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  1. Being top of the rllmuk league is stressful as hell. I almost won it twice, in consecutive seasons, and managed to end up finishing second both times. One time I lost the lead in the last day of the season by 1 point. Still gutted about that one. There are a lot of good managers in here. Good luck staying on top!
  2. Oh yeah, he's awful at free kicks. But he's Ronaldo, the worlds biggest manchild. He probably still gets to take them anyway. Even if Bruno keeps FKs, he scored 18 goals last season, 9 were pens. He's scored 29 goals in the PL, 19 of them were penalties. Take away his penalties from last season, thats 45 points lost already (not factoring in BAPs gained from goals, so maybe another 10-20 points on top of that) and automatically he becomes the worst premium pick in terms of points per million. He could very well end up assisting the hell out of Ronaldo, or end up getting more goals because of the space Ronaldo makes for him, but I think it's way more likely he drops off over the course of the season. He might end up keeping penalties, but I don't see it. I'm definitely looking to get rid. Doing it before a game against Newcastle could bite me in the arse short-term, but long term I think it's the right move. Part of me is considering getting in Lukaku against a Villa defence with probably no Mings, and potentially no Martinez. I'm probably too much of a dullard though and will go for Ronaldo anyway.
  3. I'm unsure what to make of Ronaldo from an FPL perspective. It's very likely that he gets penalties and free kicks, even though Bruno is better at them. He'll also probably start most games, but definitely not all of them. The question there is which games will he miss? Will he miss out on easy games where you want him to play and haul because the have a tricky CL fixture midweek? More than likely. The other thing about him I find slightly off putting is his captain potential. If you are paying 12.5 million for a player, you do it so you can captain them for those games where they go goal crazy. Ronaldo has only scored one league hat-trick in the past 2 seasons. He only scored one hat trick when he was originally at Man Utd. He's scored 57 hat tricks in his career, but they were almost all against absolutely awful opponents, like Getafe, or Lithuania. If he keeps up his standard league goalscoring record, but does it in a goal a game kind of a way, and you constantly captain him, you get the benefit of almost guaranteed captain points, but you will get really screwed when Kane, Salah or Lukaku get a big haul and are heavily captained. The only thing sure thing you can say about Ronaldo is that his arrival completely ruins Bruno as a premium asset. Half his points total last year where from pens and FKs, so he's definitely not worth the outlay with Ronaldo in the team. Bruno will almost definitely be out of my team before the next gameweek, but whether or not his money goes in to Ronaldo is definitely up for debate.
  4. I friggin love Rimworld. Got like 600 hours played or something like that. One of the most engrossing and accidentally purposefully hilarious games I've played in a long time. @Flub Do you want any tips, or do you just want to learn as you go? The rim is a brutal place to be. Also, I would be careful digging too deep underground. Really, really careful.
  5. Honestly, it’s a game that rewards mistakes. In my last campaign, during the final bottle, I screwed up massively and managed to get one of my hunters in trouble. He was standing next to his mystic father, who was basically essential to my whole battle plan. The game offered me the choice of letting the hunter die, or having his father die in his place. I think you know what I chose. I won the battle in the end. But it took way longer than it should have. Even though I had no intention of doing so before the fight, I upgraded the father and the sons legendary status at the end of the campaign. A worthy sacrifice requires honour.
  6. I knew I liked this game about 20 minutes in. In terms of intro, you pick your characters, then the story starts for whichever campaign you decide to play. How long it takes you to start depends on your reading speed and how long you want to spend looking at the artwork in the story panels! It’s also very kind with saving. Can save at pretty much any point in the game.
  7. I bought this a couple of weeks ago and have put 40 hours in to it already. Absolutely great game, and you really feel attached to the characters you take through the stories. The way the game is designed basically guarantees that they'll have some unique or quirky aspect to them that you'll remember for when you can recruit them in other stories. My favourite character so far is one I played in my first game and I have recruited in every game since if I get the chance. In the first story, her head transformed in to a crow. And then she got cursed with a rat's tail for trying to steal a magical artefact. She's had all kinds of mad adventures since then, but I don't want to spoil the game any more than I already have. If you like fantasy even a little bit this is a must buy. If you're a DnD nerd, then this is a why haven't you bought it yet, you absolute moron?
  8. This pitch is so awful it's injuring multiple players out of nowhere.
  9. Yarmolenkos was a scorcher, no doubt, but the technical ability for Insigne to produce that shot from that position, whilst carrying the ball, is kind of blowing my mind.
  10. Milan Baros is way better at saving penalties than scoring them.
  11. I'm only reading this thread for your reactions.
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