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  1. I'd happily of bought a game gear micro it was was like half the size of a game gear and included as many games as possible. this though? gimmick.
  2. Yeah, i've just been doing the one lot of turnips. For a few weeks i was doing two lots, but i fear i'll buy a load and then forget to sell ;-)
  3. Thanks again. I think I'm going to stop the whole turnip thing now. I've got enough bells and I'm not even playing the game as much as I used to.
  4. Oh wow. I loved my Game Gear but this is ridiculous. It's borderline unplayable surely? Maybe just for collectors?
  5. No way will they buy sega out. Unless they continue to allow sonic to be on other systems at least.
  6. Yeah i starting playing this a few days back. Ive had the game from a humble bundle a year or so back but the silent hill stuff got me to try it. I'm hooked! (literally).
  7. Heh someone else posted 30 minutes before you
  8. I've heard in Japan the xbox x series will be called the sega x series.
  9. My mint condition SNES collection , especially link to the past. Oh and my mint zelda g&w. I do kinda regret selling my game gear collection too. I had about 80 games ( mostly unboxed) and I sold them all including two game gears and a charger) for about 90 quid on ebay.
  10. Oh nice. I was surprised to see they had a documentary as I assumed the film was still coming. Problem is ive read the story twice, not quite sure ill learn anything more from a documentary but i'll probably watch at some point as it's such a a crazy story.
  11. Thanks left a tip on the beach besides the recipes.
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