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  1. Oh man, it's gonna be ages till i get my EVGA by the sounds of it.
  2. I'm glad it's not just me. These are disgusting. I thought they had gone off, but i tried another pack and it's still nasty. Red Leicester are the best!
  3. Wall Kicks do work? (it's the name of the star). Just timing really. If you think this star is frustrating wait till some of the later levels
  4. If anyone wants help with the stars or general tips and tricks then please check out some of the SM64 walkthroughs i made. Playlist below.
  5. Has anyone received a card from Scan yet? More specifically the EVGA?
  6. Jolly Roger Bay and Dire Dire Docks both have green shells. Tiny Big Island and the second snow level has one you can skate on.
  7. Got 82 stars I'll finish it tomorrow. The camera seems inverted to me though?
  8. What was the problem with the snow? They didn''t fix anything though, this version of M64 is based on the updated japanese n64 game.
  9. Alf.. i played that on one of my garbage game streams. I commend you for playing through it. I gave up after 15 minutes, it's one of the worst games I have ever played.
  10. It quite clearly can because you can run the recompiled version on (a hacked) Switch with widescreen and other enhancements.# This should never have been run on an emulator, Nintendo been real lazy with this collection.
  11. Well, not really happy if Scan has taken money and i won't be getting the card for a while. Hopefully they update their customers soon.
  12. My scan one still hasnt been picked let alone dispatched and it claims delivery will be today! I'm not getting it today an I
  13. My scan one has yet to be dispatched but it still says delivery is tomorrow.
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