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  1. Ooooh if I send the materials can you make me some?
  2. Yes there are recipes for them.
  3. Oooh this is really tempting, can I come over for a fitting?
  4. Did you have to put the shop so far away
  5. This is the same crowd that stole shells from Donut's path... just sayin'
  6. You are doing god's work. I've got a van full of nip's I need to shift...
  7. I think the only way online works for a mad turnip rush is to send out the code to 9 people only. Let them all spawn in, then let them goto the shop, then let them all leave. The net code is too flaky for anything else with its blocking pauses as people fly in/out and shop... A free for all code will just make the thing even more unstable for those who managed to get in
  8. Gates open, idle while I have to do some work Timmy has a punch bag, dish rack and colouring set available
  9. I can, you need to open your gates in the Airport but only after playing a day or so...
  10. Spent some time today on my town after seeing how lacking mine was compared to others... https://twitter.com/weavuspsn/status/1244766721187008512 I don’t want to admit how long it took me.
  11. Licky End gates open for a while, just pottering about with decorations (put a new fountain in this afternoon) but Saharah is in town and it's raining. Timmy has a traditional tea set and some lovely fragrance sticks in stock.
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