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  1. Nintendo Switch

    .... and only £16.99 in Sainsbury’s at the moment!
  2. Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    Just tried the
  3. Nintendo Switch

    I asked about Lego City Undercover a few days ago. Noticed it was down to £16.99 in Sainsbury’s today, so picked it up and my son does indeed love it, despite struggling a bit with the controls (it’s his first 3D game).
  4. Nintendo Switch

    Does anyone know if Monzo works with the Russian Store?
  5. Nintendo Switch

    Has anyone played Lego City Undercover? I’m wondering if it would be any good to play with my 4.5 yr old.....
  6. Star Wars - the new canon

    Another kindle daily deal some of you may be interested in: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Star-Wars-Phasma-Journey-Last-ebook/dp/B06ZZ2YMWB I’ve bought a few of these now - must start actually reading them!
  7. I enjoyed it - made me even more determined to join the club* *give up at around 750 moons
  8. I’ve just hit 500 so I’m hoping that article is wrong!
  9. Nintendo Switch

    Steam World Heist? Not too taxing, turn based, pretty slow pace.
  10. Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    Perhaps a stupid question, but in the Wooded Kingdom, when you're in the
  11. Nintendo Switch

    I hate myself for asking this but it’s not in the first post..... I have a long (11hr) flight coming up. What’s the best power pack charger thing to get that will be allowed on the flight (do some have restrictions on these kind of things?). Perhaps the answer can be included in the first post FAQ as I know this comes up a fair bit!
  12. I doubt I’ll ever actually do this, but I started going through each kingdom again last night and am finding it quite addictive in a ‘just one more moon’ before bed kinda why. Such a great game!
  13. Nintendo Switch

    I still don’t really understand the Wii U, but bought and love my Switch.
  14. Nintendo Switch

    Brilliant! My 4.5 year old is going to love this!
  15. Nintendo Switch

    I don't have a PC so can't get it on Steam. Ended up buying the Beats Sport game instead as it was on sale and looked like it could be fun to play with the kids

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