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  1. Dear regular Switch to OLED upgraders, a question if I may. Has it been worth it. Be honest, set aside any confirmation bias, has it really made much of a difference to your enjoyment of the Switch and its games? Has it revitalised your passion for the hardware? Or has the novelty worn off at all? Any regrets? Edit: Talking about playing handheld mode.
  2. Jackson should have just Ken Burns’d the audio-only archive stuff with appropriate stills. It’s just too fake and forced and distracting with mismatched footage. Still, as the man who turned a lovely little book about a Hobbit and some singing dwarfs into ten hours of tedium, I guess we shouldn’t expect editorial restraint.
  3. Merlin looked and was acted better. And that was a bit shit too.
  4. It’s a cursed thread that belongs on the other side of an Oblivion gate.
  5. Well, that was fantastic. Great chemistry. Very funny. And Lalo Salamanca from Better Call Saul! What’s not to love. Also, I would totally watch ‘Rogers, the Musical’.
  6. Feels like the thread title has earned an update. I submit: New World - Aeternal problems
  7. What an excellent name for that cat.
  8. Just finished episode 3. Genuinely brilliant. Yes it looks fucking amazing, but dear Lord that was one hell of a story, no punches pulled, with a fantastic script and performances, and a beautifully edited final sequence. I too really need a ‘making of’, as the art style and animation is fascinating to me. I assume it’s performance captured, as it’s so fluidly done.
  9. From your keyboard to God’s ears.
  10. I think you’re the first to watch it. I take it you recommend it then.
  11. Just finished this. Goddamn that was fucking brilliant. Best Craig Bond by a mile, and, despite its occasional problems, easily one of the best Bond’s ever made. The difference maker was that, unlike most of the franchise, it was, at its heart, a human story. A great send off for him. 9/10
  12. Anyone watched any of Hellbound yet? The premise is amazing.
  13. Absolutely my main concern watching the first ep of this.
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