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  1. When I started buying DVDs I was all over the extras. The LOTR EE documentaries were incredible, and I definitely listened to a few of the commentaries too. I also once wrote a pretty good essay at university largely thanks to an American Beauty commentary track. For whatever reason though, I just stopped caring about extras after a while and don't really miss them. I'd usually rather just watch something else.
  2. That's a common sound issue with surround sound mixes, but it's more likely to be down to way your setup is handling it rather than the mix itself. Your Blu-ray player might be doing some volume levelling stuff.
  3. My wife secretly filmed me playing Beat Saber earlier. I can confirm that you definitely don't look anywhere near as cool as you feel.
  4. My word, Beat Saber is a bit good. I love Rythym Action games anyway, and in VR it's just a wonderfully immersive thing. It's also exhausting.
  5. The clips of For Honor, and one of the Assassin's Creeds are supposed to be part of Mythic Quest. I guess it's cheaper than animating incidental scenes, and I think Ubisoft partly fund the show.
  6. I was going to say, they're about £8 each! I will get them at some point though.
  7. Thanks. I've only tried launching Oculus store games so far, and was a bit disappointed when Rez Infinite wouldn't start. According to the list the SteamVR version works, although I'm not sure it's worth buying it again at full price just for the sake of wireless play.
  8. A bunch! I've only had a go with Pistol Whip and Vader Immortal so far though, the first being ace (and knackering), and the second being really immersive while it lasted. It did result in me punching a wall during a lightsaber fight though, which the newly cleared spare room should solve.
  9. My Quest arrived a couple of days ago, which finally gave me the push to clear out our spare room. I got the wireless Virtual Desktop streaming set up yesterday, which seems to work great, but like someone else earlier I noticed that some games just refuse to launch using it. Is there a compatibility list available anywhere? 3 EDIT: I just found this on the Steam forums. I'm not sure if this is definitive or not: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Sfwl2JNVlMykIzMc4We1KiUzAi4VLn3fajwfybc9osk/edit#gid=1213003018
  10. That Quarantine episode was brilliant. I don't think this show made a very good first impression, but it quickly got better, and if season 2 is as good as this episode it's going to be something special.
  11. I have no idea how it's suddenly 19:10! I might be munching a pizza while we start.
  12. 23/05/2020 - Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Well this was a long time coming. I bought this for the PS2 back when it came out, but I didn't get very far into it. I already had a 360 at that point along with a snazzy new "Technosonic" 720p TV, and it was tough going back to 576p fuzzovision, or less as it turned out in widescreen mode. It also failed to grab me like the earlier games in the series, for reasons that still apply today as it turns out. This time I played the Zodiac Age remaster on the Switch, so that sorted the fuzzyness issue. The opening made for a promising start, presenting a distinctive world blending high fantasy with something out of the Star Wars prequels. The switch from fixed cameras in FFX to full 3D environments was impressive at the time, and still look cool today, but there's a weird blockyness to the world that make it less distinctive as a result. The story was intriguing to start with, and seemed to be going for a very different tone to most games in the series. Vaan is introduced like a leading man, but turns out to just be along for the ride in a properly ensemble cast. If anything Ashe is the closest thing to a lead, and she didn't join my party for quite a while. A lot of the story focussed on the politics of two warring nations, with the more fantastical elements being mostly a means to an end. I liked the idea of it, but felt it was quite underplayed and not helped by the overly flowery dialogue. The actual voice acting was pretty good though, in spite of the awful encoding quality. Most of the game is spent traversing the environment and fighting stuff anyway, and it's here where I had the most issues. In a brave move, FFXII threw out random battles entirely in favour of something reminiscent of a WoW (or I guess FFXI) style MMO. Mobs wander around the world minding their own business until you agro them, at which point you trigger actions which fire after a short timer. What makes it really interesting is the gambit system, where you can automate your party with situational actions, which is particularly useful for your healers. It's really smart, but after a while I found that my party was so automated that there was nothing left for me to do. Traversing the world was reduced to holding the left stick, waiting for my party to autokill everything, then move some more and repeat. Bosses tended to require more interaction, especially later in the game, but there was still an awful lot of downtime regardless. I've never used a speed toggle more in a game than I did in this. On top of the mindless world combat, the world itself just wasn't an interesting place to explore. Environments looked nice enough, but had little in the way of distinctive landmarks and required a lot of map reading. I probably ended looking at the map more than the world! I wanted to talk a bit about the License Board system, which governs what skills are available to the characters, what weapons and armour they can equip and even what certain items do. Every character has access to any two boards, effectively multiclassing, which offers a huge amount of freedom in how you construct your party. This was a little paralysing to me to start with and spent a lot of the game wondering if I'd made some bad choices. You can reset any of these decisions for free in this version of the game, which is cool, but you still potentially need to spend a lot of gil to buy new equipment if you do. Anyway it's done now. I've criticised a lot in this writeup, but in reality I found my opinion wavering many times as I played it. Sometimes I quite enjoyed the laid back adventuring, but at others I found myself very bored. I do wonder if I've just been missing something, as many people rate this as the best in the series, but for me it's my least favourite so far out of the ones I've actually finished. I'm definitely going to check out a Let's Play at some point to see someone playing it who loves it.
  13. Finished! My thoughts haven't really changed though. I never clicked with the story, and far too much of the game went by without any meaningful interaction. I wouldn't go as far as to say I didn't like it, but it's my least favourite Final Fantasy out of the ones I've finished. I'd hasten to add that I haven't finished XIII or XV, so we'll see if either of those can take it's place.
  14. It's the one jonamok posted above: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B081V8W4ZQ/ref=smi_www_rco2_go_smi_5447869900?_encoding=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0&ie=UTF8 I have a CV1 so I'm not new to VR, but that's been gathering dust for months now and the thought of setting up three sensor a room scale setup again was a bit depressing. A completely self-contained VR headset on the other hand sounds like the best thing ever.
  15. I've just taken the plunge on one of these myself, along with one of the straps posted in this thread. Does anyone have any recommendations for a counterweight though, or is everyone just using DIY solutions? I haven't touched a VR game since the CV1 a few years ago, so I can't wait.
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