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  1. I know it’s supposed to be part of the game but fuck people who are invading on the run up to O&S, I’ve given up trying to go human and get help because I get invaded every time. It’s such a shitty place to do it.
  2. blurie

    Football Thread 2017/18

    Surely Ashley Young’s ‘throw my leg against you and fall over’ move that he always does should be considered a dive and be eligible for retroactive punishment.
  3. blurie

    Football Thread 2017/18

    I think the way his (Zaha) “dream” move to Man U worked out last time would give anyone doubts about trying again. He is treated like a God round here, drives round in a very noisy flashy Lambo with a WILF plate soaking up attention from locals, very much a big fish in a small pond. Theres no way there aren’t big offers coming in for him the way he’s playing though.
  4. blurie

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Max has started to believe his own hype, hopefully the way this season has started will be a reality check for him.
  5. blurie

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Vettel made Bottas look stupid, the win was there for the taking.
  6. blurie

    Fonzo - Tom Hardy is Al Capone

    He played Capone in Broadwalk Empire funnily enough.
  7. blurie

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    The turbulent air effect seemed worrying, seemed no one was able to pass when both cars were running a decent pace, Hamilton was the most obvious because the cameras followed them for extended periods but it was everywhere, the Alonso train for half the race and even Danny Ric could get close enough to at least try a lunge or two. Hopefully its just the track but it doesn't bode well for the coming season. Vettel lucked into the win but, running longer than the faster guys was hardly a stroke of tactical genius and it relied on a lot of chance coming together at the right time to favour him but safety cars are always going to help someone when they happen around the pit stage of a race its just seems a big deal this time because it had such a visible outcome on the race.
  8. blurie

    Splatoon 2 - Octo Expansion AVAILABLE NOW

    Finally got into this properly last night (been decorating and haven't been able to have stable internet since getting my switch) only to be booted off for server maintenance. But my word what a great game.
  9. Blood Money still holds up if you think about it as a puzzle that needs solving and forget about trying to play it as a third person stealth game like the new one which feels so much more refined control wise.
  10. blurie

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Try and find the 'civilian' route up to the volcano and you'll encounter people that will help with the heat.
  11. blurie

    Nintendo Switch

    Registered all carts, never spent any and only used UK region.
  12. blurie

    Nintendo Switch

    But I've got 7 carts (Skyrim, Mario Kart, Arms, Zelda, Splatoon 2, Mario Odyssey, Lego City) and 5 Eshop games (Steamworld Dig 2, Fast RMX, Rocket League, Stardew Valley, and OxenFree) yet ive only got 200 points so theres no way its working out at 1% for me.
  13. blurie

    Nintendo Switch

    Its only been giving me 14 points though on cart games?
  14. blurie

    Nintendo Switch

    I’ve pulled the kickstand off a couple of times by accident already but it does goe back on quite easily, I’ve got a Hori stand now for screen playing at work so hopefully won’t be a problem anymore.
  15. blurie

    Shadow of the Colossus Remake (Bluepoint)

    Wow at those screen shots! I didn't realise this was a re-make, because of the low price I'd assumed they were putting the PS3 version out again,

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