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  1. Weird, that link says first 3 months for £1 for me. Sure you’ve never had it before?
  2. If you bought 2x12 and a 6, it’s 33 months, then you’ve got the 3 months you get for £1, which is what I think the current offer is. That’s your 36, which is the max. Just to be clear, you can only do this if you’ve never had ultimate in any form before!
  3. Every time you redeem a code with recurring billing turned off, it offers you an extra month for turning it on. You can then turn it off immediately and it’ll offer you the same with the next code you redeem.
  4. My approach would be 2x Brazil 12 month codes for £60, turn on (and then immediately off) recurring billing after each redemption. That’s 26 months. Get a 6 month code, on/off recurring again. That’s 33 months. Then your £1 will take you to the maximum 3 years. You’ll lose a month, so going for a 3 month code rather than 6 might work better. Brazil codes need slight VPN faff to redeem, but electronicfirst has a step by step. It’s not painful. Just don’t start your VPN trial until you have the codes. Up to you whether it’s worth the extra effort, but it means it’s an option to get 3 years of ultimate for around £80.
  5. You can do it for quite a bit cheaper than that if the conversion is still available.
  6. That was entirely heartfelt and genuine. I feel moved.
  7. Similar. A few of my choices towards the end were in the hope of double-crossing.
  8. Finished it yesterday. Sounds like I took pretty much an identical path to @The Bag. Not sure I can be arsed to go back to an old save to do something different. I’ll live with my decisions.
  9. I think they dropped that a fair while ago
  10. I’m a Blade, but it’s important to realise that ‘clear and obvious’ doesn’t apply to offside. You’re either offside or you aren’t. It can also only be a body part that can touch the ball that counts, hence the knee being used rather than the arm. It’d be interesting to know what they feel millimetre precision on offside decisions does to enhance the game, though. It doesn’t feel like anyone wants it. Reasonable point today, but it feels like we should have taken three.
  11. Pretty sure I got the all companion quests achievement without that being the case
  12. Also, it’s Parvati, dammit!
  13. Aye. A rarity in these parts.
  14. Dammit. Was hoping he wouldn’t be available at the weekend to face us! Right decision though, of course.
  15. They’ve appealed it, so you never know. Not going to help last week’s points though!
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