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  1. Bulb Boy? (bit scary and gruesome for a 7 year old I expect though)
  2. Oh, and it’s more actiony but there are puzzles, but Knights and Bikes in co-op is a must.
  3. Oh, and it’s flawed but if it’s cheap, Pan-Pan. EDIT: tell you what, a list... Yono and the Celestial Elephants Mom Hid My Game Isoland 1&2 The Room The Gardens Between Burly Men At Sea
  4. As proven by that "3D" Deathchase bollocks
  5. River City Girls and Double Dragon.
  6. Quite a few Evercade games are from the last 4-5 years anyway.
  7. I got my first Spectrum, a +, when I was 6. When I graduated uni I still used it.
  8. I'm clicking but the tune isn't playing
  9. (Also they only stopped making them 8 years ago!)
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