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  1. deKay

    Nintendo Switch

    Maybe I completed it before the time to reconnect? Was about two weeks from start to finish.
  2. deKay

    Nintendo Switch

    You need the joycon once to unlock the items the included plastic stuff unlocks, but after that, no. I played the whole thing with a pro controller and the plastic stuff back in the box.
  3. I cancelled my order so neither. Bought elsewhere. It’s not that I wanted the steel book, but if I’m paying for it I’m sure as hell want it to arrive. Bought the cheaper non-steel book ones instead.
  4. deKay

    Nintendo Switch

    Took me about 18 hours to 100% it. Well worth it though.
  5. This chart is what I refer to - much simpler.
  6. The girl literally says "That how I found out there was no Santa Claus."
  7. Hope they didn't pay the extra for the steelbook versions because they told me they'd probably run out and are going to supply normal versions instead.
  8. I assume you're going today to get in line for Saturday?
  9. I bet there’s a fair few kids who found out Father Christmas doesn’t exist because of Gremlins
  10. The actual film will still probably be pretty bad, but just changing Sonic has made a massive difference for the better.
  11. Notorious GameFreak shills, Gamespot are though. Famous for it. In the pockets of Big Gamedev.
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