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  1. He was a favourite of Last Podcast on the Left’s “Side Stories” for a number of months. Still can’t believe he thought running for President was a good idea.
  2. This is available for rental on Prime at the moment. It is very mad but not quite as insane as Mandy. Has a few memorable Cage moments with Alpacas and a (presumably now patented) solo freakout. The surveyor character might also be the only sane character in it. Even the Mayor is a borderline loon. But I think the true creepy thing bout Lovecraft is where characters see the aftermath of a human encounter with the old ones. That 2012 version, whilst rubbish, had a very compelling scene of devastation towards the end and this has the same sort of thing on a smaller scale but with some creepy recordings to go with it.
  3. Another point off Wolves! A good day given most below us lost. It's nearly always a dull goalless affair but it's a point we really need given our situation. MacAllister straight onto free kicks by the looks of it too.
  4. It was a bit of a rip off of I've watched that film so many times that it was hard not to see it coming.
  5. Ugh I'm not sure! Norwich and West Ham won and Bournemouth got a point. I'm hoping Liverpool turn over Watford although it sounds like they're putting up a fight. I still don't know why our finishing is so shit. We're better to watch at least.
  6. Crushingly disappointing. So many shots on target. Although I can't believe that early Benteke miss and the Zaha open goal fail right at the end. hI think we need someone a bit more collected in front of goal. Hoping McAllister has something of that if we allow him to ever play. Palace's defence was mostly pretty solid though.
  7. I’m not 100% convinced with Potter’s selection (why Murray on the bench again) but to add an extra dimension to an already weird tie a bunch of Bayer Leverkusen fans are over to support us. Zaha will annoyingly score.
  8. Yeah I missed out on them in their heyday so seeing them on my doorstep is a bit of a no-brainer regardless of how bad they might actually be.
  9. Sisters of Mercy and Exodus coming up for me in about 2 weeks. Excited.
  10. Yeah I'd say that the three I mentioned all have something whereas Anna doesn't, really. But if you'd never seen any of those 3 films and watched Anna, I'm sure it would probably be enjoyable.
  11. Anna (2019). I was fooled into watching it by the banner ad. It's boring rather than bad, which is maybe the same thing but if you've seen Red Sparrow/Atomic Blonde/Salt then this doesn't offer anything different or better than those.
  12. Yeah I got that email too. It feels like an OK price point for the year and they probably have enough stuff to justify the subscription. I just hope it isn't region specific where the US get a load more stuff than everyone else.
  13. I've just realised that pilot guy in hat looked very much like Beef in House of Fools.
  14. Oh my God! Is this part of the 'Allo 'Allo cinematic universe now?
  15. This is on Starz and, like everything else on Starz, is OK and not terrible. It's weird a mixture of silly Michael Caine cockney gangster bullshit and a kitchen sink drama. It isn't boring but I'm not sure that it's good. I haven't seen loads in the way of foreshadowing, rather it's just a bunch of ex-SAS men doing jobs after they leave the Army.
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