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  1. By the way, I'd thought I'd give Shinobi III a bash with the MIJET patch which adds in various customisable options including an easier-to-access 6-button mode. The last time I'd played the game was when it was reissued on 3DS (whilst my real cartridge had only ever seen 3-button pad play before that) so it was my first exposure to the expanded moveset on real hardware. Anyway at the risk of boring you with something you already know it turns out that switching the game to 6-button mode in this patched ROM is as simple as going into the options menu and... pressing the Mode button - so presumably 6-button mode still won't be accessible on the Mini unless some kind of fix is applied by the hack authors (or you knock up and apply your own mode-button-eliminating patch). I just wasn't previously aware that the 6-button mode for whatever reason had remained hidden in the game's code until MIJET discovered it years later and made it easier to access via their enhancement patch; it was never an officially supported or documented feature.
  2. The fondest memories of Gunstar Heroes pulled me back into video games in the late '90s, and after uni I started collecting Treasure games. They were genuinely my favourites. Sin and Punishment, Bangaioh, Alien Soldier..even Silhouette Mirage (PS1 and Saturn variants). I was a fanboy and preached the Treasure gospel to my gaming mates for a while there. And then at some point Freak Out got announced for the PS2. An original, super-quirky-looking 3D platform game? Sounded great. But it wasn't. It was a turd. An empty game with a bra-strap-pulling attack mechanic you'd use on characters which were literal walking tits and easy repetitive boss fights. That's what I remember of it anyway. And seeing as I didn't have a PS2 I played a mate's copy on his, eagerly bought on my behalf. After it was finished in a single sitting I felt nothing but a tinge of puzzled sadness.
  3. I think it'll officially just be a Game Boy / GBC clone. Jailbreak firmware will open up other cores down the line with the most exciting being an all new PC-E / TG-16 core that Kevtris farted out one day during lunch, effectively transforming the device into a Turbo Express.
  4. From what I understand: - A WIP R-Type exists in FPGA form thanks to a Japanese dev - hopefully someone can help with completion / transfer to MiST / MiSTer - Double Dragon is definitely happening (Jotego picked up a PCB a while back and is confident about implementing a CPU overclock hack as well) - Shinobi is within the realms of possibility (its sound chip has been written and confirmed to be accurate - possibly already being used on a recent core - and the demand for it is massive) With Neo Geo already a thing CPS1 with your Mercs and Strider and Ghouls 'n Ghosts and SFII etc seems well within reach. It's far less complex yet similar hardware. Similarly with Shinobi - games like Fantasy Zone (and M2's Fantasy Zone 2), Alien Storm, Golden Axe should be fairly simple to port once the base work has been completed.
  5. The classic arcade core library on this is already ridiculous. Can't wait to see what comes next.
  6. Apparently the system shipped with a config which underclocks the CPU - something that will be easily / safely remedied via an option in the hacking tool. Whether this will improve the audio lag will have to be determined I guess. And on that note, audio lag seems to be fairly consistent with what you find on other common emulation platforms according to fairly forensic testing of the US unit by RetroRGB (between 4-7 frames was his assessment in his dedicated video) - but it's not consistent across all games and even sections within them.
  7. It turns out that the MD Mini can output 1080p (unlike other existing official Mini consoles). Having the games render at 1080p without taking a performance hit is another story though and likely not possible without significantly upgraded / pricier innards, I would have thought.
  8. Not really but I wasn't sure if there was a timing issue I hadn't worked out. I thought it worked on the shooter section during my earlier go but it didn't seem reduce energy loss this time.
  9. I had another go on the MD version, this time with the colour-fix applied. I don't know who Vision is either but I am amused at him walking about in-between the leaps and punches with his arms folded. Got to same frisbee-throwing dude on Stage 3. A little disappointed that these three credits basically amounted to the same progress as my first three - but somehow felt like I got my arse whooped a lot harder and yet the enemies took less damage overall..? That flying elbow move seemed to take out some of the regular enemies in a single swoop, making me wonder whether it was only the colours or palette that were tweaked. I think I've got another bash or two left in this but I doubt I'll be whacking the lives/credits up.
