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  1. Seconded. Thank you @SharkyOB and co-instructor @davejm for the lesson. Five stars - would recommend. Funny how I thought I was messing up the slow corners but it’s actually the fast ones. Amazing what others can see that you can't see yourself.
  2. I'll have to postpone my traditional 5:01 Friday beers, but that works for me
  3. Working today (and all weekdays, 9-5) but free pretty much every weekend / evening
  4. That'd be fantastic, thanks! Maybe we could do it as part of our informal 'break / track day' sessions? (Or whenever you're up for it really!)
  5. Oh mate, no need to do that! It was just a racing incident as far as I'm concerned. I was all over the shop wrestling with cold tyres. And I probably sounded grumpy because I was frustrated with my own performance.
  6. Despite qualifying 9th, I did smile when I saw you were just ahead of me on the grid as I knew there'd be some good racing coming up. Thanks for the compliments too, I try really hard to defend fairly and not do 'a Max' in the braking zones. I think my tyres cooled down too much during my pit stop as I had no grip for a 2-3 laps afterwards and I started to ease off. Then I remembered @SharkyOB's words ("use the force Luke...") about having to monster the car to get heat back in the tyres, which really helped. By that time though you'd pulled off your perfect overtake (hat tip) and
  7. Wish I could offer some sage advice, but all I do in the wet is not drive the car so hard and try to 'waft' around the corners. I think maybe as there's less grip, my G29 actually gives better feedback as I think I can feel more, if that makes sense?
  8. I've had a quick play (all with default aggressive setups) around Outlon. The Alpine is very drifty. Easy to be all Fast n Furious and great fun. Not the fastest though. Audi..zzzz Chevvy - front end heavy, but a fantastic sounding engine. Merc - dunno, can't remember Macca - fantastic cockpit in VR and I got the fastest lap times out of it Porsche - stable and fun to drive, 2nd quickest. Maserati - no TC. Nope. BMW - weird seating position and lacklustre engine noise. Aston - didn't try it as it was choice last time Haven't tried
  9. One bug I hope they fix is that the multiplayer name tags cast a shadow. In @Count Buffalos's case, a massive great big one! Took me a few seconds to realise what all those blurry black lines across the track were.
  10. No worries. I was maybe a little too bold in going round the outside of turn 1 One of the best things about our group is that any incidents are pre-apologised for, as we all know they're not intentional.
  11. Another great evening's racing, thank you all. Those GB tracks are awesome. I know Oulton Park and Donnington, but Snetterton was pretty new to me. (Previous TOCA memories have long since been pushed out of my aging brain). Many years ago I drove a few laps of Oulton Park in a whizzy Mitsubushi Evo and this is the first time the elevation of the last corner has been replicated in a game. VR really helps with that too of course. Again, some fantastic close racing with @davejm who I think was faster overall, but it's really hard to overtake on those narrow tra
  12. I'm pleased to hear you had a similar experience with the McLaren as I did last season. (Yours was just a lot faster ) Especially the longer braking distances. I was drawn to it by the VR viewpoint, which as @davejm noted, is really good.
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