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  1. Yeah, meant to be complete shit. Also Connery decided to jack it in off the back of it. I've never seen it and don't want to as the original comic book is amazing.
  2. The only controller I've ever experienced to completely fail and become unusable is the Xbox 360 pad. I've gone through at least 6 of them, and that's not with absolutely insane hours on them. I still have the same two PS3 controllers and same two PS4 controller and they're completely fine.
  3. Everything sound good! Single cable into the front USB-C port would be ideal, especially with no other shit like a camera. Also a new controller for VR! That sounds cool as well! Also yes, please for the love of fuck port Half Life: Alyx.
  4. The Vita did best in Japan too. It's my understanding that Handheld is king in Japan.
  5. That's the N64 version rather than the Xbox remake, if I'm not mistaken.
  6. Well I guess you're lost then! That is a shame.
  7. Just do not use the map at all. I finished the game without using the map. Fast-travel back to Central, then get in the lift to whatever floor/area the mission asks of you. When you're there, just follow the signs!
  8. I’ve played about 30 mins of it, just bonkers that it exists! it’s absolutely unfinished and missing quite a few things, but you can busk you way through it. There’s not been much performance optimisation either so it runs slow even with the RAM Expansion. Cool though! Love this kind of thing!
  9. Both are great and both are about as apples & oranges as you could get. *Thread title change request* - THUNDERDOME : Persona 5 vs. Day’s Gone. Two enter, only one will survive! -
  10. Play it until the end, then you might see why it’s so well received. It’s not long.
  11. I strongly, strongly disagree. The game is very playable and very enjoyable even today and has aged really well. It could even pass as an odd modern indie game in today’s day and age. The way the world ties together and the way you find the dungeons is still really interesting. It has that “untying a knot” design vibe in spades! There are unfortunately a few dungeon locations that are impossible to find without a guide (Nintendo helpline was an early form of paywall) but totally play it! Play it on Switch with save points and use a guide if you get stuck, but it holds up!
  12. I bought every issue from 1997 till probably 10 years later...stoping around 2007/8 ...and in those days I used it basically as a buying guide, when you have little cash because you’re a poor student you want the most bang for your buck. I just ended up playing a lot of games that weren’t for me and missing out on some absolute classics. The for mentioned 3rd Strike was one of them! Maybe investing everything in one review publication isn’t wise and it’s good to get opinion from lots of sources and follow the ones that best suit your taste, but that’s not really been possible till th
  13. Glad to see that Persona 5 Strikers isn’t actually an EDGE 5 (worst game ever) but instead an EDGE 6 (as good as 3rd strike, bonafide classic in the making) ...if only you could talk to the Musou.
  14. Hilarious scores all round!
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