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  1. I got knocked into the water on that one too and couldn’t figure out how to get back on the bridge. Nearly tossed the controller across the room when that happened.
  2. Yeah, I only recently got the DLC and found the first section of Champions’ Ballad a bit frustrating. Now I’m back out in the world though it’s bringing all the good vibes back. Only had one or two runs at Trial of the Sword but I’m hopeless at it.
  3. Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    Had 4 runs on my lunch today. Got to the birds 3 times and then finally got past it! Only to die on the next stage by not being able to jump over barrels.
  4. Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    Must have had about 30 attempts on Darker Side tonight and got to the bit with the birds and fell into the void. Can’t take any more punishment tonight.
  5. Best New Music of 2018

    Soccer Mommy - Your Dog
  6. Nintendo Switch

    But no taste when it comes to the colours of their joycons!
  7. Best TV/Movie Podcasts?

    Agree with I Was There Too. Matt Gourley is a really warm and engaging host. I also like The Watch from the Ringer. Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald are great together.
  8. Nintendo Mini Direct (11.01.2018)

    Are these Wii U ports going to be full price? Stupid question I guess, it is Nintendo after all. Can’t see me stumping up £40 plus but would take a punt on some of these at £20 or less.
  9. Nintendo Switch

    I got a 64 and wish I’d spent that bit more for a 128 as I can see me needing to replace it eventually.
  10. Nintendo Switch

    We’ve had good fun with Party Pack 3. I think all of the packs have at least one or two games that are a bit crap, but also a couple of good ones. If they’re on sale then it’s good entertainment for non-gamers.
  11. Nintendo Switch

    I did this and received it immediately. Combined it with another £25 voucher I got for Xmas and taken the plunge on Splatoon 2!
  12. The iOS gaming thread

    Got a new iPad for Xmas, replacing my five or six year old Mini. Gave up trying to get new games for it a couple of years ago so anything essential I’ve missed from the last couple of years well suited to an iPad rather than phone screen? Previously loved stuff like FTL, Chippy, Papers Please & Kingdom Rush.
  13. Just binged this in a couple of days after seeing it on some year end lists. Absolutely loved it.
  14. Nintendo Switch

    One issue I’ve had a couple of times in the last week is that, while in handheld mode, the Switch all of a sudden doesn’t recognise the right joycon as being attached. It still works though if you play free hand. Have to go into the settings and disconnect all controllers and then it’s fine. Anyone else had this?
  15. T20 Card Cricket (iOS/Android)

    Played a bit more today and the ads are a bit of a killer for me. Would be happy to pay a couple of quid to remove them. I know the money is in the ads rather than an upfront fee, but is it not possible to do both? I mean, the majority of people seem happy to sit through ads for things like Candy Crush (my mother and girlfriend to name but two) whereas for me it’s a turn off. People like my mum probably wouldn’t pay £3 to turn off the ads and would happily keep watching and keeping the ad revenue churning, whereas if I don’t have an option to remove them I’ll probably just stop playing altogether. Don’t mean to be a downer as the game itself is great. Also love your openness on explaining the reasons why you’ve taken certain decisions.

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