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  1. Kevvy Metal

    Edge #331

    Worth noting that Edge gave Crackdown 2 an 8. CD3 is, for my money, the best of the three campaigns.
  2. Kevvy Metal

    Mega SG - New FPGA Console from Analogue

    The OSSC is great. I use that now over the Framemeister I have. And yeah, it's loads cheaper.
  3. Man, that's one fast backlash!
  4. Kevvy Metal

    Xbox One backwards compatibility

    I've said before that they're just mostly adding shovelware shit to the BC program. There's still so many games that are literally not backwards compatible with the Xbox One, and at this rate...
  5. Yeah, I most definitely pos'ed it while being fully aware of it's excellent accessibility options. The problem is how games communicate this stuff and Celeste is one of the best examples. I'm all for the likes of Dark Souls having accessibility options -- or an "easy" mode -- if you will, but it needs to be fully conveyed to the user that they're not playing the game fully to how the designer intended. Hell, I don't ever deviate from default controls in almost all games to give the designers the benefit of the doubt. What Fallow's touched on, that a few games like Bayonetta or Halo are designed with replayabliity in mind, and the first play through is just the start! and the upper echelon's are reached till the user starts to master the game. It just needs to be conveyed better in some games so people don't just one and done them and leave with an impression that was not intended. Basically this video -
  6. Kevvy Metal

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - no spoilers pls

    Jeez, think of Route B as a remixed Hard mode.
  7. Kevvy Metal

    Be a thread starter!

    I loathe the fact that there’s a separate Retro folder, it’s just an awful idea of this very reason. Its the most antiquated idea ever.. I guess that’s why it’s retro.
  8. Kevvy Metal

    Mega SG - New FPGA Console from Analogue

    All I can say is it's fucking amazing. I used to use 8bitdo controllers with my Famicom and Super Famicom, but switched to OG pads and cable extensions as the original pads are just better. ...not so with my Krikzz Joyzz, it's so good.
  9. Kevvy Metal

    Demon's Souls - a decade on

    The first page comment on this haven't aged that well.. but they are the most rllmuk thing ever.
  10. It’s almost like reviews are subjective.
  11. Kevvy Metal

    The Glacial Ennui of Single Player AAA Games

    Thought it was the first one you’d played in “quite some time”? Would imply you’ve been skipping them for how long? Years? What was the last one before that? A gem like Shadow of Mordor or something?
  12. Kevvy Metal

    The Glacial Ennui of Single Player AAA Games

    Yes, this is all literally hilarious. Watch Dogs and Dragon Age : Inquisition? I think people need to check their taste before condemning every high budget game as trash. Watch Dogs and Dragon Age : Inquisition, my god.
  13. Kevvy Metal

    The Glacial Ennui of Single Player AAA Games

    I like all kinds, variety is the spice of life and I massively enjoy mixing up the long AAA epics with smaller tighter focused games. ...and yes! This year we’ve had some great games in the middle ground from Capcom like RE2 and DMCV. You can blast through them in under 10 hours but there’s so many cool ways to keep replaying!
  14. Yes, it’s almost like it was used in the comics as a metaphor for real-life racism.
  15. Because he’s Korath, working for Ronan and a Kree.

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