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  1. Don Rosco

    Star Wars Cassian Andor series

    I liked Rogue One but I never really bought his character. I'd be willing to give him a chance to improve though, it's a very interesting period in the SW timeline and it might work out will with the increased breathing space a TV series offers. I'm gonna just steal these shows.
  2. Don Rosco

    The Unofficial Aston Villa thread!

    Totally missed this last week. RIP Doug.
  3. Don Rosco

    Perfect Films

    Blues Brothers. A film where almost every frame is fucking hilarious.
  4. Don Rosco

    2000AD & The Meg

    This short twitter thread is the best description i've seen of how outrageously talented he was: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1046745472482856960.html
  5. Don Rosco

    2000AD & The Meg

    Oh man that is terrible news. He was still cranking out the pages. A huge loss to 2000AD. To pile on the misery, Glenn Fabry has been diagnosed with lung cancer as well.
  6. Don Rosco

    Joker origin film - Joaquin Phoenix Confirmed

    I would expect it's something like a giant pile of cash. I doubt they'll be flexing Maron's acting chops too hard. He'll probably be a grumpy shopkeeper or something. Or more likely someone in the standup world that Joker is in before turning. He'd be able for that at least. I hate to get into trailer analysis (I reckon i'll go in cold), but I like this. Looks like some classic Joker city-wide chaos: Have to say i'm starting to feel the aul hype levels rising!
  7. Don Rosco

    Trials Rising

    Four codes going here too if anyone’s looking. @Omizzay did you get sorted? I’m getting the easy track fail bug too, but I’m not too fussed as I rinsed all the tracks in the technical trial. At least I think so - I presume there’s no extra tracks in the beta?
  8. Don Rosco

    Cricket Thread

    Yeah, terrific series and the 4-1 scoreline very flattering for England. At least two of those wins were up for grabs for India. You'd have to wonder about the batting though. Gritty test match batting skills in short supply on both teams. Some flashes of excellence throughout, but you can’t help thinking a lot of batsmen on both sides will be relieved to face a white ball again.
  9. Don Rosco

    Dredd: Mega City One

    If only there was something other than the film from 2012 to base this new TV series on.
  10. Don Rosco

    Trials Rising

    I'm actually not sure if we can say! There was an NDA we had to click through. It feels a little easier, but that might be some slowdown due to pre-release jankiness. Still not easy enough for me to get past more than two extreme checkpoints though. Structure is more like any other extreme sports game - world map, specific goals on courses etc. There's lootboxes but it's all cosmetic stuff. Still a chore opening them. Mostly though, it's more trials. Feels a little more grounded than fusion in that there's less wacky shit happening.
  11. Don Rosco

    Trials Rising

    Yes indeed.
  12. Don Rosco

    Trials Rising

    Me too, playing right now. Add me for leaderboard action: donrosco
  13. Don Rosco

    New people: say hello here, let us know how you found rllmuk!

    No one ever really leaves.
  14. Don Rosco

    The Drum & Bass Thread

    Never met him, but have a bunch of his records. Very sad. He played Dublin only this year, seemed to go down very well. Turnout wasn't great but he was clearly having a ball in all the pics I saw.
  15. Great film and great to read a thread like this afterwards. I watched the google video, Garland is a great interviewee with lots of interesting things to say about the process of making the film. I just posted in the Dredd thread a similarly revealing thread on the 2000AD forum where he answers questions from the forumites there:

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