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  1. I don't recall it being an issue
  2. You find it on planets, When you scan a planet it will tell you if it has it. Then it is the type of deposit that you need to use the terrain modifier to extract.
  3. For somewhere that prioritises diversity... now three men left, two white. What a shame. Hopefully Danielle gets a good gig somewhere. Danika and Nathalie both dropped off my radar when they moved on tho.
  4. Brad is doing a podcast outside of Giant bomb with Will Smith... It is really bad as neither of them really know anything about anything and don't seem interested in learning! https://techpod.simplecast.com/
  5. When I cancelled my membership I gave Ben as my reason, but I doubt he will be forced out.
  6. Some things need the advanced laser to mine, others (the deposits in the ground rather than crystals or rocks etc) need the terrain manipulator. main quests should get you them both iirc.
  7. Podium will be salty and fun! NOR getting 7th is good.
  8. i think because you have not advanced the story, or because you are on the first planet still.
  9. Poor Botas! Could have gone worse for Ham.
  10. 35 years since original Elite! Cheap thargoid bobble head in the store to celebrate!
  11. PC, dunno if that sort of thing is cross platform. Search for user RLLMUK and see I guess!
  12. I just set up a private group called "Rllmuk" it is set to accept anyone joining so I think if you search for rllmuk it will allow you to join (maybe)
  13. Post more pics! Looks an amazing experience of a great race!
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