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  1. Best thing to do with that film is pretend it doesn't exist. And I bloody love Bottom.
  2. I was offended by Bo Selecta because it was a piece of shit. He's continued to make shit after shit since then, and I do not accept his apology.
  3. There's just so much I want to react to with @dug's posts. MUST RESIST.
  4. Didn't even know it had started. Old season 3 wasn't too bad until the last episode, which was pure shoite.
  5. PS2: Ridge Racer 5 360: Ridge Racer 6 PS3: Ridge Racer 7
  6. Season 2 was brilliant but one of my strangest memories of it was the most hilariously gratuitous nude scene of all time Incredible pointlessness.
  7. C'mon, Plinkett, you know you want to do the Star Wars sequels.
  8. I enjoyed it a lot. It's not like John Wick had a deep or interesting story. Excellent action scenes and Hemsworth put in a decent, brooding performance and handled the action very adeptly. Noice.
  9. I hadn't got a clue what was going on in that episode.
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