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  1. Chadruharazzeb


    Meh. The last season was visually absolutely brilliant - seriously terrific looking at times - but it wasn't particularly funny.
  2. Wasn't that the working title for that Wolverine film?
  3. Might not have been a problem if GRRM wasn't so goddamn lazy.
  4. She's never been the benevolent force she thinks she is, she just overthrows one oppressive dictatorship and replaces it with another.
  5. Should have had Country Mac on guard instead.
  6. So this has properly gone to shit then, has it? That's entropy for you.
  7. Can I just raise the stupidest scene in the episode?
  8. Some thoughts (not Star Wars related) Questions aside it was an OK episode. A bit rushed but generally entertaining enough.
  9. Well (Jamie Skywalker theory):
  10. I'm not up to date with the thread yet so can I just say how pleased I am that Jamie Lannister has completed his transformation into Luke Skywalker.
  11. Chadruharazzeb

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy (now "on hiatus")

    Therefore everyone who loves it is a lover? Really? Are you a lover, Stigweard? Or are you a fighter?
  12. What? I wasn't a bit moist-eyed at that last episode at all!
  13. Nobody mentioned it

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