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  1. Yeah bit underwhelming. Practically already knew all that stuff but considering it was a "mini" i will let them off. The next direct needs to be something amazing. Whether that's around "e3" time or sooner, because the rest of the year is looking very sparse.
  2. Thankfully i didn't watch the trailer but yeah it would have spoilered way to much. Anyway the movie, i found some enjoyment in it but it wasn't anything special. I don't really think much of any of Vin's own movies really.
  3. Tried to sign up but keep getting a error about no legal documents available. Tried on my phone and PC. weird.
  4. Seemed okay to me, i could still reach down to pick things up. Mind, i only have played for half hour so far.
  5. dont think there is a duck or jump button. I played it seated seems ok so far..
  6. Played it for 20-30 mins during my break. Graphics look amazing, probably best in any VR game i've played. Turned off teleportion for a bit but feel very sick now. I couldn't get across a jump?
  7. Playing this on my ultrawide and the screen flickers black for like 3 seconds every several seconds. Really annoying. DOOM did this as well when i tried a few days back. Anyone had this?
  8. Watched it last night - was pretty decent. Think I liked it more than TS4 actually.
  9. Same watched it tonight really enjoyed it. Some pretty tense moments.
  10. I've been saying for past 5 months i will NOT be getting AC. However, popped into Tescos for a couple things and well, if i'm gonna be stuck indoors i might as well give it a go. So yeah, bought it now
  11. Yeah i watched this last year. It was *okay*. The CGI isn't great but if you compare it to the comics, you can see that's the look they went for. I ended up watching the 90s movies too - they are still great!!
  12. I kinda enjoyed CV but the fact you can get stuck at the plane and not progress is one of the lamest moments in RE history. Might just wait for RE3 to be released rather than trying the demo now mind.
  13. I watched an hour and had to turn it off. I'd seen all I was curious about by that point.
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