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  1. Yeah I was just a bit sad seeing him and linda hamilton looking so old now. I've been watching a load of old Arnie films recently as well, i actually really like his more comedic side.
  2. Well, i mean it's great having Arnie and Linda Hamilton back but Arnie was in Genesis and i thought that sucked... Hoping to go see this Wednesday actually, i don't usually go for movie premiers but i must admit the hype is rising a little for me.
  3. Episode 4 can be easily skipped. Both episodes are terrible
  4. Friend of mine is reviewing this. He isnt really into the LM games but said this is actually pretty good and a bit different to other Nintendo games ( whatever that means). I wasn't fussed about it but from comments he has made I'm considering it now.
  5. Yeah you might as well just spent coins on buying characters. Use rubees that you get for free on the pipe and hope you did a spotlight character/kart/glider. I got 1st on last weeks cup, this week i am back at 1st but at tier 7 so hopefully gonna win some more. I might keep the subscription going as I have a load of credit just sitting in my google rewards, for the time being anyway.
  6. i bought a kit off ebay, going to try and replace the sticks. Can't imagine it being that difficult to replace the stick - might be worth a try yourself?
  7. I thought this looked like a fun adventure movie. Also emily blunt.
  8. My switch snes pads just turned up. Seem decent from quick impressions. Just want a few more snes games now to show up.
  9. Got enough for 10 rug pulls to get Kimono Peach and her umbrella . Just need her kart now. Not bad.
  10. I think this season has been very strong so far, more so the first two episodes than the third but it was still good.
  11. yeah both of the ones i ordered the other day were shipped.. i just hope we get some more snes games soon. I have way too many joypads kicking around the place..
  12. Its not 40 quid for Diddy Kong though is it? It's 40 quid for 90 ruppees that normall would cost nearly £50 - Diddy Kong is a bonus item. Don't get me wrong, the prices for the rupees are greedy AF and there is no way i'd spend any real cash on those. The £5 a month is reasonable but still a bit much to ask.
  13. It's really good. Didn't want to stop playing it yesterday - i love the overworld with it's Zelda style puzzles and unlocking stuff too. The two level states reminded me of the giana sister games that came out several years back.
  14. it doesn't quite work like that.. Anyway, i got Diddy Kong somehow already - maybe via the pipe? I'm currently 5th on the leader board. I was 2nd until yesterday but it seems a bit more fair than last weeks tournament.
  15. Why is no one talking about this ? Played it for a few hours tonight. Great mix of zelda , donkey kong and a bunch of other games. Plays great, nice music and pretty challenging at times.
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