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  1. What's the TV unit? I need something a bit sturdier - looks pretty good.
  2. Just to say I get this problem on both my Samsung and Philips TV apps. It’s infuriating!
  3. The thing is, there were things about Bosman I really didn’t like. Not once did I think he was funny. Box Peek, while nicely presented, was absolute trash. However, what The Final Bosman showed is that he really understands his opinion and can articulate it really well. I agree that the majority of their content now is just a little stale, rather than crap. Jones and Blood aren’t the right people to lead the podcast.
  4. 5pm Thursday, according to the thread title. I’ve stuck with the podcast, but I’m not sure how much longer I’ll do so for. I find there’s an expectation that you’ve watched all their videos in between podcasts (or kept up with news), so there’s a lack of context and explanation at times that Bosman would have prevented. Damiani is on them a lot, too, and I find him intolerable. I don’t watch any of their streams now.
  5. klargon

    Xbox Game Pass

    It’s still classed as beta on PC, so it’s a special ‘introductory’ price for that. It’s supposed to go up to £7.99 at some point. Sea of Thieves is certainly in there.
  6. "Report Combined Pedals" in the Logitech app seems to do the job, actually. Pretty impressed with the first 30 minutes spent with the game!
  7. I’ve done that one as well! My T150 cost me under £60. The pedals, shifter and stand cost me about £250! The reason I wanted to use the EX is because I can’t easily shift the other setup into the room where the PC is. It would almost certainly be easier to move the PC!
  8. I think it probably would, but that's more than double what the wheel cost me!
  9. I'm trying to use my old Driving Force EX on Grid (2019) on PC. It's not officially supported, but seems to work with the exception of the pedals. Are there any known workarounds to get the pedals working? The just connect to the wheel with what looks like a serial connection.
  10. Not sure what price these were when this was originally posted, but they’re £12.40 at the moment. Free delivery threshold is £35
  11. I see they have a discount on the premium choice sub at the moment. If I was to sign up now, how does it work? Do I get the June titles?
  12. Close to the Sun (PC) - Think I picked this up for nowt recently courtesy of the Epic Games Store. I guess it's best described as Everybody's Gone to the Rapture meets Bioshock. From the former, it inherits the 'walking simulator' format, glowing particle people and an excruciatingly slow movement speed. From the latter, it takes the steampunk aesthetic, receiving instructions over the radio, and the fact that it takes place in an off-shore 'haven' for the world's greatest minds (mainly focusing on Tesla) where it all falls apart. The walking/discovery sections are punctuated by instant-death escape sequences. It's fairly well put together, but feels predictable and a bit mundane. I spent the entire game with my finger on the run button, which still doesn't move you quick enough. The chase sequences feel largely broken, with multiple seemingly unfair deaths before finally getting through it having done nothing differently to when you failed. It's all over fairly quickly (maybe 3 hours or so) and it doesn't feel like there's much to return to. Overall, pretty underwhelming. 5/10
  13. I played Whispers of a Machine and The Unavowed recently, and enjoyed both.
  14. I just filter by the game name when on the bundle page (there's Search by Title at the top of the list if you're on your bundle download page), having found the games I want in the spreadsheet.
  15. Use https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cbOqO6rq0YYWPKmci8Pgv4YGWcl4NQUX9EAj221Ze30/edit?usp=sharing and filter out the stuff you don't want in google sheets if you want a workaround. I don't think the info in there is entirely accurate, but it's reasonably close.
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