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  1. I was disappointed when someone moved and it turned out they weren't
  2. bcofn

    The Division 2

    It is fun when it all hits the fan. Was doing the Navy Hill CP3 last night and as usual not only did the friendly reinforcements seem to aggro some patrol half a mile down the road on their way but a normal patrol came back as well as an elite supply convoy. I keep hearing phantom drone beeping now. Sometimes it is a bit too much though. Was doing Stranded Tanker on challenging and 4 rogue agents popped up near the top of the tanker and our entire group just seemed to evaporate.
  3. There many people playing on PC on here? I picked up Shadowkeep when it came out and have been really enjoying it and playing it more than I probably should so I've tried to join the PC clan that was linked earlier in the hopes of grouping up a bit.
  4. I don't get this. I watched the Giant Bomb quick look and part of the quests that send you to talk to people when you get to the tower sends you to the campaign npc. It was there flashing away on the map (even though they ignored it). Nice to see there will be Hero Nightmare Hunts tonight though as the normal ones were a bit of a zerg. DId the hero nightfall for the first time last night and that was pretty fun although i'm forever jumping off the edge. I only had the free version on battle.net up until Shadowkeep so it's nice to be doing current content for once anyway and having lots to do other than just a weekly flashpoint.
  5. You don't really just take care of one tank because most of the time there isn't anything that will damage both. I find that most of the time I don't really pay attention to the tank as with the exception of tankbuster abilities most raid bosses don't do all that much damage so it's more about recognising those abilities and then either throwing a heal out to get them back up to about 80-90% (and let regens/fairy take care of the rest) or throw out a big shield in advance. Broadly speaking I find dungeons are tank healing and raids are group healing.
  6. The abilities are still assigned to be acquired at certain levels below 30 even if you start off at a higher level. See here. For AST for example if you're doing content below level 30 you won't get the sect abilities because they're acquired at level 30 while the base heal Benefic is a level 2 spell.
  7. I think the WHM Job quests are in South Shroud, just north of Camp Tranquil. If you open your quest log and click complete at the top you can check where you're up to and where the quest giver is.
  8. Having one extra dot to apply isn't complexity, it's just an excuse to press a different button that does exactly the same thing. The problem with it was you say it had some beautiful rhythm but my experience was it was all clunky. Bane was an awful ability. It never actually spread all your DoT's, and despite being an instant cast it still missed spreading ones on the target if you used it right away in the same way that trying to spread Galvanize did with Emergency Tactics. I kind of miss Shadow Flare but what did it actually do that Miasma 2 didn't? just use it on Sacred Soil more often. As for dps as a whole all they've done is give them the same range of dps abilities that the other healers had. AST only ever had one DoT, one cast and one AoE. WHM had an extra DoT, but with all of them all you were casting for 90% of the time was either the same single target spell (Broil/Stone/Malefic) or spamming the same AoE until you were out of mana. Sure it's a bit boring being sat there spamming Broil against a big fate boss but then it always has been and that hasn't changed. There's a real disconnect with the Energy Drain arguments I see too. Players claim they only heal using the off GCD heals that all require Aetherflow stacks and then claim they need to dump Aetherflow. So what actual healing are you doing? Every dungeon I did yesterday there was no way I could have done it with only the fairy healing. Not a chance. Every one I was easily managing to use all of my stacks to the point I was waiting for it to come off cooldown frequently and it's not like I overheal. In all the logged runs i've done I tend to be lowest on the overheal. It's not even like Energy Drain ever restored that much mana either, certainly not compared to Aetherflow and Lustrate and the only times i've had any mana issues so far is when i'm spamming Art of War for an entire pull. The problem is that, because the internet told them so, it wasn't uncommon to see SCH's dump aetherflow into energy drain as soon as possible and then not have any stacks left to do any of their decent heals. Now the choice is to either use them all if you need them, use Aetherflow if you use the mana, or just save it for if you need it. Much like any cooldown, especially with healing, it should be using it at the right time, not just about dumping it as much as possible to keep spamming the same AoE spell.
  9. XP is tied to the class not the job so SCH and SMN are unique in that you level both that the same time because they're both based off Arcanist. They don't share gear but as long as you stay up to date with the job quests you'll have both accessible.
  10. I main SCH and i'm fine with the changes for the most part. They've got rid of the stuff that was really clunky before but as long as the incoming damage is a bit higher to compensate for the extra healing they've added then it will be good. Sitting there spamming Broil all dungeon has never been interesting but there are a lot of SCH's that seem to want to be playing a dps job and are only doing it for the faster queue times.
  11. There might also be a box on the screen that shows the name of the next step of the MSQ that you can click on and it will open up the map. Also quests that have a + sign on the icon open up something new or are class quests so it's worth at least checking what they're for.
  12. Only the Shadowbringers dungeons at the moment and apparently it reduces the loot to compensate. There are Squadron missions that you unlock through your Grand Company where you can either send a squad out on their own and they have a chance at bringing back stuff like materia or you can take 3 of them into select dungeons they've enabled it for. You do just get all the loot for those though.
  13. Unless you really really want to do it I wouldn't bother with the relic quest. It's really long and grindy and the weapon is useless other than for glamour. Any weapon you get doing the Heavensward content will be better so you'd be better off just getting to that right away if you're not already.
  14. Sure, I'm Delekth Malys. Won't be on again until tomorrow night though.
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