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  1. Woohoo, the AC RNG has finally decided I’m worthy of the sturgeon
  2. Nintendo giving us a great deal on their old catalogue? Not a chance.
  3. From what I recall you occasionally press blocks or platforms in 3D world. Or blew against the microphone to make things spin. I don’t think there was anything fundamental there. Similarly with galaxy, the waggle and pointy stuff didn’t feel like it was built to fit the system, it was extra stuff just tacked on once the game was there.
  4. Haven’t played this since the first day it came out. Have they patched the fun back in yet?
  5. It does, yeah. I did the same thing as wanted BOTW on my machine at all times.
  6. Annoyingly animal crossing seems to have the only clock which doesn’t auto update for BST.
  7. Screwball documentary is on Netflix about doping in sport. It’s pretty great.
  8. Similarly, there have only been a few games which have disappointed me as much as this: ISS on the GameCube which was meant to be the next gen follow up to the greatest ever footy games made, the ISS N64 games, but instead was shit and played like the PS versions. Mario Kart Double Dash for obvious reasons Super Mario Sunshine which was no Mario 64
  9. Also, we can just change the system date if desperate enough to get the fish. Right? Right?
  10. I’m done with the fishing. No sturgeon. No string fish. I think I was happier when I didn’t know they existed. And fuck crafting bait too. This is one of those games where the internet ruins the experience a bit. It’s something you should enjoy at your own pace, not trying to rush to tick off all the items the internet has said YOU MUST GET IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS.
  11. Just used 50+ baits to get the string fish only to realise it doesn’t appear till 4pm.
  12. Pretty certain the string fish doesn’t exist and it’s all an elaborate ruse on Tom Nook/Nintendo’s part to get us to play more.
  13. Shame it wasn’t burnout 2 or 3 instead of paradise.
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