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  1. Much preferred scaredy cat over Blue. Cat had real star quality and a totally unique vibe. Blue is just polished show girl nothing. Wrong decision! Bad call! Nil poit!
  2. It was all the realness of Season 1, with all the polish and lucre of Season 10. Loved it.
  3. Amazing. Really going to saviour these. Haven't laughed that hard in a while. Sum Ting Wong was robbed!
  4. I'm 14 minutes into the first episode of UK drag race and it is FUCKING BRILLIANT. I thought it would be a pale imitation but so far these queens have more cutting edge looks and way more humour. This is going to be so fucking good. I want the equivalent of the ashes in cricket - US vs UK drags in an international all star special.
  5. It's been dated for 5 years at least. Now it's fermented and strangely moreish.
  6. Is Coming To America on streaming anywhere?
  7. Rocking gently, eyes shut, a small smile, whispering a countdown to release date?
  8. Well I both want more of the same but also trust this team to deliver what works best for the story and systems they've developed. There's no sense anyone is making anyone do anything here for commercial box ticking faddish reasons. All the footage oozes quality.
  9. The latest trailer seemed to be indicating that this will be less linear - more about traversing between hub settlements in vast open areas. That could work really well - story points in contained areas mixed with vast A to B type sections. I'm sure it'll involve a lot of smoke and mirrors, but equally those rather strange empty open levels in Uncharted 4 with the car might hopefully blossom here into a fully cinematic semi-open world.
  10. The Last of Us is too low. Way too low. It's top 5 and that's me being objective. It's obviously the best story ever told by a video game. Shits on uncharted 2 from another dimension.
  11. What's the deal with this on a normal PS4? Is it just a few slow bits, or properly compromised.
  12. barkbat


    Unbelievable. Will never look at Medvedev in the same way again. One of the greatest matches I've ever seen, and so unexpectedly.
  13. barkbat


    I've never seen a player play so out of his skin for so long. The guy is just making insane shot choices and pulling them off against one of the greatest players who is playing really fucking well. I don't think anyone could out play Medvedev these last two sets. He's hit maybe 1 unforced error for every 50 insane outrageous winner. His 1st serve returns are like from another era.
  14. barkbat


    I know this isn't fair but, do you think there's something in Medvedev's water? Where the fuck is he getting this energy from?
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