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  1. Time for my joke again. How many Sega employees does it take to change a light bulb? All of them. One to accidentally pull down the light fitting and set the room on fire, the rest to evacuate the building.
  2. I know the brutality is by design (and brilliantly done). I've played through the first game multiple times. Maybe I'm getting old but something didn't sit right with me in that video. In particular the sequence where Ellie knifes the young Asian girl in the throat, which is unbelievably visceral and hard to watch but in the context, tonally perfect, and then the rampage of uber violence that involves her saying the 80's action hero one-liner 'just like that' as she arrows some guy in the head. It created a tonal dissonance for me that made the later slaughter seem psychotic and wanton and throwaway. It's a weird and instinctive feeling - but it doesn't sit right with me. You can have the later (which largely fits the first game) but then you can't have the former (the intensely personal death). Perhaps it's nothing and I just haven't been playing violent video games enough recently - but the intimacy of the first type of death sits poorly with the mass carnage of the later part. It's very similar to what happened with Uncharted - this feeling of deeper characterisation getting in the way of ultra-violent mechanics.
  3. I'm a bit worried how disturbed I was watching that. The first game was super violent but in a way that still felt safely genre-based i.e. you were braining biker goons and thugs and faceless soldiers for the most part. But these bad guys are people. Beautifully rendered, wonderfully voice acted people, who like music and talk to their dogs. It made me wince watching Ellie knife people in throat and say weird one-lines like 'just like that' as she murdered another person. ND is maybe its own worse enemy here - they are bringing such life to these enemies that it's making it uncomfortable to watch the blood pour out of them. I'm a massive fan of the first and will still be buying this, but yeah - from a game point of view this looks like a masterpiece. From an ethical point of view - this looks like a genuine murder simulator and it made me uncomfortable.
  4. And get to the next level.
  5. I think the problem here is Ellie 'knowing' isn't black and white. She clearly suspects Joel may be lying because she asks him to swear on it. And the look on her face after he does is not relief but inner conflict. She WANTS to believe him and is trying to assuage her doubts. And the alternative is too horrible to face. It's pretty much a rite of passage to sense flaws in the guardians around us as children only to confront them in early adulthood. At the moment the truth of the situation is too momentus and it is very believable that someone of Ellie's age and experience would choose to believe assurances that give her short term security. She knows but doesn't know. She is in denial.
  6. Looks like a Wii flew onto a Sony Wii Trap.
  7. Centrists gonna centrist.
  8. Should be: "a cop and a professional dancer who’s not afraid to clean up the streets... and clean out your credit card."
  9. Sony can afford to ship the game in preparation for PS5 dual play, and patch it on the console's release. Together with a PS5 exclusive DLC episode that they can charge £10 for, they can get all the good will and then the money.
  10. TLoU2 will do much better as an ambassador of the PS5's backward compatibility, seeing as nearly everyone buying a launch PS5 will own it and want to play it through again with improved frame rates and ray tracing etc.
  11. I don't remember the digging machine section so it can't have been that bad. You get (X)
  12. The only bit of RE4 that out stayed its welcome a bit was the castle section. Everything else was straight up thrills. And if anything the lake and swamp sections weren't long enough. Talk of cutting Ashley and the mine cart section is just insane malevolence. I create my own neg system to counter your potty mouths. All of you get (X)
  13. Sony have really misread the situation here. People are desperate for info and so they are watching this, which is not for them. They should have unveiled some of the basic info and the case to placate the vast majority of their audience, and then done this after.
  14. And then coronavirus changed everything. What happened then grand-dad? I watched a man cosplaying as a K-pop star softly talk about hard drive speeds for an hour. Why? Because everything had changed.
  15. Definitely the best one of the series. So many little clues and misdirections. Such fun to watch.
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