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  1. Shopto order just arrived!
  2. Is Farpoint worth the £15.99 that it's currently going for in the sale?
  3. Just popped in here after playing Odyssey for most of the day (thanks Simply). Keep up the good work chaps.
  4. Only 20 minutes in but this is STUNNING
  5. Now showing as in stock at Simply Games and price put up by a few quid
  6. Any Snipperclips or Fast Racing impressions?
  7. How much is the digital download price going to be?
  8. Is anyone genuinely worried enough about this joycon issue to cancel their pre-order?
  9. Even Nintendo have stock (grey and neon).
  10. Tried the Driveclub demo. Really felt ill and had to quit mid game. Glad I didn't pick that up beforehand.
  11. Worth the purchase for Thumper alone at this point.
  12. Simply Games delivery just arrived. Only ordered yesterday afternoon. Great service as always.
  13. Sweet lord, I'm really enjoying this.
  14. Patch downloaded. Save deleted. I'm going back in....
  15. My Simply Games copy just arrived.
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