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  1. Darhkwing

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    What have they done to yoshi - on the score screen he looks kinda furry ? I'm guessing he is based of the wooley world look.
  2. I loved this game but it's pure crack. It looks like so much has changed since i last played it..
  3. Darhkwing

    Streamers Are The Worst

    I have been streaming for a couple of years (on a break at the moment). I started because i wanted to make a bit of cash but also as a bit of escapism as I had a lot of bad stuff going on (a friend died, mums illness, feeling somewhat depressed). I met a lot of great people and started checking out other streamers but one thing i kinda noticed, you start to wonder why they stream so much especially with smaller audiences. Like, there is one guy i occasionally watched who streams the same game every day for 4 hours. He went a bit crazy at one point on his twitter feed ( his wife left him) and it makes me think, well obviously something wasn't right if you are streaming so much - it doesn't surprise me she had enough and left. There are other streamers as well, that quite obviously have shit going on in their lives but choose to streams several hours a day. It's also kinda bad for your mental health, like you feel like shit that your stream only attracts 5-10 viewers when other similar people get more than that. You start to wonder if you are entertaining/good enough to do this etc. I have friends who have tried streaming and choose games that they really are not interested in but play because they are popular in hopes of getting views. At the end of the day, don't prioritize streaming over other things in your life. Play games you want to play. Shit isn't worth it. /ramble over
  4. Darhkwing

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    To be fair I'm actually impressed how well joycons work in handheld mode. Pro controller is good too - been using gc pads as well and had spent couple hours playing 5 player matches with friends last night. Glad all the stages work with up To 8 players now.
  5. Darhkwing

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Pretty sure the second USB gives enough power for the rumble. I think you can get away with just using the one usb cable actually ( gc rumble is useless).
  6. Darhkwing

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Well it looks like Smash hasn't arrived in the mail from Amazon. Annoying. Anyone else got theirs? edit: think it came actually.
  7. Darhkwing

    Crash Team Racing - Nitro Fueled

    Look forward to it! Also glad to see it's coming to the Nintendo Switch.
  8. Darhkwing

    Currently playing...

    Starting playing Kingdom Hearts 2 on the PS4 a couple weeks back. Think i am halfway through the game now - wanted to get it done before KH3 although with RE2 released a few days before i am not sure i'll be playing that first.
  9. Darhkwing

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    How is online guys? Please tell me its much better than brawl and wii u?
  10. Darhkwing

    Angry Video Game Nerd

    I was a massive Amiga fanboy but i kinda loved it for the fact the games were never that great. There are good games for sure but I ended up getting consoles to compliment for amiga because the games were so much better. I ended up using the amiga for productivity the majority of the time or to try games out when i got them (especially from aminet). Superfrog and Zool where both very average games. I played both to completion but they just were poor wannabe console platformers. In fact there were not as huge amount of platformers i would rate on the system - robocod was probably my most played, but even that is ropey especially nowadays. Bubble & Squeak is a forgotten classic for the system though.
  11. Darhkwing

    Crash Team Racing Remake (rumour)

    I loved CTR. I started playing it a few weeks back again, it's still good fun but the graphics are shocking. So.. a remake would be nice. Hopefully they chuck in some extra tracks and have online play too.
  12. Year 2 has been somewhat lacking. The first game of the year ill be buying is smash bros, and even then i was half unsure whether to bother. The problem with the switch is that nintendo have not exactly treated their core fans well - if the fans bought the wii u, then why release all the games we have already played? sure dont get me wrong - donkey kong, mario bros wii u, bayanetta 2 etc are all good games but it would have been better to have new games. Also, i dont have an issue with ports but at least have a stream of new games too.
  13. Darhkwing

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Just hack your SNES Classic (OTG hack) , grab a wii pro controller and play whatever PS1 games you want on it. I spent a couple hours playing through some of the classics i wanted to play but the graphics really don't hold up. It was mainly the 2d stuff i seemed to play for an extended period of time.
  14. Yeah it bugs me they had to include this stuff into the tomb raider reboot games and also for the fact that we won't get another prince of persia since it wasn't in depth enough compared to say, assassins creed.

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