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  1. Stick her in Beat Saber. You’re golden.
  2. jonamok

    Xbox Game Pass

    It's a genius way to tie us all into Scarlet, rather than PS5.
  3. jonamok

    Xbox Game Pass

    Game Pass too many effing games.
  4. Climbing ladders and watching women cup their breasts. He’s made a Robin Askwith simulator.
  5. The Edge preview interested me. The footage turned me right off. Damn you and your persuasive words, Nate.
  6. jonamok

    Nintendo Switch

    Here’s hoping your fiancé doesn’t feel the same.
  7. I find her lack of faith disturbing.
  8. On the Sherlock theme Elementary was always well done and watchable. The start of S7 (which was never planned) is just terrible, and I’m not sure I can be arsed.
  9. Had an hour on this earlier - base PS4, PSVR, moves. S'okay. Coming back to PSVR after the Quest is a bit deflating though. PSVR version of Norman's is understandably ugly. Especially from the air, and from low orbit. But I can live with that. The Moves though are utter shite for a motion-heavy game like this. The menu handling is lovely (it twitchy), of course, but I can't get the movement right at all. On foot: What is smooth turn? I have it enabled in the menu. I hold the big button on the left Move and I walk forward (I can run with an additional button on the right Move). I rotate the left controller and I strafe left and right. But how do I smooth turn? Is it still just the very digital O and X buttons on the right Move? No analogue turning equivalent? Why not make the left Move rotation do the Turn and not strafe? In the air: Unusable for me. Firstly the in-game throttle and stick are nearly on the floor of my lounge. How the hell do I adjust that, apart from a beanbag maybe? Secondly the right stick for flight is terribly twitchy, even at low response settings. It's also just feels a bit crap and unfriendly for any kind of finesse. Gonna switch back to the DS4 for flight and maybe on foot as well. The whole thing just makes me miss my Quest controllers - generations ahead technologically. Come on Sony Moves 2.0 please.
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