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  1. I restarted with no xp from weaker monsters and that seems to be in line with DQVIII at the moment. Such a great game with fantastic characters and perfect localisation. Real belly laughs at regular intervals. Just had our fifth party member join and we're off to look for someone. This is easily up the with the best in the series - hands down.
  2. Steven

    PS4 Pro

    VR will take time, but it is the future. I was sceptical before playing RE VII last year. The exciting part is that this is the ZX81 stage of its story.
  3. Should have just done a Holy Grail and have them being nicked and led off.
  4. So it's a luvvie Joker film? Isn't the whole point of the character to give Batman someone to punch?
  5. Steven

    Edge #324 | Cyberpunk 2077

    So it's a mainline Dragon Quest game? I totally get why some might not like that but that is exactly what makes these games so good for me. I get the too easy criticism this time but just half the xp in draconian mode and you're away. That said, that's the first time they've given the player those options.
  6. Steven

    Juh-rur-per-guh - The JRPG thread.

    Sorry, didn't see that. Play them them if you haven't, though. Those three alone are worth buying a 2DS or 3DS for.
  7. Steven

    Juh-rur-per-guh - The JRPG thread.

  8. Steven

    Nintendo Direct - 13th September (11 PM BST, 12 AM CEST)

    I think they need to start showing a bit of Smash Brothers if they want to drum up interest/ sales.
  9. Steven

    Forgotten bangers

    That must be up there with Snes Mario Kart and COD MW for consuming silly amounts of my life.
  10. Look at the last two Alien films, happens to all of them at times.
  11. Found my sweet spot for this by just turning on the no xp for weaker monsters. It now feels balanced and more like old DQ games. Absolutely loving it.
  12. Do yourself a favour and go out and buy GTAV and Arkham Asylum.
  13. Steven

    Burt Reynolds (1936 - 2018)

    So many great memories growing up watching his films. RIP. Wasn't he filming the new Tarantino film?
  14. Steven

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Jared's in-law?
  15. Steven

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    They also elected Donald Trump.

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