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  1. Also, surely nobody there would have had 3D glasses if they were going into a 2D showing?
  2. Mogster

    Xbox One X

    Put it this way. After comparing Forza Horizon 4 supersampled at 30fps against 1080p at 60fps, I set it back to supersampling and didn't look back. I think it makes a big difference on a 1080p set.
  3. Mogster

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    I remember not finding out about the B scenarios until quite a while after I bought the game. I played through the two A scenarios and left it at that. I believe Claire A/Leon B is considered the canonical option, for those that care.
  4. Mogster


    I'm also at the Seat of the Matriach, and having similar troubles. The multiplayer mechanic can be wonderful, but also a bit of an issue depending on what you're planning at the time. I don't think I'm quite ready for this area for a start, and ended up dropping a whole load of money deep in the dungeon. It wasn't so deep I couldn't retrieve it all though, but as I had a human companion with me it didn't seem right to warp out and leave them in the lurch. Naturally this just led to us wiping further down, making it much harder to retrieve. I should probably just take the loss and move on.
  5. Mogster


    This is pretty good as a kind of chilled out Souls-lite, if you will. It has a lot of elements that are straight out of those games, but somehow manages to feel completely different. Does anyone know if you can do anything with unwanted items other than drop them? My inventory is getting a little full, but I haven't found a way to sell stuff.
  6. Mogster

    Microsoft Rewards

    I'm sure you're all on tenterhooks, but I got my 5,000 points just now. I'm glad that's all over!
  7. I was going to say this. On the rare occasion I watch something in 3D I always whack the brightness up and turn on motion smoothing. The brightness compensates for the glasses and the smoothing just makes for a more comfortable experience. It's off for everything else though, and it's always a bit annoying when I visit other people who leave it on. My fiancé's first exposure to HD video was on a set with smoothing switched on, and she took some convincing after that that HD video didn't normally look so unnaturally smooth.
  8. Mogster

    Microsoft Rewards

    I just had the same request for screenshots of the achievements. Cheers for that link @Revival.
  9. Speaking as someone who owns a PS4 Pro, One X and a gaming PC, I absolutely love my Switch. I wouldn't have bought it if I had to pick one console and nothing else, although I think I would probably be quite happy with that, but as it is it fills a role in my gaming life that nothing else can match. It's the first time a handheld console provides a functionally uncompromised way to play home console style games, and the ability to seamlessly play the same games on the TV is a bonus.
  10. I forgot about those PC Gamer demo disks! They kept me going between the Mega Drive and the PS1, along with Age of Empires, Starcraft, Total Annihilation and the original C&C. I'd half forgotten about that entire era of my gaming life, so thanks @Alan Stock. I remember convincing my mum that strategy games were somehow different to "normal" games, so they were exempt from the time limit for a while. She finally twigged when I mentioned a particular strategic decision involving a nuclear missile.
  11. I had a mixed experience of all this really. My first console was a Mega Drive, and while I remember absolutely rinsing the few games I had for it I must have spent an equal amount of time with my Lego obsession. I also loved playing outside with friends, so I guess there was no need for my parents to regulate anything. My parents split up when I was still fairly young, and this led to some slightly different approaches going forward. My dad bought me a PS1 for a birthday present, and I certainly used that a lot. I blame Final Fantasy VII for really sucking me in, and I think it was around then that my mum started imposing a time limit. I remember having to negotiate a little to increase the limit for weekends, and of course there were several days where I needed a little extra time to "get to the next save point". Sometimes I meant it. The thing is, by this time I had a TV in my room and a decent pair of headphones, so I'd often just jump back on after my parents had gone to bed and play into the early hours. I had plenty of tired mornings at school after this, but it felt worth it. I still did rather well at school, and it's not like I didn't have other hobbies still. I was a voracious reader for a start, and I like to think I would have been reading into the early hours instead had I been allowed more gaming time in the day. I used to visit my dad every other weekend for a while, and he didn't have any limits whatsoever. He played a few PC games himself, and his new wife's kids had a PS1 of their own we could use. I have fond memories of playing Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D and, err, Riven on his PC. I used to enjoy just mucking about in the worlds of the last two, clearing DN3D's levels of enemies and just mucking about with the interactive stuff. There was also the time I spent an entire day playing Final Fantasy VIII and finishing the first disc. My dad stopped seeing my brother and I after a time, and mum got married again after a few years. New dad was pretty awesome, but didn't really understand games and clearly saw them as a bit of a waste of time. He used to remind me rather too often to "make sure you do other things too" or "don't play too long" whenever he saw me playing something, even if I'd literally just started. So that wasn't annoying at all. The time limits disappeared at some point though, probably around sixth-form time I guess. I want to have kids at some point, and I've been wondering a little about how I'd handle gaming time. I genuinely think that games were the most stimulating form of entertainment I had as a kid, so I'd like to think limits wouldn't be necessary unless it was actually becoming a problem. Besides, I know from experience that this would be completely futile after the point they had a TV in their room anyway. I feel that my parents never really understood games, biological dad aside, so must have seen the time I spent as no different from playing the equivalent of space invaders over and over again for years on end instead of the varied, wonderful experiences I was actually having. I think I'd be more concerned about encouraging my kids to play a good variety of games rather than simply restricting their time. Of course this will probably all go out the window if I do end up with kids of my own.
  12. Done. I just had a sneaky go on my lunch break, and managed to fit in another mission in the questline I started on Cetus. It's starting to get a little more challenging now, which is cool.
  13. Mogster

    Microsoft Rewards

    Good to know they're sorting it out. Hopefully mine will be sorted before the 15th!
  14. They work quite well in some games as sort of transparent handhold for the player. I'm playing Spider-Man at the moment that does this, allowing you to get the hang of new skills one by one without everything being thrown at you together. They're also all interesting skills to learn, instead of just "do 5% more damage when punching" or whatever.
  15. Mogster

    Microsoft Rewards

    Same here. I was about to put in a support call.

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