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  1. Dan

    Microsoft Rewards

    Even after completing a few achievements, the Gears 5 punch card won’t update on the rewards app on the Xbox. I want those 250 points!
  2. Dan

    Gears 5

    It could do with a training mode like Overwatch has instead.
  3. I’ve not got plus either and it’s been fine on my UK account.
  4. Dan

    Microsoft Rewards

    I’ve been saving my points, just thought it was good deal. Was tempted to use them for credit to get session when the early release comes out next month. With game pass I rarely buy anything on the Xbox now!
  5. Dan

    Microsoft Rewards

    Cheers 90 days isn’t it? If you’ve already got credit in your account(not from rewards) and credit from rewards will it use the rewards credit first? And do we know how long the offer is on for? I’ve maybe a few weeks off another £5.
  6. Dan

    Microsoft Rewards

    Am I correct in thinking I could redeem my points on these vouchers to use on my Xbox, as they 800 points less than the Xbox live gift cards at the moment?
  7. It’s available without preorder on the HK store, like previous years
  8. Dan

    Nintendo Switch

    It was a little finicky for me too, when I clicked on it in latest it told me I had to have a membership(which I have) and there was no download to click. I had to click on membership options and then go back, then I had the option to download
  9. I tried this for the first time last night. Went to the bar, asked about grog and then delivered a chest for a strange looking bloke in the pub. Was told to buy some clothes, so was wandering around looking for the shop and saw there was a bit of action going on at sea! Was having a nosey and then a pirate ran up to me and killed me. Then it put me in a boat and I had no idea what to do. It’s definitely a hard life being a pirate!
  10. Dan

    Gears 5

    Me neither! I looked at his Instagram and I’m still non the wiser.
  11. What does it mean by “Game preview” when it says Xbox in October? I’m guessing it’ll mean you needed to be part of the Kickstarter campaign? I hope I can still play it, I need a skateboarding game so much! EDIT: I’ve done some googling and it seems it’ll release like PUBG did, in development. https://www.gameinformer.com/preview/2019/08/13/dropping-in Roll on October!
  12. Could be that you’ve randomly targeted someone that is being targeted by a lot of other players? If you’re being heavily targeted you can send a lot of junk back to players, especially with a t-spin combo or all clear. As far as I’m aware there’s no matching making, so you could have been knocked out by a pro. Did you manage to see the name and the level of the player? Don’t get too disheartened, I’ve put many many hours in and still haven’t come 1st
  13. https://blog.activision.com/call-of-duty/2019-08/Announcement-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-PlayStation-4-2v2-Alpha-Rolls-out?cid=cem_19mwalpha Available to preload later on today apparently. I’ll give it a go, though I think like most my interest in Call of Duty has simmered massively over the years(the fact this topic is only two pages is telling, ten years ago we’d all be hyped!).
  14. I post them to Facebook(you can set it up so they don’t appear on your timeline) and then save them. I believe you can grab them off the SD card though?
  15. Dan

    PES 2020

    Can you use the data packs to use proper kits on the Xbox One version of PES now? I know you couldn’t last year or the year before. I’ve been buying FIFA for the last few years, but I’ve completely had enough of the rubber banding online, so may go with PES this season. The thing that worries me is that I only play online matches on my football games and usually it ends up taking ages to find a match on PES not long after release. I’ve quite enjoyed the demo. It does feel clunky compared with FIFA, though more organic. The general presentation and menus etc is quite hard in the eyes also, but I can get used to that if it plays a good game of footy.
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