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  1. Same. I’ve still got this on Wii and always mean to get back into it so now I have a dilemma on whether to get the remake or just play the original.
  2. Haha sorry. I was really hyped before I promise!
  3. I dunno I feel like they’re always quite well spaced out. (But maybe that’s just me personally as this time last year FF7 was released, so I would have been set) but Nintendo wise, wasn’t Yoshi also this time last year?
  4. Oh just the footage looked a bit...bland, basic maybe? Dunno hard to describe and I’m probably being unfair.
  5. I was quite looking forward to this but I’m not so sure after what I saw in that Direct just now.
  6. Sorry bad turn of phrase. I really mean: “what are you getting at?” Do you think there was a big unknown game that got cancelled? The Star Fox Grand Prix that was rumoured maybe?
  7. Yeah don’t really see why Animal Crossing being a delayed game doesn’t count as a release? They probably moved stuff round due to that delay and they also restarted Metroid Prime 4 so they shifted stuff for that too I imagine. Does it matter really?
  8. I never said either? I think you’re combining me, the podcast I was talking about and someone that has criticised MS for not having any next gen exclusives into one megazord type person you’ve been arguing with already? But I can see you're spinning a few plates in this thread already so whatever, just thought it was an interesting take on what Sony might be playing at right now.
  9. Latest Easy Allies podcast had some good chat about what the heck Sony are up to. Mostly it was along the lines of “is there even a plan? They need to step up” but they did bring up the good point that Sony still want everyone excited about the games they have left for the PS4, whereas MS are happy to abandon this gen and move on as they don’t have any big games coming out for the XB1.
  10. Yeah I think it might just be a new website ffs.
  11. Don’t forget the identical crates to move around no matter where you are in the world.
  12. Yeah tbf I struggle to tell the difference with DF comparison videos as it is, I doubt things will get more distinguishable.
  13. Maybe, but there’s loads of games this gen that devs haven’t bothered releasing on Xbox One (that likely would have been multi plat if they had similar market share) So if one console gains enough of a lead then I can definitely see that repeating and then that console’s unique features being used. Or you could get a situation like the Wii where they made it’s own versions of FIFA etc as the player base was too big to ignore.
  14. Sorry is that an announcement you’re reporting or a wish?
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