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  1. Or it's until 04/10/2019.
  2. While preferable, this will at least avoid the possibility of sync errors sending you back in time on one device, and then the old save syncing back and overwriting the newer one.
  3. I just played through the whole thing again, and if anything it was even better second time around. I don't think I've had an experience quite like this with a music game since, ooh, Ouendan?
  4. I just finished this myself, and I can only echo the praise. I also thought it might be a bit too simple from the first couple of stages, but like Billy said it just keeps on building from there and quickly becomes something rather amazing. The music is great too, as it needs to be for a games like this, and I could definitely see myself just playing through the whole thing every now and then. I'm looking forward to working towards some gold ranks too.
  5. Mogster

    Xbox Game Pass

    Bloodstained is fantastic. I have the Switch version from the Kickstarter, but I've been holding off that until more stuff gets fixed. I think I'll just play this one now.
  6. I have this dilemma myself. I just picked up £10 of credit with my points, before realising there's nothing I want at a price I want right now that isn't already on Game Pass.
  7. That's great! I was only addressing Zero specifically though. I have no idea what the rest are like, but I'll find out soon enough.
  8. I'm only half way through but this is already incredible. Amazing design, craftsmanship, music, voice acting, direction and story. It's got it all.
  9. I played the original game when it came out on the PS2, and now I've finally got around to finishing Yakuza 0. I wasn't particularly feeling it for a good while, to the point where I took a long break about half way through. Something clicked when I came back to it though, and I had an absolute blast from there on out. I do have a fairly big issue with it though, in that female characters are almost non-existent. Unless I've forgotten something from the first half, there's really only one woman of any note, and she barely has any agency. Instead she's mainly there as a human macguffin for the men to fight over. I gather there's a reason for this in that Yakuza are a sexist bunch in reality, but I'm sure that doesn't mean women can't be involved in a Yakuza story. The story and characters are otherwise really good though, including said human macguffin. It's a crime drama with heart, and it somehow manages to mix some ludicrously over the top insanity with some really touching moments without either feeling out of place. Oh and the fights! The fights are glorious, although I found I gelled with Kiryu's styles more than Goro's. The extended fight sequences turn the game into something of a modern Streets of Rage successor, and it's fantastic. I can't wait to crack on with Yakuza Kiwami now, but I should probably take a bit of a break first.
  10. I actually stopped a modded PC run when I heard this was being released, and I think this is still the better option overall, especially on the Switch. I'm sure this will get its own PC mods before long too, and you won't have to waste time modding in the proper music and stuff like that.
  11. Mogster

    Nintendo Switch

    What about God though? EDIT: This is even less amusing after Moose's edits.
  12. It's really, really worth persevering with, and even the hardest bits prove insurmountable faster than you'd think. If you're totally stuck though then there are a whole bunch of accessibility options you can switch on with (I think) no penalty. It's an incredible game that's designed to be finishable by anyone, and it's worth getting to the end however you can.
  13. CDkeys have always been good for refunds for me. Well, the two times I've needed one at least. Both times were for codes I'd bought by accident, and both were refunded the same day I sent the requests.
  14. Mogster

    Nintendo Switch

    Apparently the Divinity:OS2 release supports cross saves with the PC verison, which is amazing. I've been torn between playing games like this on Switch or PC due to the whole mouse and keyboard control vs portability thing, and this completely solves that problem.
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