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  1. How olds your son Bradigor? I have watch dogs 2 and GTA V if you want them
  2. Anyone picked up the new elite controller ?
  3. Started this today and am gonna rinse it over the next couple of days incase anyone would like to buy it from me when done
  4. Not crazy, I swear I saw a date for a Nov release however can find no trace now...
  5. Sod it yellow lite pre ordered via shopto for £179 with the 10% eBay code
  6. So no seamless transition of saves between 2 consoles even with the same account ?
  7. Yeah first world problems, I too am looking at a switch for the commute but need to know if it’s going to be seamless saves etc between consoles before buying.
  8. Where are people watching Border?
  9. I just watched the first episode and was bored to tears, so skipped straight to the last one. It's not worth it.
  10. IMO no, I’ve seen them all now and it’s a constant downhill slope since series 1
  11. A few episodes into loudermilk, starring Ron livingstone, really good so far.
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