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  1. I had to double check in case I was misremembering, but nope. That was a nice touch. I thought the episode was solid, but I'm expecting great things as the show goes on. It's great to have more Clone Wars.
  2. I started this for the first time today, and people weren't wrong about the inventory management. I remember reading a preview before the original release praising it for finally allowing you to simply drop items in order to pick up something more important. Fair point, that's great! Then you end up running backwards and forwards for ages trying to organise all your stuff, or worse trying to pick up the one item you want from the floor you've scattered everything around. Billy is instantly annoying, and Rebecca comes across as if she ended up in the STARS team by mistak
  3. 03/05/2021 - Resident Evil 3 (Remake) I've been flitting between games quite a lot over the last few months, as nothing really seemed to hold my attention since Sekiro outside of small games. With Resi 8 on the way though I remembered I still hadn't played the Resi 3 remake (3make?). I loved what Capcom did with the remake of Resi 2, and was delighted to see that they were giving 3 the same treatment so quickly. However, like the original I think it suffers a bit from feeling like a slightly rushed rehash. Resi 2's unforgettable police station is replaced with a bunch o
  4. Apparently the single player campaign is meant to be rather good. It's so rare that a new RTS game comes out, let alone one with a decent campaign that I'm tempted to just buy it while it's on sale.
  5. I mentioned a while ago in this thread that fighting the last boss felt like a martial arts training montage; getting destroyed to start with but learning more and more each time. Finally you instinctively know all the tells and how to react, and can handle the early stages with ease. Then you finally beat them all and it's the best feeling in the world. It's a different story of empowerment to the Souls games. There's no going back to early areas and swatting enemies away like that aren't there, but there's a definite feeling of empowerment through skill.
  6. I think you're being pedantic with the black sword thing. Sure that weapon will do a lot of damage, but only because of higher stats. There's no reason even a basic sword in Dark Souls shouldn't be doing immediately lethal damage, but then it's not that sort of game. As for Sekiro, I would suggest that it's designed that way to encourage stealth, evasion and parrying over tanking.
  7. Well yeah. See also most other games, including the other From games. It would be a very different game if your sword did realistic amounts of damage, in that most enemies would be instantly cut in half.
  8. @Minion I didn't have to bait him into anything. You just take the right actions for his attacks like anyone else, and guard to recover your posture as necessary. There is a reason bosses have a health bar as well as a posture bar, and it matters more than most with Owl. There are attacks you should be parrying, and attacks you should be dodging so you can get a few hits in. Soon enough his health will be low enough that your posture damage builds up enough for a deathblow. Here's (most) of my fight with him. This wasn't my finest hour as it was pretty sloppy, but it worked.
  9. What do you mean by unbalanced? You're right in the sense that your bigger, stronger mentor has better posture and more strength than yourself, but it's totally balanced in the sense that the fight's perfectly winnable with the right strategy. The "balance" comes from your mobility, posture management, and indeed item management in that fight.
  10. Owl's a tough fight. You do have to do a fair bit of damage to him before you can build up some serious posture damage, and you also need to manage your own posture by guarding and stuff to keep it down. Also I'm sure you are, but some of his attacks (leaps and stuff) really need to be dodged rather than parried. It's still ultimately all about posture in the end, but he is an exceptionally tough fight. For good reason mind.
  11. He certainly has: It's fair to say that Marvel don't stick too closely to classic mythology.
  12. Apparently I'm But I'd love to read them.
  13. I think you can buy prayer beads from some of the merchants too.
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