  10. I think M2's work on the 3DS was in part outstanding because they'd put years of work into optimisation and reverse engineering and rebuilding individual games to rock stereoscopic 3D before releasing a single thing - and they were stand alone releases with increasingly bespoke extra content and modes. By the end of the maybe 5 or 6 year production run it was safe to say that they'd become masters of the platform and that their final games especially really showed this off. The MD Mini project on the other hand was a reaction to the negative outcry from fans that ATGames were involved with Sega's response to Nintendo's excellent value Minis, and was something like a 12-month endeavour from conception to production using almost identically-specced low-end hardware. And as much as I hate to sound like an apologist for standard capitalist practices (seriously) I don't think there'd be much of a market for a Mini that required massively more R&D investment and pricier hardware to make it sing and keep the enthusiast grumbles at a minimum. M2 are no doubt juggling a bunch projects of varying technical and creative challenges and this year some of their contract work hasn't met fan expectations. For me though they'd have to do a lot worse than screwing up Comix Zone's audio or phoning in a useless hamstrung 720p CRT filter on a £70 Mini console to sully their reputation.
  11. I appreciate that you're done with this now but.. ..the slime projectiles (the ones which arc up 'n over as you're slowly being raised on the platform?) have their motions telegraphed; they point and peek out a few times before they jump so ducking whilst moving underneath their flight paths might help. The tunnel bits are doable with the normal shot. I know this might sound a bit odd to those who struggled getting into this game (almost everyone) but it's always been kind of a smaller, sister-title to Revenge of Shinobi to me and the nearest thing the MD ever got to the OG Shinobi (despite its console-esque additions, slower pace, different structure, discounting Shadow Dancer etc). My childhood mate (who's original import copy of the game was the one I first played) couldn't understand why I ended up re-buying it for myself years later. In a dazzling plot twist he'd failed to sufficiently bond with it because it wasn't the (in hindsight) unremarkable, coin-munching arcade game.
  12. I believe this device is what the serious lag testers use - and that the lag generated by these Marseille products has been confirmed to be in the realm of negligible: https://shop.dansprojects.com/time-sleuth-lag-tester.html I guess once you've got your control environment set up you can go nuts and properly lag test everything that processes a video signal to a ridiculous degree of accuracy.
  13. I like the OG pad almost as much as the 6-button because of how the buttons mimic a typical arcade stick layout. No accidentally hitting the usually redundant X, Y or Z. Just quickfire instant-access ABC shaped for human fingertips in a way no other controller can match.
  14. I remember the 4-player arcade game being pretty popular and loads of fun. It held its own against the TMHT games which very few (if any) of the bigger brawler cabs managed to do. My history with the MD port basically involved playing it on a mate's floppy disk pirate device a couple of times mainly to marvel at the sampled speech (which was more amusing than it was impressive). This must've been circa '93-94 so I was up for checking it out again as an adult. I chose Vision, kept all settings at default and made it to a mid-boss of stage 3 (who literally called me puny before a single slap finished me off for good). The audio was the highlight with its rich-sounding tunes and a surprisingly huge amount of clear voice samples - something I wouldn't have been able to appreciate as much back in the early '90s as I played mainly on a 14" PC monitor with a really poor tinny mono built-in speaker. In hindsight this was probably why I remember the speech being so hilariously muffled. I guess the joke was on me. Other aspects of the game felt unpolished from the weird hit detection to general frame rate seemingly being locked to 30fps but with the odd background layer (on the first shooter section) being updated at a smooth 60...? The jank really stood out though with the projectile / pick up objects scrolling every odd frame to the background's even frame so they effectively float / wiggle with screen movement. Some of the colours looked odd too (but I couldn't put my finger on why exactly) as did the way in which life meter bars would behave over both objects and the background. It's almost as if most of the optimisation went on the sonics rather than the visuals or overall feel. Having said all that though I didn't dislike my first go on this in about a quarter of a century. I'll have another bash at some point with the same settings and expect to get a bit further (especially as I discovered that holding down fire was a block / shield way too late on the shooter section)..
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