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  1. Assuming “The Division” in this case refers to the split in the boardroom for taking the main game free-to-play, giving us this compromise.
  2. Also it has that bug where the disc flies out the console and kills your parents. Oh no wait sorry, that’s just the impression you get the way some people talk about it online.
  3. It’s not too late for Nintendo to go third party and turn this around.
  4. If I was Koei Tecmo I’d be going round with the duster and putting out the good cups.
  5. I believe it’s to simulate changing gear. Left side for shifting down, right side for shifting up. It actually feels amazing it’s just pretty infrequent.
  6. I honestly don’t care how bloated it is or how tonally off it was. The biggest thing for me is the gunplay felt so lightweight compared to 4 and 5. Headshots were so unsatisfying.
  7. Still waiting on Star Fox GP from the last leak so not too sure how much I believe that.
  8. Was just reading about Funland on Polygon: https://www.polygon.com/22412770/funland-indie-magazine-publication-print-itchio
  9. God I’m so bored. Well up for some juicy games news. Remember Nintendo? At least we know they’ll be involved.
  10. Okay great so the demo was just shite and the full game is actually good? Good to see Capcom trying to bring some of their Monster Hunter strategy to their other IP.
  11. I really hope there’s some kind of revival of edge online at some point. For one there’s no online equivalent of what edge provides out there and secondly I worry one day we’ll get a “this is the last issue” out of the blue and all the previous writing will be lost and we’ll just have mag scans.
  12. Any tldr version of this or is it all too unknown still?
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