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  1. That’s sounds a bit risky, like approaching someone holding a copy of The Watchtower for a chat about it.
  2. So many symbols in that first episode.
  3. There's a trailer coming tomorrow. Here's a teaser for the trailer. It's only a few seconds and a single shot, but it's quite graphic
  4. The reviews are good. Cast getting praise, Regina King in particular being singled out for being great.
  5. They're a bit into production in New Zealand, but John Cho suffered a freak knee injury on set which requires surgery and extensive rehabilitation and production has been shut down for 7-9 months. Also, they posted Ein earlier
  6. Never even heard of that one. Sounds like I should look it up.
  7. Patton Oswalt cast in S2, in a secret role. Fans are speculating someone called The Legend, a former comicbook writer with an encyclopedic knowledge of superheroes.
  8. I watched the first season and I think I didn't watch the second, or dropped it early in the second.
  9. It's a TV spin-off of the Bourne movies, but without Jason Bourne.
  10. Jonah Hill has dropped out. They weren't able to come to a deal.
  11. JohnC


    Crisis big bad revealed, the Anti-Monitor
  12. Jada Pinkett Smith is in talks to return and Iron Fist's Jessica Henwick is in talks for a lead role. Possibly a Neo-like character.
  13. Final season trailer I noticed something odd at the end and watched the whole thing again to make sure. Swastikas have been crudely erased from the trailer. I first noticed the centre of Smith's armband was blurred near the end and went back to see it's been erased everywhere. Like the scenes in that massive Nazi hall, where it's gone from all the banners. There is one banner mostly obscured by a person and you can just see the end of a swastika arm and the banner next it it has clearly been censored by a blur. Weird.
  14. 151m 48s according to BBFC Rated 15 for strong bloody violence, gore, horror, threat, language.
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