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  1. I think it’s worth it. One off cost and forget about it.
  2. Surprised Farrell made the squad, he’s been a complete liability and useless for a while now.
  3. Unless they’ve made some huge structural changes to the game, there will be 10million disappointed people buying it who’ve never played it before.
  4. Their earnings report says they have 1.2 TRILLION yen in the bank. https://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/pdf/2021/210506e.pdf
  5. No wonder why they can’t be arsed to make a F Zero or Waverace. Those numbers are ridiculous.
  6. I don’t care about sharing. I’m making my own F Zero and keeping it for myself.
  7. It’s really bad. The idea to incorporate Uncharted’s shitty gameplay into the RE universe is amongst the worst gameplay design decisions ever.
  8. Man City winning the Champions League would really round off one of the shittest years on record.
  9. the_debaser


    So good to have the crowd back. Even the idiots shouting come on Shaun aren’t that annoying.
  10. the_debaser


    Selby takes so long when planning his snookers. Great player but not the best to watch.
  11. I love my ooni but making the dough is such a faff. Might try and get some decent ready made bases to save all the work.
  12. Well that’s great news. £70 for a rock hard indie game with no save state is a pisstake.
  13. For those playing on PC, what controller are you using? Bought a few N64 style usb controllers off Amazon but they’re mostly crap. That’s the one thing that has frustrated me when playing old N64 games.
  14. Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg on Dolphin. It’s an old Sega GC game where you play a guy who rolls big eggs around and jumps about a bit. That’s it really. Dead simple mindless gameplay, just what is needed once in a while.
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