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  1. I really wish they would combine all the D1 and D2 content into one game.. called Destiny, and just add more stuff to it as they go along.
  2. Ditch Gamepass and just buy the games you want to play and play them.
  3. Well Halo : CE is quite possibly my favourite game of all time, so the prospect of a huge scale remake of the first game does get me salivating... ...but that's going by the assumption of two trailers. We've seen nothing real. Also 343i Halo is a bit crap in my opinion, with Halo 4 being fine and 5 being the worst in the series. Both SP & MP. My expectations for Halo Infinite are not all that high, especially if it's going to have to accommodate the Xbox One S.
  4. I recently got a B9 and it’s amazing. The scaler is so good - and 1080p is an integer scale - that even normal 1080p HD content looks better than it ever did on my old tv. 4K or generally higher than 1080p content just looks even better, but it’s HDR that looks proper nuts. The glow of strong light sources and inky blacks of the OLED look amazing. You don’t even need a fancy PS4 Pro or Xbox One X to get HDR working! Works with PS4/Xbox One S
  5. you don’t need any tools, you can just lift off the top with your fingers, then clean out the fan.
  6. All on more Giant Ants. Still running at 12 fps.
  7. ...and it got fixed for the Switch version! There's been a few instances like that. There's a frame pacing issue that the dev's never noticed, until pointed out by DF, then it got patched.
  8. Even John Linnemen appears to be getting bored of the “face off” videos. His DF Retro stuff is utterly amazing as many have said and some of the best videogame retrospective videos on YouTube. His tech analysis videos that deep dive on the tech behind one game are great too, like the Onrush, Surge 2 or Gears 5 ones... they’re like proper bts documentaries. He does seem to get a lot of shit from trolls though, even for these great videos.
  9. ...and double up on the cost of a console and all the subscription services. This is the thing that differentiates the last console generation (or two) from the past. In the past it was custom hardware with mostly exclusive games and the odd “multiplatform” title that had wildly different versions that were almost completely different games. Now you have two platforms that are almost identical with such a small differential that in reality it totally doesn’t matter, but like you say you might have the nagging thought that the game on the other platform might have very slight better shadows or something. I flipped flopped with the 360/PS3 generation, which led to some double dipping and not really being all that happy. Ive just picked a side, which is PlayStation and could not be happier. I’d only consider having the other machine if there was enough exclusives to justify having it too.
  10. Why not make a dedicated thread called - CONSOLE WARS BATTLEGROUND So those willing to fight can do so while the rest of the forum is at peace. Everyone can be happy then
  11. Bayonetta remaster thread? One I literally looked in the other day, and again it's as if the PS4 version does exist, where people are asking if it's Xbox only. I don't seem like the insecure one, as you're having far more of a response to my comment stating literal things.
  12. Oh great! This thread is getting it's news from a poster who so seethingly hates Sony/SIE/PlayStation that he deliberately leaves out PS4 box art from game announcement news.
  13. I strongly agree with this. I do love the look of scan lines on specifically a CRT. They look great with their bloomed out edges and all that. On a flat panel display, absolutely no way to fake scan lines. Give me well scaled chunky pixels all day long. Fake scan lines just do not work on a flat panel, and darken the image. This doesn't happen at all with a CRT, as its basically the difference between staring at a row of light blubs where each odd numbered one is turned off vs. each odd numbered one is on but blacked out. If that makes sense. Fake scan lines would prob work on an OLED in saying that, but it would actually have to be HDR content.
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