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  1. Secret of Mana Remake

    I've played through a chunk of this, and I've been really enjoying it. It's odd, it is a very low budget remake that does deviate away from the original in loads of ways, which kinda makes it it's own thing. Judged on it's own merits, it's a fun action RPG that's a lot better than a lot of the similar guff that can come out. John Linneman is totally on the money with that DF video. I often find his opinions on games in general to be pretty good! Even though it's a tech channel, I almost find them to be the best review source available. It's a good game. It's not the Secret of Mana remake that people might already have in their heads, or maybe not the one that the original game deserves.. but it's good fun. I'm also still glad the original still exists.
  2. SNES Mini

    I love mine and don't intend on ever getting rid of it. I also own a Super Famicom and an Analogue NT, and don't intend on ever getting rid of any of them. The SNES is pretty much my favourite console ever.
  3. The Last Guardian

    Better perf in 1080p ONLY! If you got the beta firmware, make sure Super Sampling in the option is off! It'll then run at a near locked 30 fps. Also camera reminder PSA - The Camera movement is scripted, don't move it manually too much and you'll have a better time. Keep your finger off the right stick!
  4. Destiny 2

    For someone who so fervently hates the game and what Bungie has done, you should do post a lot about how much you hate it.
  5. Anyone ever played a game from Nintendo or Sega during their 8-bit or 16-bit days that had an utterly obtuse blocking difficulty spike or impossible puzzle? Hey look! There's a phone number for their help-line included with the game!
  6. Game Maker's Toolkit: A Series on Video Game Design

    Yup! Totally the reason why Halo : CE remains my favourite game ever, and why it felt so astronomically progressive at the time.
  7. Secret of Mana Remake

    I've bought it, should have it for the weekend. I'm sure I'm going to have just the worst fucking time imaginable.
  8. Shadow of the Colossus Remake (Bluepoint)

    Yup yup yup. There's times where you have to judge when to abandon your grip and find one of the ledges to recover your stamina. Kinda why they're there in the first place, and they're not of much use on Normal mode. Hard is almost the real game for me.
  9. Shadow of the Colossus Remake (Bluepoint)

    Absolute crazy talk, the fact that the battle lasts longer and there’s more of a reason to navigate around the giant walking platforms that are the Colossi is exactly what makes Hard more feel like a dramatic struggle against a hefty foe. But whatever really, it’s a shame you didn’t like it as much.
  10. Shadow of the Colossus Remake (Bluepoint)

    The Hard mode in SOTC has always been amazing! ... what?... honestly, no, no, no, no! I strongly disagree with the sentiment that the Hard mode of this game isn’t anything but a well thought out expansion of the Normal mode. The extra tattoos open the whole thing up. I wrote a thing thing about it back in the day in convo with Stroker Ace about how good the mode is, that I can’t be bothered to dig up.
  11. Dark Souls Remastered & Trilogy Box

    I'm double dipping, for my Switch and PS4 Pro. I'm going to be paying attention to reports from the likes of Digital Foundry, might get them both Digitally.. but Switch first then The PS4 version later down the line.
  12. Like I said, this is general camera complaints and I've never ever found the camera to be problematic, It's far more intuitive that the c-button controls used in Mario 64. This hardly reason to outright fervently hate the game with such vitriol.
  13. See, none of this stuff matters and by totally fixating on minor niggles it means the large picture is totally glossed over and the whole thing is dismissed as shit. Buggiest game? might be, but I've never encountered a single bug during several play-throughs.. never. There's a plethora of games that I played through in totally unfinished states on launch that were still fun despite being crippled with bugs. In the grand scheme of things, it a pretty finished and complete game. The collection elements are there to provide pace and variation. People can leverage that complaint with even Mario Odyssey, that there's many "empty" moons that are awarded through play and curiosity. In Sunshine they're also there to push you to explore the open levels, all of these games would suffer with there exclusion. I have never had a problem with the camera. It's that typical Japanese thing where the camera movement is scripted to lead you, but as soon as you move the C-stick, it's disengaged. You could make the same complaint about Mario 64, but it totally doesn't matter. But rarr, rarr, raarr, shit design etc.
  14. Nothing in Sunshine is shit, it's one of Nintendo's best games.. it's a delightful and fun platforming adventure. You might dislike it, but that's your prerogative. It's just different, they implemented a different core mechanic to give us something new to play with, but a large percentage of gamers are totally conservative and of course instantly ready to dismiss anything that doesn't matches preconceptions, and chuck it straight in the "shit" bin. Mario Sunshine conjures a very vivid memory for me, after finishing the game and being delighted with it back in 2002, I discovered both ntsc-uk and the old Edge forum, and was totally shocked to read that it was generally loathed by those communities. I didn't understand it then and I still don't now. Well, I do. People just wanted Mario 64 2 and I guess it wasn't it. I'm sure if you stuck a different main character in there, people would likely be somewhat less harsh.

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