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  1. Drinking beer and racing in LEGO Valley, good times Been working on blinging my Lego F40 up, but I dont know if I have the chops for it (first time) but I find it relaxing and I really love these Lego cars. Trying to find out how to work with different layers. (shots from 1080p screen, supersampled 4K@30)
  2. If youre really looking for a new experience in an adventure game maybe try Outer Wilds, or something like Graveyard Keeper. I got Valkyria Chronicles 4 in a sale recently and cant wait to find the time to play that. Thats also a slightly unique experience and the artwork looks so good.
  3. It sounds a bit short for the price, according to Destructoid its around through the main campaign. The original is on sale as well for a couple of pounds also on Xbox. I paid full price a week ago
  4. Ive still got a DS2 save I need to finish, I thought it was a great game coming in after Demons Souls as my only previous experience with From games, but still too tough for me at the time and I abandoned it at the Ruin Sentinels. Yeah the bosses are pretty easy in the ng+ games, but the end fights are tough(er) each time mostly because of the nerf to posture regen. Ishin of Ashina was tricky at ng3+, I would have done that the first time through if Id known.
  5. Well done Now go for Emma and Ishin in ng+ at the top of the tower and see what you think of that!
  6. Inside Xbox@E3 in 1 hour https://mixer.com/Xbox
  7. Im probably the last person to realise but the codename Scarlett refers to the colour of blood? "there will be scarlet"
  8. They did say it was a plant the bomb and escape scenario Looks like its of reasonable length too, timewise. IGN did the run in the video in 16 mins. It looks like a shorter and more focussed variant of Horde mode actually, which can take up to two hours to complete.
  9. I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw the new FlightSimulator. I thought it was an infomercial for xCloud before I realised: holy shit - a new FlightSim! So all of that is in-game? I cant tell, some of it looks too real. Looks bloody marvellous! Pilot Wings HD lol
  10. Looks like a lot of people have watched the show, going by the numbers on the xbox Mixer channel alone which measured close to 400 k viewers
  11. That, and Tim Schafer "We will make you Forza, we will make you Halo.. we will even make Excel for you" was good
  12. They referred to gameplay elsewhere on the floor for the id@xbox games, as well as trying out the xcloud stuff
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