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  1. Had the old Oculus30 discount waiting for me, so decided to go for it for £21. Never played through the full thing. Hopefully it’ll feel like good value
  2. I love the silver objectives. Karlan Grant and Tom Barkhuizen are already legends of my silver team.
  3. Pfft. That’s nothing. What you want is lots of club items and 2 83’s as the best players.
  4. I went the obscure route and did Denmark for that SBC. Doubt it saved me much money though
  5. Didn’t seem to stop his price from going over 200k for a while
  6. Griezmann OTW I picked up on Sunday for 125k is looking good value at the moment
  7. I just get destroyed 8-0 or something in every qualifier. I’ve decided that I’m just not enjoying playing the game at all, so I’m going to sack it off for a while.
  8. Already been mentioned, but I will also add that both Guacamelee’s are excellent. I wouldn’t necessarily suggest playing them back to back, though. Dust, which has also been mentioned, was also a standout in the genre for me.
  9. Haven’t tried him yet. Will report back in a few days after giving him a go
  10. Did Fekir. Got Dybala and Dias in the packs, so at least it ends up a bit discounted. Got Fernandes in the squad battles rewards. He seems to have dropped a bit since I last looked, but the coin will still come in handy.
  11. How do you buy 100 of anything? Can’t have duplicates in the club, transfer targets can only be 50 and once you’ve got a few in unassigned it stops you from buying any more. Only option would be to clog up your transfer list, wouldn’t it?
  12. Fekir looks decent value for around 100k. Anyone know if quick selling cards still gets taxed? Might need to get rid of some TOTW’s
  13. It was Friday night and Saturday morning when I tried last week I think, so I’m not sure it really matters. Luck of the draw with opponents
  14. I’m slumming it in 4. I don’t really play rivals much, so it takes quite a while for me to get enough points if I don’t get them from weekend league. I used to get the 14 or 17 wins brackets in 21 and 19.
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