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  1. I'm struggling to build a lean-to. This is just taking the piss: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/loauym/chewie_were_home_i_present_you_the_millennium/
  2. Yeah, I went into the fungal area very early by carefully dropping down the lift shaft. I killed all the snipers, found the control point, and the other bits and bobs. But nothing else to do and obviously couldn’t go down the killer pit. Totally confused me, so I fast travelled out. Went back end game and indeed no bad guy snipers. Weird.
  3. I think I’m finally done with this now. Done the main game, Foundation, and just wrapped up all the side missions I’ve been offered, bar all the various Ahti clean-up quests etc,, which seem pointless. I’ve also no real interest in the AWE DLC as haven’t played Alan Wake, and Hartmann means nothing to me. So that will probably do it. Thoroughly enjoyed my time with it, and what an amazing PS+ ‘freebie’.
  4. I spent all of two minutes just stabbing a beech tree with my newly crafted spear yesterday. It does no damage to the tree, but the spear skill shoots up regardless. Stopped when I got it to Level 20, went and repaired the spear, and that should do me for the first boss run tonight.
  5. Just for a note of positivity, this Foundation DLC has been very enjoyable. Nearly done it now, but it's been a fun change of pace. Especially the bits mostly in the Astral Plane.
  6. If memory serves it was just some small side door I eventually found. Worst case just do what I had to do a few times and watch/read a mission walkthrough.
  7. Is that the mission where the obvious way forward is locked (something like the security sector?) and you have to go around to the left through Medical, which is full of fungus blokes, to get around to where you need to be. In which case I think you're in the right area, just keep exploring for the way forward. But yes, the map is utterly shocking. Worse than useless, it actively hinders your exploration and enjoyment.
  8. Indeed. My little one-room hovel seems scant reward for a dozen hours when you look at what that bloke accomplished. Still, lots of lovely building ideas to crib from there for when I eventually decide to go large. But first I think it's time I took out Eikthyr and plucked up the courage to build a raft and go out into the wider world (and die a lot, natch).
  9. I feel I’ve already had my £15 worth from this and I haven’t even left (or fully mapped) my starting island or faced the first boss. Lol. Just spending hours wandering around, hunting, gathering, running from trolls, building my own little apiary and refurbishing shacks into viable homes all over my island. Love it.
  10. So, what sort of strength do I need to be at to take on the first boss? I have a set of leather gear, a level 2 short bow, a load of arrows, mix of flint and wooden. And plenty of food etc. Is that likely to be enough, especially as I’m crap at dodging and a bit shit with the bow?
  11. Bugger me, didn’t see that result coming. I’ll have some lovely red wine to celebrate, as opposed to my usual blue whine.
  12. Give Control another hour or two. Pretend you paid for it.
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