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  1. Norwich have benched both Cantwell and Pukki against us. Outside of Buendia, surely they are the best players in that team? Not sure what Farke is thinking. I really hope we'll be able to take advantage given our sucky away form.
  2. Ha! Don't tell me you've been paying for Netflix but stoically refusing to watch it because of a bitrate thing as opposed to either reducing or cancelling your sub?
  3. DirkCrisis


    Got my Gunsmith Cats DVD out today. Still one of the best title sequences in anime IMO
  4. Yes I got this message too on my 2016 Samsung. The one thing I will say is at least they put up a message whereas when things like the Prime app have been broken in the past, they just haven't worked until someone has fixed them. Still enjoying D+ though. My PH just signed up to Britbox because she really wants to watch all of Press Gang again and by Christ, that's a shit experience in comparison to this.
  5. What is The Verge's obsession with this platform? They seem to have a story on it every two weeks. Must be some sort of advert disguised as journalism.
  6. During this time of limited football, I've only realised now that Jordan Pickford was forced to pick the Twitter handle JPickford1 because our very own @JPickford had beaten him to the punch. Of course Jordan will say it relates to his shirt number but I don't think it does. You may have noticed this already. I'm slow on the uptake, though.
  7. Australian muscle giant, Chris Hemsworth fights some small Indian children ranging between about 9 and 16 years of age. I won't spoil the ending.
  8. I've seen episode 1 - Liked the story (more of the same) but the visual style is questionable. Sometimes it looks great but at other points it feels like stiff 3D models from 15 years ago are stumbling around a sparse landscape. Title sequence is also a bit of a Westworld rip off. That said, I'm glad it's on there as I get to watch it without having to buy it.
  9. S03E07 - The toilet paper gag! It's like they predicted COVID19 before it happened!
  10. But it works well for end credits of beauty like the Mandalorian. Everyone should watch those in their entirety. I watched the elephants documentary last night. The cinematography is absolutely spectacular but the narration doesn't really teach the viewer anything. All the elephants get names and in Disney's documentary world, animals don't eat each other, reproduce or, broadly speaking, die except in very specific circumstances which support the character arcs. It is both weirdly emotional yet sanitised. I might give the penguin one a go but am expecting a similar tone.
  11. Also if you've completed Netflix/Amazon/Disney+ during isolation, there's always this 3 hour documentary on Cannibal Corpse (and a few other late 80s Death Metal bands) to get stuck into.
  12. We haven't really spoken about Gatecreeper in this thread. Having only just come across them I think they are amazing. Really remind me of early 90s Entombed or Dismember.
  13. He was a favourite of Last Podcast on the Left’s “Side Stories” for a number of months. Still can’t believe he thought running for President was a good idea.
  14. This is available for rental on Prime at the moment. It is very mad but not quite as insane as Mandy. Has a few memorable Cage moments with Alpacas and a (presumably now patented) solo freakout. The surveyor character might also be the only sane character in it. Even the Mayor is a borderline loon. But I think the true creepy thing bout Lovecraft is where characters see the aftermath of a human encounter with the old ones. That 2012 version, whilst rubbish, had a very compelling scene of devastation towards the end and this has the same sort of thing on a smaller scale but with some creepy recordings to go with it.
  15. Another point off Wolves! A good day given most below us lost. It's nearly always a dull goalless affair but it's a point we really need given our situation. MacAllister straight onto free kicks by the looks of it too.
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