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  1. watusi

    Nintendo Labo - What's in the box?

    So what’s the longer term verdict on this? Worth it just for the build and initial muck around or does it have legs?
  2. watusi

    Rllmuk Arcade Stick Thread

    Very nice. Sorry to hear the pro n died a nasty death. How are you finding the replacement?
  3. watusi

    Justice League

    Fuck, I’m halfway through this and it’s incredibly shite. Plus, from the opening scene (wanky tache and all) it was clear how it was going to end. I want my £4.49 rental fee back....
  4. watusi

    Nintendo Switch eShop

    Owlboy really that bad then? Was about to plump for it. Will probably give it a miss given the various wank/shit/arse/bobbins remarks above!
  5. Happy I stickporned you into it then?
  6. Sorry, but well done!
  7. They are both good sticks, here’s a photo of them side by side. The button layout is different (vewlix vs Astro city I think) so that might help decide based on preference. I strongly prefer the N but different strokes and all that.
  8. Those look like good improvements to the Kai. The buttons are a lot nicer, and it was a pain trying to hit the right side buttons. I had to keep picking up the stick to check which button I was pressing. I expect you will be very happy with it! plus that money saved can be spent on swapping bits out if needed.
  9. It was £120 from Amazon, looks to have gone up in price for the time being though: https://www.amazon.co.uk/HORI-Arcade-Hayabusa-Fight-Stick/dp/B07895D3XF/ref=sr_1_3?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1520285053&sr=1-3&keywords=hori+rap and yeah, its a really lovely looking stick. The flap is avoid accidentally pausing when bashing out a Shoryuken! The Kai is nice tbh, but the N feels a lot nicer, wider solider base, weightier, matt buttons instead of shiny, and the stick feels tighter, both square gates
  10. This badboy: http://shoryuken.com/2017/08/15/shoryuken-review-hori-real-arcade-pro-n-hayabusa-arcade-stick-for-playstation-3-4/ Mainly for Retro gaming on the PI tbh but couldn't resist SF V. Also picked up a 360 stick - MadCatz Fight Stick Pro. I have a Hori Rap Pro 4 Kai stick too the RAP N is a lot lot nicer - but a lot more money! https://www.amazon.co.uk/PS4-Real-Arcade-Pro-Kai/dp/B00RZ7T8N6 It seems I'm A) A sucker for Big Sticks and B) Really fuckin' shit with money!
  11. Is this a little dead online? I picked this up a couple of weeks ago to celebrate buying a ridiculously large arcade stick but it seems though to get a game - unlike SFIV Ultra. It was pretty exciting to see Guile is now top tier! He’s been my favourite since SF2 days.
  12. I literally just bought Vanquish on Pc after staring at my 360 version for ages. Doh!
  13. watusi

    Next-Gen Headset Recommendations

    On the lookout for a headset - mainly for xbox. It seems that, with Atmos/Windows Sonic, there’s no point in getting a DD headset. What’s the current thought s on the best wireless stereo headset that ideally supports chat without running a wire to the controller? I picked up the a50s on a whim but going to return them. Very nice they are but £250 is just too much given that i’ve already got some expensive wireless Sennheiser and a headphone amp.
  14. watusi

    Game Boy & GB Advance Appreciation Thread

    Cheeky plug! Selling my everdrive GBA x5 here:
  15. watusi

    Nintendo Switch

    I can’t find the original post now but 8bitdo have released a firmware update to fix the overzealous rumble on their new sn30 pro controllers. http://support.8bitdo.com/

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