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  1. Gerwyn Price winning the world championships would really round off the worst year ever.
  2. I like to let people know when they’re wrong.
  3. Luiz is class. Can see Pep taking him back when they get the chance.
  4. Tried it again. Thought maybe I was wrong. Nope, this game is pure shite. Awful. Even the music is worse than 2016.
  5. I thought this wasn’t entirely awful, but too long. A film needs to be awesome to excuse a run time longer than two hours.
  6. Mings first was a definite yellow. He’s a right twat anyway, so happy to see him off.
  7. Episode 2 was similarly great, the Lloyd actor is brilliant.
  8. Golden Tee arcade. Well I was better than everyone at the pub.
  9. Finding that most Netflix documentaries are absolutely shit. For every half decent one there are another 50 that are a waste of time. They need to focus on quality over quantity.
  10. Just checked, mine is v209 but looks like there have been a few iterations since I got it. Unless there are some substantial improvements it’ll do for now.
  11. Resi 4 is best enjoyed on the Wii or WiiU using a pointer if you have that. It feels a little antiquated now and not without its problems, but it’s still very good. REmake is the best of the others.
  12. Anyone managed to get this running via stadia on a hacked Nintendo Switch yet? Apparently works really well.
  13. I’d agree with this. TLJ and Empire are leagues ahead of all the other movies.
  14. Leeds are a shambles, yet Sky and their pundits seem to be blind to it, constantly praising them. Really weird.
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