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  1. Mogster

    Doctor Who

    I re-watched almost everything from the new show recently, and that stuff's the exception rather than the norm. That first season also had The Unquiet Dead, Dalek, The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, Father's Day and the Parting of the Ways, all of which I'd consider pretty great in their own way. It took me until Dalek to really fall in love with the show though, and I'm hoping this new run will be have an episode to live up to it soon.
  2. Mogster

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Ikaruga is obviously a classic, but it's also not the same sort of thing as Velocity if that's what you're after. Personally I loved Velocity and its sequel, while Ikaruga just isn't for me.
  3. Mogster

    Doctor Who

    Doctor Who is supposed to be a family show rather than a straight up kids show, and the box-sets are normally rated 12. That really is just be a mater of target audience rather than quality though, as there's a lot of bloody good stuff out there that is aimed squarely at kids. Anyway, by its nature Doctor Who can vary in quality week to week, but at its best it can be absolutely incredible. I felt the show needed a few episodes before it really found its feet back in 2005 though, and this season feels like another fresh start. I certainly like what its trying to do so far, but hopefully it will step up its own game soon.
  4. Mogster

    Doctor Who

    Indeed. There's the quote I was thinking of:
  5. Mogster

    Doctor Who

    I don't think that was ever promised, unless I've missed something. Interviews with cast and crew had suggested that there would definitely be threads running through the series, but also that the episodes themselves would still work as stand alone stories. The intention was to ensure new viewers wouldn't be lost if they started watching a few episodes in, as I recall. Along with the Timeless Child mention, there's also the Stenza link between this episode and the first which implies they could be something of a theme as well.
  6. Mogster

    Doctor Who

    I finally managed to watch this weekend's episode today, and liked it quite a bit. It was simple, but worked well and I thought it looked fantastic. The Tardis bit at the end was definitely the highlight though. I want a biscuit dispenser. I'm absolutely in love with the opening credits. The theme is great, and something about the swirling backgrounds make it slightly disturbing, in a good way. I think it's the slight judder.
  7. It's lovely with a bit of cinnamon.
  8. Mogster

    Doctor Who

    I can't watch the episode until later, but I managed a sneaky watch of the intro. I approve! Based on the first episode the show itself has had a real shake up, but the intro and theme is a wonderful nod back to its very beginnings.
  9. Mogster

    Shenmue 1&2

    I made it to Christmas day. I can't remember if I took longer than that, although I definitely didn't reach January. I wasn't exactly rushing either, and spent about a "week" trying to get past a certain point. Annoyingly I originally got past that bit in two attempts, only for a power cut to ruin everything before I could save.
  10. Mogster

    The Flash - TV series

    I know I am. There's just too much of it now, and they've grown more homogeneous over the seasons too. Legends is the only one that really stands out, although I've still yet to even try Black Lightning. We all used to moan about the secret identity drama these shows used to fall back on, but now that everyone seems to know who everyone is there's not really been anything to replace it. The whole shows are now about super-teams fighting monsters of the week, while also fighting a reaaaaaaaallllllly drawn out super bad guy plot over the course of a season. I probably won't bother watching them this time around unless I hear they've improved.
  11. Mogster

    Shenmue 1&2

    I've heard it's possible to fail the first game if you take too long, but it's such a long time that it's basically an Easter egg. There's a lot of enforced downtime in the game as it is with only a limited amount of plot stuff you can do each day, so you'd have to be deliberately avoiding a lot of stuff to get anywhere near the limit.
  12. Mogster

    Doctor Who

    Nothing I suppose, but I imagine that could make all the difference for someone when they don't think they could do it at all. I'm no expert on dyspraxia either, but I know enough that it would make something like riding a bike a lot more difficult than it would be for someone with normal levels of coordination. I don't think it was at all bad writing anyway.
  13. Mogster

    Doctor Who

    I think advice like "just practice" is probably part of the reason disabilities like dyspraxia need more visibility on shows like this. It was weird that they took him all the way up there for it mind.
  14. Mogster

    Microsoft’s xCloud Game Streaming Service

    I'm very interested in this stuff, although realistically I'm not quite sure how I'd use it yet. I do stream my PS4 and One X to my PC sometimes, and I've even streamed my PS4 over the internet on one occasion, but the important factor there is that I still have the physical consoles at home to use as my first choice. It would be amazing if xCloud could be bundled in with a Live sub or something, although I'm not getting my hopes up.
  15. The levelling up has taken me by surprise. Both times in fact. Lots of new stuff to play with now though!

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