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  1. Some old cast will appear. Frakes and Spiner aren't really surprising. But we'll also see Jeri Ryan and, even more surprisingly, Jonathan Del Arco, who played the Borg, Hugh.
  2. They've announced some details. I can't say I'm familiar with regular voice actors other than a few exceptions, so I don't know this cast or if they are regular on other shows.
  3. They're doing another batch of Short Treks. The previous ones were from Discovery, but these are a bit of a mix. 6 episodes. 3 on the Discovery version of Enterprise. One giving some background 15 years before the Picard show. And 2 animated ones. And there will be Tribbles.
  4. Looks like we can forget about Discovery jumping into the Picard show. It's actually jumping 1000 years into the future
  5. Season 10 Thora Birch And Kevin Carroll joining. Birch as Gamma, a Whisperer. Carroll as some guy trying to get home to his family. Shittin' Pants also returns. And the gang take a trip to the beach. Also, a show-nothing teaser for Rick Grimes Untitled Movie
  6. JohnC


    It's renewed for another season, with a suggestion that the coma is ending.
  7. This is no longer coming out next Friday. They did a surprise release today at Comic Con.
  8. My Neighbour Totoro and Grave of the Fireflies is what someone decided.
  9. JohnC


    The killer is claiming the company stole his novel. 33 now dead. Some of the injured still critical.
  10. Your filmmakers were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.
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