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  1. Sonic Collection on iPhone running exclusively in portrait.
  2. The title reads like he needs rllmuk's permission. Shouldn't we have a poll at the top?
  3. Exactly. Menus are slightly annoying for a little while but the actual game is night and day better with the Moves. As mentioned, especially with a bow, the extra layer of immersion is something else. I didn't have Moves when I bought it and was a bit sceptical but after an hour or so of getting them, it was pretty clear. You feel like such a badass using the bow and it just works so well that going back to pressing a button feels like lopping a limb off.
  4. That was such a good time, wasn't it? Getting home from school to see Zzap had been delivered was always a buzz.
  5. Still got it sitting on my to bought but to play list.
  6. That's insane, they were 18 quid each not long after Skyrim came out. What caused that spike, I wonder? The ones I bought were the older mini-usb ones, but they still work.
  7. Fucking hell, is that for a pair?
  8. Yeah, bought some from CEX a while back for Skyrim and they were 36 quid for the pair.
  9. Probably something to do with UPVC windows.
  10. That's only after you get planning permission as well.
  11. Just felt tired watching it. Not my cup of tea.
  12. Forgot about RR - that was another one.
  13. Impossible Mission C64- (animation) Knightlore Speccy - (graphics mainly) Super Mario 64 Ocarina of Time RE VII (VR) - Most jaw-dropping moments since SM64.
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