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  1. Playstation Vita

    The store usually gets updated on a Wednesday afternoon or evening so it will probably update at some point today.
  2. Spooks

    That particular bit was awesome, as soon as the 'outside agency' was mentioned I was hopsing that was who it would be. Then the voice came in!
  3. Radiohead - The King Of Limbs

    The whole of The King of Limbs from the basement is up on youtube now! I've only watched the first two tracks so far but its looking good.
  4. Scrubs

    Yeah, awesome ending. The show really deserved to get its chance to go out like that.
  5. Writer's Corner - March 2009

    I will be posting something for this. Just need to edit it and i'll post it. Hopefully a few more are on their way.
  6. Ashes to Ashes

    The cars suposed to be the Audi quatro should be great.
  7. Top Gear

    The chainsaw = one of the best moments ever.
  8. New Dragons Den

    Top of this page is the link for it: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dragonsden/episodes/dragons4_ep1.shtml
  9. Never Mind The Buzzcocks

    According to the sun the section of the book had chantelle saying how doing a photoshoot in M&S clothes felt so posh for her cause before she was 'famous' she couldn't afford them.
  10. 24

    Did you watch that episode of scrubs where the janitor is watching it or something?
  11. Green Wing special

    It is the last ever episode though so mabye its needed to sum everything up.
  12. Except fot the fact that Garden State is an amazing film.
  13. Top Gear

    The Hamsters fixed! http://www.topgear.com/content/news/stories/1430/
  14. Doctor Who

    That was explained with one of Jack's lines where he mentioned how when the cyber army was losing soldeirs so fast. They started augmetning the human body by adding to it rather than removing the brain and puttting it in a suit.
  15. Spooks Series 5

    It was in the papers yesterday that the robin hood master tapes have been recovered after they were found in a bush. So everythings going ahead now.

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