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  1. Bushtopher

    SNES Mini

    Thanks all - will hold on to it then
  2. I’m envious of you going into this for the first time. I absolutely LOVED this trilogy when I read it last year, and already looking forward to reading it again in a few years when I’ve forgotten chunks of it.
  3. Bushtopher

    SNES Mini

    Does anyone know if these are still being made? I have one that I’ve listed on eBay and it’s had a lot of interest. I was only selling it as we may be moving house, and I figured I could easily but another in the future. If that’s not the case then I’m thinking I should perhaps keep hold of it - whilst I can play most of the games on the Switch now, there’s something satisfying about playing on this.
  4. Agree with all of the above. It was such a great series, and I still have a PS3 slim just to play this every now and again when we have friends round. It should have been a simple cash in - just keep doing the same thing and people would keep buying new songs. Not sure why things like FIFA survive with annual updates but stuff like this doesn't. Perhaps the temptation to keep tinkering is just too great?
  5. Thanks for doing these posts @Stopharage - really appreciate them and always end up buying a few as a result (should you make them affiliate links perhaps?)
  6. Return it and buy the one I'm selling in the trading folder!! Having said that, I'm tempted to get Thrill of the Fight given the great reviews it's getting.....
  7. I did not expect a Mercedes win this weekend!
  8. I’ve posted this comparison before, but the size difference makes it worth it for me - much easier to fit into my work bag now!
  9. Thanks! Have ordered both this and Witcher 3
  10. I love my Switch Lite. Find it really comfortable to play, and the smaller size makes it even more portable, meaning I'm playing it more than I did my original Switch. I've kept the original for playing on the TV - stuff like multiplayer Mario Kart, or Goose Game which the kids like to watch. As for physical vs digital, I tend to go for the former. Having just sold a few Switch games on eBay (Smash, Mario Party, Skyrim) and getting around between £31-39 for each of them, it continues to make sense. I do buy some of the bigger games digitally when they're on sale though, eg. Mario Kart. No drift experienced on my Lite (yet!) Switching save files is fine. I do it all the time with the Goose Game - just have to remember to download the most recent save from the cloud when you're switching devices and it takes seconds.
  11. I had no memories of Virtua Racing - probably just played it a few times at the arcade - but really enjoyed it on the Switch. It’s a very simple, pure racing game - had lots of fun trying to get my lap times down. Well worth whatever bargain price it’s at these days.
  12. £8.90 is taking the piss. Won’t be bothering at that price.
  13. I fancy a sudoku game on the Switch - any recommendations? Seem to be a few available. Would also love a slitherlink style game but couldn’t see anything like that on the store
  14. I’m thinking of selling my 64gb Quest and official travel case if you’re interested @Simbo? As much as I love it, I don’t get much time to play it these days
  15. I’m with @jonamok except it didn’t even last 12 hours. Just didn’t get it. However..... for the price it’s definitely worth taking the risk given how many people adore it. Maybe I’ll try it again sometime.
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