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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a TV show set in the High Republic era, assuming the EU stuff does well. It would certainly make much more sense than having to squeeze stuff in between the movies. I'm excited about the books anyway.
  2. It's a bit late now, but I'd normally advise that people skip The Cage too, or at least leave it until the end. It was never broadcast in the original run, and you end up seeing almost the entire thing in flashback during the Menagerie two-parter later down the line.
  3. Mogster


    I'm sure I read that the cast were being paid about 2.5 million dollars each to do it, which seems an awful lot for an interview.
  4. There is an argument for it. I'd certainly think twice about buying a game on the current gen consoles if I knew there was a better version I could play once I upgraded, and by the time I had the new console there'd be other games vying for my attention resulting in a potential lost sale. I wonder how many people would end up not buying a game at all, and whether this would be worth it when weighed against the amount of people buying two copies.
  5. There's a new Clone Wars season too, and a few other Marvel shows. I think there'll be enough to keep things ticking along. I'm not sure that the £50 offer is worth it though for the sake of a potential £10 saving. I think I'd rather risk paying more and have the option of cancelling.
  6. He's going to be so disappointed when he finds out.
  7. I don't think xcloud will have quite the same issues. It's not like there will be any other way to stream Xbox games, so there's no chance for a publisher to set up a competing service. Also going forwards I imagine Microsoft will make xcloud a requirement of releasing games on their platform. The Geforce Now situation is a bit weird. By all account, Bethesda and Activision were on board for the beta, and Nvidia assumed they had permission to keep their games around for the launch. Clearly the publishers had other ideas though. I'm not really sure whether Nvidia or these two publishers are the ones taking the piss here. It depends whether you see Geforce Now as its own thing, like xcloud or Netflix, or just a gateway to games on Steam and other existing platforms.
  8. I quite enjoyed the episode. I think as long as The Orville exists I don't really mind Star Trek going in the direction it is. I thought this was a lot better than last week's episode, and still a million times better than Discovery.
  9. 22/02/2020 - Frostpunk Completed is a strong word as I've only played the first scenario (A New Home), but I think that will do me for now. City builders are normally pretty relaxing, but this is anything but. Bloody hell! It's excellent though. It took me two attempts to make it through that first scenario. The first had me constantly scrambling to compensate for my poor attempts preparation, and I ended up desperately going full blown fascist in a futile attempt to hold things together. I somehow made it quite far in, but my leadership ended in a rather undignified fashion. The second run went so much better though, to the point where it was almost leisurely for most of the game. No-one was going hungry, my resources were flowing in nicely and I was tending to the sick. I went down the faith route as it seemed nicer than the alternative, and managed to hold off going off into the deep end there. Basically it was all going swimmingly until the final stretch, when hope was finally falling to nothing and I was clinging on by a thread. If I had to hold out for a single day longer I think I would have failed again, but I didn't, so yay! Also the timelapse of my city at the end was awesome. I'll be going back to try the other scenarios at some point for sure, but as I'll be leaving it for a while I think this counts as "completed" for now.
  10. I almost tuned out of the third season after two episodes, but ended up watching the rest as my wife wanted to keep going. It did get a bit better as it went on, but overall it was just really, really weird. It's always been a little teen drama-esque, but some bits felt more Disney Channel than young adult before lurching to a scene with peoples eyes being pecked out or something. And yes, the songs. Oh god the songs.
  11. Mogster

    Dreams - It's out!

    I used Music 2000 for two bits of GCSE Music coursework, and got good marks for them too. I had to bring my Playstation into school and borrow another class' PC to demonstrate how it all worked, which was interesting. I remember having to explain to the teacher what a memory card was.
  12. Oh I've got all his stuff from the first "season" onwards, and a few of the older audios.. I just need to listen to it all! I got as far as Ravenous 1 ages ago and really need to get back to it. It was wonderful when Night of the Doctor came out of nowhere and referenced a bunch of the BF companions, although I guess he must have forgotten a few based on the more recent audios.
  13. I love Big Finish too, although they've been going a bit nuts in recent times with all the spin-offs and crossovers. It's a bit like reading comics, in that it's very easy to get sucked into several ongoing series and ending up with a great big backlog. I really should catch up with the Eighth Doctor stuff.
  14. Maybe you're right, and from the sounds of it there is a newer version of the dub that removes that stuff. At the same time though even the old dub (the current Netflix one) was apparently approved by Miyazaki, so you'd think he'd have had some complaints if it changed something as significant as that. I don't think it makes much difference to the story either way though. The rest of the film still happens, and that one particular plot point doesn't change the message of the film for me. It is an interesting difference though, regardless of how significant it ultimately is.
  15. I don't think those changes are in place for the Netflix release. The songs were sung in English, and the spoilered bit still happened.
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