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  1. CarloOos

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Demo disc classic Overboard perhaps? Lifeforce TENKA for a taste of baffling pre-twin stick FPS controls. That said I was always fond of Alien Trilogy, but I guess that and Resurrection are ruled out for licensing reasons.
  2. Diamonds does open with a montage of Bond hunting Blofeld as revenge for her murder though.
  3. CarloOos

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Yeah, Vader. It was 100% a reshoot. Just think, at one point there was a cut of Rogue One where they’d brought back Vader for a single scene of him getting out the bath to have a meeting. I’d have been fucking livid.
  4. CarloOos

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    I’m 100% with @linkster on Rogue One, it’s a shallow load of nothing, and that robot who everyone seem to love doesn’t even have any good gags. Ben was great, but they wasted Mads. The rest of the cast are awful. The best scene in the film is a last minute insert that has nothing to do with the plot.
  5. CarloOos

    Metro Redux Ps4 Xbone

    Never did finish the second one of these, it’s been sat on my Xbox hard drive for years waiting for me to return. I thought they were both excellent, as a huge fan of the original STALKER who never had good enough PC for either of the sequels, the Metro series successfully scratched that itch for me on console. I just wish the monster designs were more effective, STALKER was legitimately terrifying in places whereas the Metro games have never really gone beyond ‘tense’.
  6. CarloOos

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Oh wow, I genuinely almost bought the premium pass for £40 on Sunday. Looks amazing with the One X patch, too.
  7. CarloOos

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    I don't know what it is about Tomb Raider but the threads for all three have been absolute cluster-fucks. Also for years after losing the elites in Halo the prevailing notion around these parts was that you should never let your game design be hemmed-in by a plot nobody cares about, but for this particular series people just can't let it go.
  8. For what it’s worth I heard the exact same thing from a writer I know weeks ago, long before it was in the papers. He framed it as Craig hating the character of Bond and wanting to see him killed off, though. If they genuinely are considering Idris Elba (not convinced, personally) then I could see them doing it.
  9. CarloOos

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    I actually thought the first game had a solid story but with weak characterisation, whereas the second one was poor on both counts. I still completed them both twice, and that is an absolute rarity for me. If the quality of the world, setpieces and puzzles is of a similar standard to the previous titles then I personally don’t think it matters that much. If the third act twist ends up being yet another macguffin that has kept an army of Inca warriors alive for the past thousand years I’m going to die laughing.
  10. CarloOos

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    Destiny is a funny one, because the original obviously wasn’t the game Bungie wanted to make, and it’s also not the game a lot of Halo fans (myself included) wanted to play, but almost by fluke it was something that a lot of people did latch onto. It seems like they made a sequel that tried to address a lot of the criticisms people like me made about the original, such as what a tedious grind they found it, but in reality people like me weren’t the ones who were excited about more Destiny in the first place. I didn’t buy Destiny 2, but through account sharing I have played it. For what it’s worth I found it just as boring as the first.
  11. CarloOos

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    Not sure why you’ve quoted that, it was in specific response to grindmouse phrasing his posts in a way that implied that everyone agreed that his very specific issues with the beta, when obviously lots of people don’t.
  12. CarloOos

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    It’s really not. I don’t personally work in games but I imagine attitudes regarding customers who think they know more than people who have spent their entires lives honing a particular craft are shared across all creative fields. Player engagement is very de rigueur in these days of social media marketing, but half of those players would absent mindedly turn Battlefield into Nuketown with noob tubes if you actually listened to them. Player feedback was the reason suppression was effectively removed. Have faith in your creative vision and ignore your fanbase, they’re almost entirely idiots who have zero awareness of all the tireless testing, iterative changes and hard decisions that have already been made behind the scenes. Usually when decisions get made at a creative level that the fan-base wholeheartedly reject its because of interference at a corporate level, not because the fans are such amazing gamers that they became at better making games themselves.
  13. CarloOos

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    Well I’m also a solo player and I hardly agree with anything you’re saying. Holding the left trigger doubles the speed of the bleed-out, at which point you’re looking at pretty much the same length of time as the previous games, just with less of that time spent waiting for a counter on a map screen (although I do think respawns should default to the map screen as they do in BF1). Thanks to the spotting/ammo changes, you also die less frequently, and spend less time caught in the die/respawn/die immediately loop that bigger battles in the previous games frequently descended into. BF4 was criticised for having far, far too many guns, which it did. Fewer, more distinct weapons is always preferable IMO. Initially you also criticised the movement and the weapon feedback which I think is nuts, it’s night and day ahead of the previous games in that regard. Comparisons to R6:S are silly, but also short sighted because it literally took 2-3 years for R6 to de-jank itself. Obviously everyone’s entitled to their opinion but I reject the implication that there’s any sort of unanimous opinion on these changes. I always trust DICE over their whinging playerbase and see the merit of their decisions. If anything, I wish they’d listen to their players far less.
  14. CarloOos

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    You’d think the bleed-out takes about two minutes based on this thread, it’s about 10-15 seconds at most and really not that much longer than the respawning in BF1. I absolutely love it. In purely mechanical terms it’s a step in almost every way from BF1. The movement, aiming and shooting all feel extremely crisp and responsive in a way that basically none of the previous Battlefields have ever really nailed, I played a few games of BF1 tonight for comparison and it felt clunky as fuck going straight between the two. Removing spotting and lowering the base ammo has completely revitalised the game, it’s considerably less of a meat grinder now. There’s way more potential for sneaking around objectives and boldly manvouvering around the maps without constantly being shot in the back from miles away. That said, the UI is atrocious and I agree that it doesnt necessarily ‘feel’ like a WW2 game based on these maps. A lot of that is presumably that’s a side-effect or DICE consciously trying to avoid the same trope-y settings that have been done a million times before, and considering how tired and familiar CoD: WW2 felt within minutes I think they made the right call.
  15. CarloOos

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)

    Must admit, I thought the skydive was the worst setpiece of the film. Narratively it completely spoils Cavill’s character pretty much as soon as he’s introduced, and aesthetically it looked fake as fuck for something I know they did for real. The whole thing would have worked better for me if they’d just cut it.

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