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  1. Jeff really should transition to some sort of retro videogame podcast thing. He'd be amazing on a Cane and Rinse type show as long as they didn't cover any game released since Ryan Davis died.
  2. I think he had an absolutely valid opinion on that one. I played it when it came out and fucking hated it. If you don't land on the breadcrumb trail that the game has it's just a mess of irritating controls and stupid user interface. It wasn't until I revisited it in December and followed the advice of someone on here to go to the moon and find everything there first that I found the amazing game that's there underneath the bullshit.
  3. Pleased to see Coffee Talk on there. Coffee Talk is a game I've been wanting to try but didn't want to punt for in case I bounced off it. Loved VA-11 Hall-A and it seems heavily inspired by that.
  4. It's not a 'must play' but I just really enjoyed my couple of hours playthrough of Old Man's Journey. It's a gentle perspective puzzle thing along the lines of Monument Valley. Gave me a good way to calm down between RE2 sessions. Leaves Game Pass at the weekend.
  5. My wife is similar to yours in that sense. One thing she really enjoyed was Her Story.
  6. Thank you very much for all your kind donations. Can focus on trying to make the place pretty now. I know I've got a lot to do!
  7. Turnip Code for turnip exchange: https://turnip.exchange/island/6de93755 Price = 541 Made it private.
  8. 541 here. Give me a minute. Dodo code: 8X8NV
  9. C'mon you little Nook pricks. 95.4% chance of big spike on Wednesday.
  10. Thanks for letting me in (Mark) last night, you're a life saver. Your island is really nice and natural. Left you 200k.
  11. 05LQW. 91 bells per turnip. Think that's a zero.
  12. 91 on LovelyIsle. Low prices everyday whether you're selling or buying. Hit me up for a DodoCode.
  13. I don't even know what month it is, never mind day!
  14. Where is she in Boobni82's world? edit: Oh god.. I'm selling, not buying. Muppet.
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