impression was that the version of the games he thought he was putting out actually differed a lot from what people were actually enjoying about them.
  6. Third time. Lawbreakers was a clear attempt to try and cash in during that brief period when everyone thought Overwatch-alikes were the future of the industry. Before PUBG came out and everyone started hopping on the battle royale bandwagon. Anyhoo, from the sounds of thing he’s trying to flog his autobiography so expect a bunch of ‘CliffyB says...’ articles in the next few weeks as he try’s to drum up interest.
  7. Thought I'd logged into my Tindr feedback again for a sec then.
  8. Guys, guys, guys, does anyone know if anyone on the forum happens to own an LG OLED TELEVISION, enquiring minds want to know.
  9. No, they're trying to paint it as some kind of amazing subversion when it's horror 101.
  10. Didn't he say both his grandfather and his dad were Starfleet, but apparently neither of them decided to swear the creepy twat in. That should be raining warning bells to Saviour of the Federation Burnham.
  11. Silly line from the start of the Eurogamer review. Erm, loads of horror media for decades has started off in bright locales to contrast with when things go to shit later.
  12. This thread is for the Console Wars, get yourself to the Console Conscientious Objector’s thread you pinko commie.
  13. Get outta dreams, get into my SSD.
  14. Did her stupid Iron Man time suit have her name on it anywhere? I mean at the start of the episode she send off this unstable experimental time suit with a time crystal (that they used a *cough* dilithium recrystaliser to fix) into a time hole and blew it up. I can see the hack in charge thinking doing a V'Ger is clever writing.
  15. The new Fireteam mode is real bad. Feels like you're playing a cheap knock-off of Warzone made my a dinky little Eastern European studio.
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