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  1. Are they dropping Max already, after one comeback film? Grunt.
  2. This is one of the worst threads I've ever read on rllmuk. And that's bloody saying something.
  3. Well not only can I not get beyond the first fleet mission I'm now at an impasse with the main story line. It's told me to go to a red-sun system to mine cadmium. Ok, not a problem, here we go. Four red star systems and over 1000 cadmium in my inventory later and it's still stuck on the same objective. Plus I can't get one of those Atlas Pass things to open crates and doors and shit. Apparently it's meant to be given to you after a mission for Polo but he doesn't give me missions, just coordinates to black holes. Also also there's lots of busy work for my base staff who keep giving me things to do and build that I've already done but it doesn't acknowledge it. For crying out loud.
  4. Didn't they get the message we're not in the EU anymore?
  5. Or maybe - just maybe! - they both go their separate ways.
  6. Who in their right mind only buys games they hope they'll be able to play on the next gen?
  7. You've had 19 years to find out. What's stopped you?
  8. The end of it! Finished it last night and my god it was bad. Such unbelievable stupidity and ridiculousness, with the most pathetic ending I've seen in a long time. Can anyone tell me what the fuck was the point in the plot about
  9. I enjoyed all of it tbh, looking forward to seeing more. Let's not forget the first season of Sunny wasn't exactly great and that turned out alright.
  10. Take it to the Dallas thread.
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