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  1. Or counterpoint: They use more than a 30 second IMDB search to make hiring decisions?
  2. Is it a Long Halloween adaptation or did I make that up?
  3. I don’t doubt Avatar isn’t as big a deal as Fox thinks it is. (Especially now they’ve lost so much momentum). But I’m not really seeing much of a connect between this film and Avatar 2. Certainly not in the eyes of the public?
  4. Christ was gonna pick this up but I’ll carry on waiting.
  5. I mean they often go hand-in-hand but sure, next time I’ll explicitly list out all the benefits to the format that I like, stretching my post out to take an hour to read. Maybe I’ll spread it out over several posts, over several years too.
  6. Tight writing and punchy pacing combined with my limited spare time? How weird of me.
  7. Sold! One of the reasons I enjoyed Glow so much....
  8. Back in my day we didn’t have these “puns”. The forum was in black and white and we just had to make do with the basic X-men films.
  9. “Ooh looks like some activity in the Marvel thread! I wonder what big news there is to tal....oh...it’s a load of shit puns”
  10. Not really because they seemed pretty unsure it would work in the movie that all that stuff you just mentioned is based on?
  11. It sounds like two games from that tweet?
  12. I’m not surprised to see mixed reviews. Opinion on Kojima has always been a bit marmite but I’ve loved his previous games. Difference is I have a 1 year-old now and with such limited game time, words like “slog” and “lengthy” are my absolute kryptonite, so I might wait till it’s cheaper and all the “what the fuck is this” trade-ins have happened.
  13. WHAT I’m fucked. How often are you going in 1st person in this game?
  14. It’s a Nintendo game. Buy it. Rinse it. Sell it back for basically the price you bought it.
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