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  1. Sounds like they're focussing on improving performance on the Switch version now. Spoilered for length:
  2. My Switch copy arrived yesterday, and the hilariously cheap sleeve arrived today. I wouldn't worry just yet though.
  3. Incredibly, it was written before that.
  4. Do you think? That's not what I took from it.
  5. Like seemingly everyone I was a bit concerned when this was announced, as 3 was an absolutely perfect end to the story. Far from a soulless cash in though, 4 was a perfect epilogue to follow that perfect ending. I loved it!
  6. I've used the tides a couple of times, but it's been a while. I just really wanted to make sure that level 4 slot was worth it. I actually quickened that spell too, so I was going to follow it up with a firebolt for good measure.
  7. You hold L1 or R1 while in a hard turn to drift. This will also charge the boost guage in the bottom right, and pressing the opposite shoulder button (L1 if you're using R1 to drift for instance) when it's in the middle or top segment of the guage will trigger a boost. This can be done three times during a drift for the biggest boost. You'll also notice that black smoke comes off your tyres while the boost guage is in the middle segment, and your wheels glow orange when it's at the top. Stuff like this does get drip fed to you after each race, but it confused me to start with too.
  8. I was struggling a bit before I switched to one of the "expert" characters, who favour speed over handling. Now each race tends to take two or three attempts before I reach first place.
  9. I've racked up 200 points so far, and my first ever second place! I'm slowly getting there.
  10. I believe review code is sometimes accompanied with information on known issues due to be patched before launch, but reviews would normally still comment on significant issues they ran into regardless of this. They'd normally just mention that they're reportedly due to be patched. Even so, that's very different from being asked to ignore issues to avoid making a game look bad. It would be a bit much for Antstream to request that reviewers not comment on one of the core aspects of their service. Even if they did, what's in it for the reviewer? The truth would come out the second the service launched for real, and the reviewer's reputation would be ruined.
  11. It's all about the reviewer providing their opinion on what's being reviewed. It's not their job to sell what's being reviewed.
  12. I think buying from Amazon is probably fine as long as you stick to Amazon's own stock. I'd avoid any other sellers on there though.
  13. I also just watched the first episode, but I thought it was fantastic. It helped that I had no idea what I was in for beyond the basic premise, and I can't wait to see where it goes now.
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