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  1. Kiwi Cake

    State of Decay 2

    Started this earlier was quite surprised by just how similar it is to the first one, with a lot of its systems feeling nearly identical. It does all feel quite janky early on, BUT I am having a lot of fun with it, so I'll certainly be sinking some time into it.
  2. Kiwi Cake

    RⒶGE 2 - Explosions by Avalanche Studios

    That looks incredible. As a Rage liker I am very happy.
  3. Kiwi Cake

    RⒶGE 2 - Explosions by Avalanche Studios

    I liked Rage.
  4. Kiwi Cake

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    Got the platinum on this last night. A couple of the trophies seem bugged as I didn't actually fulfil the requirements to get them before I got them, but hey ho. This is comfortably one of the best games I have ever played. We've had games with excellent narratives and we've had games with excellent mechanics, but it's a rare beast that manages to combine the two in such a convincing fashion. Bravo Santa Monica Studios, looking forward to whatever they do next.
  5. Kiwi Cake

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    Finished this yesterday and I'm still thinking about it. The hype was spot on for me, it's a very special game, the likes of which only comes along every so often. The thread title is accurate.
  6. Kiwi Cake

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    No idea how far in I am at this point, 20+ hours or so. Did a thing and killed a guy and got a thing last night and it was all incredible. This game is absolutely stunning. The scale as you progress is jaw dropping, the story intriguing and the characters are great. How this game ever came together as it has, I'll never know.
  7. Kiwi Cake

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    Even with the hype, this is astonishingly good.
  8. Kiwi Cake

    Far Cry 5

    I finished this today. There's a huge disconnect between the quality of the narrative stuff and the actual gameplay, but overall I loved it.
  9. Kiwi Cake

    Nintendo Switch

    Have a pos for audacity.
  10. Kiwi Cake

    Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    This is where I'm at with the game. The faults are clear, but I'm having so much fun with it. I spent an hour and a half with some guys last night just laughing constantly. I'm not usually far from the consensus on rllmuk, so going from having an absolute blast in the game to reading the negativity in this thread is quite discombobulating, but I can understand why many are disappointed. For me it's comfortably earned its £9 and we'll see what the future brings.
  11. Kiwi Cake

    Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    Had a lovely time playing solo today, just cruising around doing quests and bumping into other pirates. Managed to sink a galleon with a well placed gunpowder barrel, though subsequently lost my own ship to the crew! Can’t say how long it will keep my attention for, but for now I’m really enjoying it.
  12. Kiwi Cake

    Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    True enough, I didn't mean to imply the projects were comparable, just that the games have launched in a similar state. Both relatively solid, but lacking in the breadth and depth that many seem to have been expecting. MS haven't been particularly good with stuff like this in the past, but with their new focus on getting games onto the system now would be a good time to stick at something.
  13. Kiwi Cake

    Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    No Man's Sky is a good comparison, actually. Hopefully MS see the long term potential and allow SoT to grow in a similar fashion.
  14. Kiwi Cake

    Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    Good few hours with some mukkers tonight and I am somewhat in love with this game. I think Rare are going to have a hard time selling it to people who prefer singleplayer stuff or just want a lot of content, but for those with a group of people to play with it's a small piece of joy. My advice to those of you struggling with this solo or with randoms is to get in a group with each other and go adventuring. As with the alphas/betas the quests are only there to get you out and about, it's with your buddies on the seas where you'll make your memories. Anyway, a few snapshots:
  15. Kiwi Cake

    Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    Yeah, the sea is surprisingly big, which you'll be thankful for when you've got a galleon or two after you. If players are minding their own business for the most part, it's easy to not run into anybody for a while. Get your spyglass out and get up in the crows nest - especially at night. You can spot a ship a fair way away if they've left their lanterns on!

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