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  1. WizRider

    PC Engine

    Thanks Camel - that was the place! Cheers...
  2. WizRider

    PC Engine

    What's the best place to buy a cheap(ish) PC-Engine or Turbografx 16 these days? Is anyone on here selling one? I remember there was actually somewhere selling new old stock Turbografx 16's a few years ago - can't remember who they were to check now though. Cheers...
  3. WizRider

    Neo Geo Mini

    I wonder though if they'll improve on the underlying system that runs the games. I've got a Neo Geo X and the emulation and video output is much worse than emulating via a Rasp Pi. I'd like to see something more hardware based using a FPGA or something. Cheers...
  4. I received The 8-Bit Book this morning and it's really nice read. There so much content in there - it's the opposite of those big coffee table retrogaming art books. It's small, neat and full of interesting stuff to read. Very impressed Mr. Ellis... very impressed. Thanks for the quick delivery too. Cheers...
  5. WizRider

    How to get the best out of my CRT

    As often as you can you should be using RGB scart. Get as many of those cables as you can for your consoles (even get the consoles modded if needed) and get them plugged into one of those two scart sockets. I'm guessing the blue one as the red one seems to say S-VHS above it. Might be wrong on that one though. Then, for those RGB scart consoles get 1 or more (daisy chained if need be) scart switch blocks. The silver ones from Argos are excellent and carry the signal well. For the non RGB scart consoles, either try to get them modded/converted to RGB scart or try the next best cable - in this order: Svideo (into the Svideo port to the left of the blue scart socket in your picture) and Composite either at the front in the yellow, white and red ports OR better still, into scart convertors (a dozen a dime) which all then go into the other scart socket on your TV (again using an Argos switch block). No wires in the front which looks nice and the best image quality from each console based on what they support. Cheers...
  6. WizRider

    Mega Drive. Yeah!

    I've just bought one with a pad, AV cable and PSU on ebay for £25. That price wasn't common but there were a few that were there or thereabouts. Cheers...
  7. WizRider

    I am Level - Spectrum Graphics

    Just bought it. Thanks for the heads up. Cheers...
  8. WizRider

    Emulation front ends for XP

    I have an XP based arcade cab and I use Hyperspin on it, configured to launch the individual emulators. With a video for each system and game it's really neat. Highly recommend it anyway. Cheers...
  9. WizRider

    Candy Cabs

    They are amazing kernow. I love the egret 2's but could live without the rotation so a more basic one would still be perfect for me. Would happily pay £750 right now for a decent astro city if someone had one for sale - anyone on the ole muk got one going? Cheers...
  10. WizRider

    Candy Cabs

    Hi everyone. I'm in the process of trying to get my mame cab repaired and at this point I'm wondering if I should just try and buy a candy cab instead. I saw an awesome machine at Retro Revival the other weekend and started to research them. They seem hard to get hold of! Does anyone here have one? Are they reliable? Do the screens last well? Can you easily upgrade the control from 1p with 3 buttons to 2p with 6 each? Cheers...
  11. I tweeted that to Jim Bagley and someone else agreed with me. Jim Bagley liked my tweet too so he's definitely aware of it. If you'd like to find the tweet so you can like it or agree etc. then you can find it here: Cheers...
  12. WizRider

    NES Hamy HD console

    That's really kind of you Nick_L. How would that work though? Sorry, new to this kind of thing is all. Cheers...
  13. WizRider

    NES Hamy HD console

    Bah, missed that one then. Will keep an eye out.
  14. WizRider

    NES Hamy HD console

    I'm after an AVS NES too and would probably pay over the odds for one if I could get it. Anyone selling one? Cheers...
  15. WizRider

    Framemeister help

    Pity I didn't know this the other day as I did buy a new cable from there but elected to get the cheaper one (which was a direct replacement for the one that had been working fine). I would have paid the extra had I know but not to worry. I do still have one console (Dreamcast) that I have to change the sync value up and down just once before I can play but that's it. Still, would have been nice not to have to do that even. Maybe I'll still get one sometime. Thanks for the heads-up. Cheers...

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