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  1. Forget singleplayer games. CoD and 10 minute matches is where it is at after having children. :-) Give it some years though and you will have a gaming partner. My 4,5 years old is probably more skilled in Fortnite (Playground only) than I am.
  2. koefoed

    Battlefield V

    And now the assignments are fucked up again... How hard can it be...
  3. koefoed

    Battlefield V

    WTF DICE the assignments worked! Not a single issues all through this the third week. Nice gun at the end too. Although I do find the small magazines in a lot of the weapons annoying.
  4. koefoed

    Battlefield V

    What I don't understand is how you can make the same game for 15 years and still have no clue to what makes the game good, what its core player base enjoys and how to balance weapons / game modes. It was not the damage that was the problem, it was the range. Getting killed fast by someone you saw or you at least had a chance of seeing is one thing. Getting killed by two pixel in a second that you had no chance of spotting is annoying. Sniper scopes have glint to give them away, but a KE7 at launch was just clearly miss-tuned. With no random bullet spread and suppression it was way too easy to super accurate at extreme ranges. Keep the damage, change the damage drop off ranges. How hard can it be...
  5. koefoed

    Battlefield V

    The amount of bugs is quite impressive, much much worse than BF1. Right now I can't get the Tides of War assignment to work, it is stuck on the first part of the second week although I completed that days ago. GG DICE.
  6. koefoed

    Battlefield V

    Quite hard to make any judgment on the TTK changes due to the constant server lag. Even though my PING is low there is constant network warnings. Sometimes people drop super quick, in one instance I shot at an enemy through a broken building wall to no avail. My bullets were magically stopped by what on my screen was supposed to be an open window. Also had one instance were I was dead before I had any chance of even reacting to being shot. DICE clearly have some work to do on the server side, not BF4 unplayable but not very enjoyable. There is also a need for some sort of spotting mechanic to be implemented, it is super frustrating trying to capture a point with no information on where the enemies might be. I think that maybe they should go CoD-style making your shots ping you very briefly in the minimap or something. At least give a hint as to where the enemies are shooting from. Right now you best bet is to rush in, make the enemies kill you, hopefully spawn quite close by and go in a second time with a bit more information and a hope that your enemies weren't smart enough to move.
  7. Only if you bought the Season Pass. I like the old way of doing it much better then I could choose if I thought the map pack was worth paying extra for.
  8. koefoed

    Battlefield V

    Regarding the TTK changes, quite drastic changes to both damage and drop off ranges. Wonder if it will make the weapons go pea-shooter. And with no changes to the sniper, will they reign supreme like in BF1? https://forums.battlefield.com/en-us/discussion/170117/battlefield-v-ttk-change-list-12-12-2018
  9. Ok so the new guns are not locked behind some shitty random loot crate system but instead behind an impossible grind.I just played 4-5 TDM matches and got maybe 0,75 level from them. Even with the daily skip system I won't be able to hit level 100 in 69 days and get the gun I want....
  10. koefoed

    Battlefield V

    Started on the Tides of War unlock yesterday but found it quite confusing at first. First assignment was to heal yourself 10 times with bandages. Thought that a quick game of TDM should solve that one, but after a couple of games it turned out that I had made zero progress. Turns out that you have to play a specific map and game mode to be able to progress through the assignment, or have I totally missed something? Had a really good game of conquest on the airfield map so now I'm halfway through the assignments
  11. koefoed

    Battlefield V

    Played a couple of games the other day. Grand Operations on Rotterdam. Came in late in the first round. Second round was us defending a single flag starting by the harbor up on a bridge. Utterly boring, 15 minutes spent having 64 players shooting at each other from a distance. One poor single tank on the attacking side tried to advance but to no use. Tried to flank a bit trough the houses but as any two pixels on the horizon can kill you in about 2-3 seconds I never got very far. As there is no spotting it is impossible to tell if the two pixel you see is a box or an enemy about to shot at you. No destruction meant that the attacking team had no ways to created any alternative routes of attack. Third round was attacking through the destroyed cathedral. More fun than the last round but very little Battlefield. No destruction, no vehicles, good gun fights though. Second game was Conquest where the one team has all the bases at the start (Conquest Assault?), on the desert map. Much more fun round, we must have had a lousy defense because they managed to take a couple of flags early on making it play out more like a normal round of conquest. The last time I played on the map, as attacker, we were instantly gunned down by KE7s, snipers or bombed into oblivion before even coming close the any flags. Not much in the way of destruction but more vehicles and planes made it much more Battlefield.
  12. koefoed

    Battlefield V

    The gunplay is really nice, I like the faster TTK although as many have mentioned some guns need a bit of tuning. The desert map can fuck off My biggest complaint with Battlefield V is that it just is so uninspired. This is game development by committee which to me makes it very bland.
  13. Holy shit the lag was real last night (on PS4). I had some games where some opponents were unkillable, since they always saw me about 0,5 seconds before I saw them. The killcam from their viewpoint didn't show what I experienced. There were so many times where I was shot behind corners or just died more or less instantly even though I got the jump on someone and clearly fired first, on my screen that it.
  14. koefoed

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Anyone having issues with the PS4 not downloading patches while in rest mode? I have everything set up correctly but it still doesn't start downloading until I actually start the console. Bit annoying when patch sizes are 9Gb like the latest patch for Black Ops 4.
  15. As someone mentioned, there is nothing on the actual disc. Why even bother with a physical version then. Tried 3 Blackout games, battle royal is not really my thing. First one, got killed instantly as I ran into a guy with a gun while unarmed. Second one, got one kill and then got wasted by the next guy. Third and final one, came in third place with 4 kills. Quite exciting but I'm still not sold on the concept, there is way too much sneaking around praying that you aren't spotted and shot in the back. Then after the 55Gb download it was time for TDM. I must say that I really enjoyed it, the TTK and movement felt like a return to older Call of Dutys. Some network problems, very nicely hidden but on the kill cam you can sometimes clearly see that the guy that killed you did see the world as you did, got killed behind corners a couple of times. Some of the maps also had way too many ways to access the different part of the maps. I like the old three lane concept where you most of the time know from where your enemies will appear. But all in all I really liked the maybe 10 TDM games I managed to play. Ah and it seems there are no weapons behind loot boxes alá Black Ops III which is a fantastic change. I hated the RNG loot boxes in that game. Trying out new weapons as they unlock is one of my favorite parts of Call of Duty.

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