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  1. Mario maker on the WiiU which had timed release of types of levels and things you could use in said levels. The first few hours on release were comprised of you designing the most basic levels possible because you didn't have much choice. Eventually they ditched that idea (I think) because it was terrible.
  2. Even at £40m he'd be good value.
  3. It's the ugliest, most expensive bit of unnecessary decoration ever. On top of the actual MD you need, it brings the total cost to about £100.
  4. It’s a good point. I’ve been playing Darksiders on the switch this week and it just throws you straight in and never lets up. Lots of games could learn from this approach.
  5. For fucks sake, just realised I’m on holiday in Japan when this releases. Reckon the Jap version will have English language options?
  6. You could've just multiplied the price of 1 switch game by 18.
  7. It would be easy to criticise women’s football for being slow, one sided or whatever, but most of the men’s games I watched last year were shit too.
  8. Gutted. The board are an absolute joke.
  9. It’s the controls in DKTF that are off. The bosses wouldn’t be too hard if DK didn’t control like Sonic. He’s always either travelling too fast or too slow. Maybe worth a fiver.
  10. Pretty sure it was waggle.
  11. Terribly designed boss. It’s ok that you gave up here though because the game nosedives in quality after this point.
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