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  1. Conversely, I had one in my basket three times today and at no point would it actually let me check the thing out. Cursed.
  2. The problem with the last Direct wasn't the format, it was the lack of exciting games being announced. Here they had a lot of good looking games and decided to wrap it all in an abysmal format. Anyway, here's a decent round up so you don't waste over 3 hours extracting 40 minutes worth of information like I did.
  3. The games look amazing and there's a lot of great stuff coming to Game Pass, but the show itself is awful. Possibly the worst I've ever seen. Why is it so long? How is it still going?
  4. Finished a new playthrough of this the other night and immediately jumped back in for another. I really do think this is one of my absolute favourite games - I love pretty much everything about it.
  5. Xbox version is also live - 42.5GB.
  6. I've put a few hours into this now and I like it. I don't love it like some of the reviews, but it's a perfectly serviceable low budget horror title, which is about what I expected from Bloober Team. I'm having a good time with it.
  7. Good to see they've reversed the decision and gone further to make F2P titles truly F2P, that's been a long time coming. We'll probably never know what went on behind the scenes, but I doubt this was done "on purpose" for PR or anything. In the time I spent working for large corporations one of the most impressive things to me was the lack of joined-up thinking, with different parts of the business constantly wanting and doing different things, often counterproductively. A lot of this looks to me like an internal disagreement played out publicly. Game Pass *is* a ridicu
  8. This is a spectacularly bad decision from Microsoft.
  9. Massive make good games. Will be interesting to see what they do with this.
  10. It's the PC version they've reviewed.
  11. It's been a long time since I played them all but I'd argue all three are comparable in terms of quality, each offering just enough of a twist on the concept to warrant its own existence. Personally I really enjoyed 3 and might say it's my favourite overall. It adds some new Pikmin types and scenarios to use them in, and felt a little more inventive than 2 did to me at the time, but I'm not sure how reliable those memories are at this point. All I can honestly tell you is that I have very fond memories of playing through 3, and even enjoyed what I played of the multiplayer stuff.
  12. Great news for those who didn't own a Wii U (everyone), because this is a cracking Pikmin game.
  13. I've not played it on a 4k screen but it looks great on a 1080 one. The resolution feels less noticeable than in XC2, particularly in handheld. It's a surprisingly good looking game.
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