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  1. Fuck it. If he doesn’t sell this listing, I’m going to keep him. Will need a serious team rework, but if this game ain’t about the pursuit of the best players, what is it about? Those Ultimate packs with a 24% chance of TOTS were a no-brainer
  2. Tried at full whack. No chance of getting that now. Had 17 packs stacked up - got prime moments Deco in one of the others. Still got half the packs to go! Edit - Probably shouldn't have been so greedy. Could've had 12.5, but looking at under 10 now!
  3. Fuck. Me. 98 Neymar in a bloody tradeable mega pack.
  4. Got Van Persie and Correa from Gold 3. Will probably do an icon SBC for the hell of it and use em. Packs will be opened tomorrow night.
  5. Any idea why I got an apology and a swap player this morning?
  6. Got Gomez. Best guarantee result so far by some way. Need to figure out how to use him.
  7. Isn’t there a penalty for quitting? Is it insignificant?
  8. Apparently not everyone gets Onana. Guy I know just got bloody Ziyech.
  9. Bloody Onana. I knew that’d happen.
  10. Not as good, but it does have Ben Yedder.
  11. Think my second team (not necessarily inferior to my first) is now in end game state. Now to turn my attentions to the first team...
  12. Fuck it. Sold a truckload and spent a ludicrous 1.5m on Ben Yedder.
  13. Got Oblak and Pique from my gold 2 picks. Could be worse, but the Ben Yedder dream is over, I fear. Nowt in rivals or champions packs, of course.
  14. This was my first year of FUT. It’s been like a (albeit enjoyable) second job, so I’ll not be back next year. All I spent was the £16 on the game back in November. I’m shit at the game, but have done alright with the team due to a lot of time spent trading. Definitely possible to do decent without paying extra, but you lose a lot of time!
  15. I got Parejo but have had 83 at best since. Aspas would be nice, but Ben Yedder is the dream for me. Bah. Bloody Ter Stegen from the guarantee.
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