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  1. I’m convinced that on the other end of the JPL account is Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy
  2. I loaded up COD WW2 and it is ass. This is by far the best MP COD I’ve ever played. The SP is a bit nasty-edgy and feels mechanically regressive compared to BO3 and Infinite Warfare, both of which I really enjoyed.
  3. Fuck Xbox BC, give us a new remastered version with all the tracks and content on all platforms. I’d buy that for a dollar.
  4. As in the Ridge Racers? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a blithering idiot in love with Ridge Racer and own everyone of them.
  5. Killzone : Shadowfall isn’t crap and basically showed off what the system could do at launch. Also yes, Halo : Infinite should be the bells & whistles killer app to get people excited about the new machine, but I can play it on my Xbox One S it seems!
  6. Forwards compatibility is dumb, so this is nothing but good news. Unbound those shackles of the last gen and smear the next gen all over my face.
  7. There was also major clamourings for an extended cut of Rise of the Skywalker, like some people thought that Abrams had been denied the running time that he had needed.
  8. It never actually ended, it's still going right now!
  9. Other mind-bogglingly bad Director's Cuts - Leon The Abyss Apocalypse Now Redux.
  10. The super long Assembly cut of Bladerunner was included in that boxset, and as far as I know, it was a pirate video doing the rounds in the 80's It's kinda cool seeming all this extra footage and flab as purely a curio, but yes it's not a movie at all. Possible controversial opinion - I recently re-watched the Extended Edition Lord of the Rings set, the big whopping 12-hour version that the internet seems to think is definitive. It's actually awful, with the pacing completely destroyed and so much of the exact same information is repeated, like Boromir's constant concern for Gondor. After a bit of a break from that marathon, I revisited the Theatrical cuts and they're just absolutely glorious films and drastically superior. I actually only saw the TC's in the cinema one time each, and then bought the EE's on DVD, so was very familiar with them... but it was very interesting returning too them with a fresh perspective and more mature eyes. I strongly prefer the TC, and roll my eye's when I see people asking which version to watch for the first time and it's all "Extended Edition!". Yes, they have more stuff and a lot of these deleted scenes are cool in isolation, but they totally detract from the overall film.
  11. Looked utterly daft, I'm very pumped for it. I've really loved almost everything that Naughty Dog have pumped out and they're right up there with the best for me, and I just can not wait for this.
  12. Yes, I was kinda playfully re-interpreting the question. I get your original point though. You really do not need to of played the other Persona games to get and understand a Persona game. I played Persona 5 and not having played any others at that point did not affect my enjoyment of it at all. They're all self contained. I don't get the FF7R complaints either. It's established that Sephiroth is the bad guy, you see some vision of him and learn as you go along through the game why he's evil. It's basically the same as the original just without the visions which establishes him a little earlier in the remake. The only series that I've played that kinda needs you to play the whole series sequentially is Metal Gear Solid... or maybe Halo 1, 2 & 3. But even then, they're all totally fun on their own. I don't even get why this is a criticism, unless it's people looking for one deliberately and reaching. As a new player you're meant to be questioning at that moment "who is this guy"... and then in the game later, you find out. A sense of mystery, It's not like he never appears again.
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