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  1. It's just going to be an interview , dont set your hope's too high..
  2. I'm really struggling getting scenes to link together. I think I've done it right , but it doesnt seem to work. Placed door sensors , linked in the dream... but nothing seems to activate. edit: also, when i put a door marker down the it looks like i need to change the arrow on the joint. It doesn't seem to work. Annoyingly there are proper tutorials for a lot of stuff, where as the linking doors section is a video only.
  3. So.. I ended up buying this today. Actually pretty fun. Spent a few hours creating a 3d mario level using other creators assets ( and there are loads). Next step is to figure out how to trigger events. I'm guessing that's in the gadgets section but weirdly when trying this out , some of the box appeared of screen. Taking time for me to fully get to grips with the 3d space with a joypad. Mouse and keyboard would better although I'm sure I'll get used to it. Most the dreams I played from other people were very buggy and glitchy though. Few good ones I spent more than 60 seconds with. Controls seem a bit laggy / off , especially when trying to make platformer levels. Also, I'm guessing this runs at 30fps? Looking forward to playing more though.
  4. I saw this yesterday. It actually was somewhat enjoyable but that definitely was down to the fact it was Sonic. Started off well, sags quite in a bit in the middle but ends well. I loved spotting the easter eggs and Sonic was actually a pretty fun character, voiced pretty well too. Jim Carrey was actually barely in it, maybe like an overall 10-15 minutes of screen time? I hope a sequel clears a few things up though. What Easter Eggs did people see? "Badnicks" written on locker door. "Sanic the hedgehog picture from Crazy Carl Green hill music nearthe end of the film. Also, a bunch of stuff i don't think particularly think fits the Sonic character or even made sense but yeah, it's a kids film so probably looking too much into it.
  5. Yeah apparently highest grossing videogame to movie adaptation so far ( for 4 day gross at least). Overtook detective pikachu which I was surprised didnt do better in the long run with its box office.
  6. none.. there are no games. I can't even remember if it can even play snes games.
  7. He got offered 1 Million $ a while back and he turned it down so i'd be interested to see if this sells for more than that..
  8. Weird it's fine for me... was you using the emulator from the side quest "store"?
  9. Nothing announced , it's still possible but tomorrow is looking unlikely. I think there was some evidence for the 20th but I guess that's as good a guess as any , especially as animal crossing really isnt long away and they have barely shown anything of it.
  10. For anyone who wants to try the VB without experiencing headaches etc get yourself an Oculus Quest and the VB emulator. It runs amazingly well and is a much better experience with higher resolution graphics. Mind, most of the games are absolute trash besides Wario Land and perhaps the Mario Tennis game.
  11. This looks pretty great! But unless it comes to the PC I think I'll pass. Probably better using your time learning Unity though..
  12. What did they announce? Was talking about the SMM2/Links Awakening reveals. Unless that was January.
  13. Have heard rumors of a Nintendo Direct this thursday.. to be announced tomorrow or later today. The direct this time last year was amazing, possibly better than E3 - I'm looking forward to some surprises..
  14. As much as I'd like to use original hardware, it's just too much of a faff to get working. The mini consoles are pretty great and to me actually somewhat feel like I am playing on the original console. Whether it's because their officially licensed of whether it's because the joypad feels like the real deal.. i don't know - but it's most easier to chuck a ROM on the mini and be playing shorty after - with the ability to save as well. I have had raspberry pis, in fact I just bought a pi4 and have been testing that out.
  15. Saw it earlier , was pretty enjoyable - felt very much along the lines of the deadpool movies. I had a few issues with it but I hope they make a sequel. Margot Robbie is great though, always thought she would do well ever since she was in neighbour's.
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