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  1. jonamok

    Tomb Raider 2013

    Can’t say I do. But if we hang on a bit, maybe someone will resurrect a thread from back in the day.
  2. "Early 2019" also confirmed in that interview, so let's get that "(Early 2019)" in the thread title!
  3. Good update. Next one should be entertaining.
  4. Also, what rings you wearing?
  5. Oh, and according to this weekend’s BBC Click show, Cyberpunk is an Xbox exclusive. More quality BBC television journalism there.
  6. Ooh! Back to the island I go!
  7. I got my only ever FPSickness with The Witness. Due, I believe, to the absence of an aiming dot centre-screen. I’m sure Blow discussed patching one in, but not sure they ever did.
  8. jonamok

    Nintendo Switch

    Preordered one from Amazon a week ago for £45 I think. Assume their early allocation ran out, but I expect they’ll be back in before November.
  9. @robdood Really enjoyed that. Especially your battles with the Gargoyles. I was screaming at you to use your Firekeeper Souls for about 90 minutes though.
  10. Re the olde English cack, there’s all a bit of that from an NPC in Ophilia’s story. Except it’s even worse. Phrases like “Here is the Lantorn that thou must holden!” Still, it’s few and far between.
  11. @robdood Missed it. Available to watch anywhere?
  12. @JPickford Literally just beaten it and taking a break. It took me a few goes. I levelled up to 5 before beating it. The trick in the fight is those pink jelly things that the boss adds don’t attack, they just self-destruct after three turns doing 150 pts of damage. That’s what killed you. So kill them quick with staff and Holy light, or just have enough HP. Try to save your boosts (press R) to ramp up the Holy Light, once you’ve broken the boss, as it does huge damage. Also recruit one of the temple guards outside and summon him every round or two to take some of the heat off you. It is pretty tough though for a mini boss, so level up and save before you go in.
  13. jonamok

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    Mind you, my nephew has the neons and they are absolutely lovely in person.
  14. jonamok

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    TeamNo-one, amirite?

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