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  1. the previous version of this hasn’t got great comment on the KS
  2. So it looks like it’s at a retail park so there’s parking effectively onsite. No idea about buses though.
  3. Woohoo. Off to Leeds today. Does anyone know whether there’s parking onsite or can recommend somewhere nearby to dump the car?
  4. watusi

    Nintendo Switch

    They look cool, do you have a link to the item on amazon? Seem to be a few available.
  5. So, should i get this on switch or Pc (for my laptop). I'm more tempted to get on pc for a change, not sure which plays better though
  6. Yes please, I’ll play spin the bottle. Almost picked this up via humble bundle earlier today.
  7. Are you using the new beta O/S? I've an odler build on emustation but tried the new O/S earlier today - seems good but i hid some bugs. Currently stuck in arcade and unable to go bacck to root menu even after a power cycle.
  8. So Super Hydorah is on sale, worth a peek at £14?
  9. I would get the rgb pi over the pi2scart. Simple gpio cable to scart, much clearer picture IMO and the custom retropie image is really good. If if you aren’t too bothered about sticks then maybe get 8bit do pads or usb adaptors.
  10. Oo. Could I have road redemption ?
  11. I'm struggling between my desire to play the best version of the game vs portability. Seems like a game that would very much suit the switch. I feel an impulse buy coming on
  12. That looks great but thats £180 of big. Cheap and cheerful will get me over the line, if I keep the CRTs and consoles then maybe I'll cough up for something amazing!
  13. Yeah I looked at that Lotharek one but £££££! Too much for me to bite off when I’m just getting back into old consoles. I’ll try the cheap one for now and if not happy with it go up a notch. 5 ports is enough for now. Cheers both
  14. So, I seem to have gone down the CRT rabbit hole. I need to get myself a decent start switcher, I was eyeing up this : http://otaku-games.com/6-port-rgb-scart-switch-with-housing.html but i wondered whether anyone had any recommendations? Switchers seem to vaery between dirt cheap and bonkers!!
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