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  1. Ooh, that’s a really nicely designed maga -- what?! £23? Lol, bye then.
  2. The RNG is absolutely destroying me in Biome 3. No matter how I prep, every run since I beat this level yesterday (and had that save corrupted) has ended in some horrible areas, either full of rocket drones, or Bioshock Big Daddies, or a combination of both, or worse. The most recent death, while nearly at the tower, was a long, tight corridor, with a Big Daddy at the far end, a green recharge tower out of sight, a locked-down door behind me, and a gauntlet of swinging laser traps between us, with nowhere to hide from his homing orange energy-jizz. Dead in seconds. I mean, do fuck
  3. My spoilery S6 Line of Duty joke:
  4. That was pretty good. Not a classic, but entertaining and diverting.
  5. Every single time I read Spitmaw Blaster, my brain goes: “D4 Damager, Power to the People”. It’s absolutely locked in now.
  6. How do you keep the PS5 offline if it’s connected to the WiFi? Is there an option in the OS somewhere?
  7. Care to reconsider? Fair play to them, they’ve gone for quality of bugs over quantity. Someone on Era reckons to have just lost their full 30 hours of progress. Scary if true.
  8. Probably. Just increasingly annoyed with the game and these shite patches.
  9. Earlier today, I did a run through biomes 1 and 3 (beating the 3rd boss at my first attempt, only just) and most of the way into 4 as well (enjoyed all those mad cutscenes at the end of 3). Had to nip out, so put the PS5 in rest mode. Hard crash and lock up. Off and on at the wall. Rebuild database, and oh fuck save game corrupted. Had to download from the cloud which was well before that run began, so I lost all of it. Ho hum. Back to the start of biome 3 we go again. Mostly it’s an amazing game. But fuck me, it’s also one of the most buggy things I’ve ever played outs
  10. Et tu, @Harsin? Most shocking thing in this terrible thread.
  11. I wouldn’t be guilty about it. Consider it like getting the digital deluxe DLC for free. Plenty have done exactly the same, but paid an extra tenner for the privilege.
  12. I’m pretty sure that will be its primary purpose. Will be an interesting test case of whether Sony just steamrollers through the settings for no auto downloads or installation of game updates. I suspect they will, and do it on mandatory ‘security fix’ grounds. We’ll see.
  13. Did you read my posts above on how you too can have this gun in your biome 1 arsenal @IainGamer? Just checking.
  14. FYI it’s Matthew ‘Dot’ Cottan.
  15. If you have access to a keyboard consider unlocking the ‘digital deluxe early access weapon’ Electropylon Driver. It makes biome 1 boss much easier. Details upthread.
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