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  1. CRPG Book Project

    Cool, that looks really interesting. Another book on CRPGs I’d recommend is Dungeons & Desktops, according to Amazon that’s now 10 years old, where does time go.
  2. Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood predators

    It’s sad that the shocking part of the article was the car accident and not the sexual assault. I just don’t understand what Tarantino was thinking taking the risk, even if he thinks there’s zero danger his lead actress & “muse” does.
  3. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    Unless your proprioception is fucked I don’t see why you believe that. As I said in all my years of training (European) sword based martial arts and helping train beginners I’ve never seen someone hit themselves. Even the most flailly beginners don’t hit themselves, they’re a danger to those around them but not themselves. Even kids wailing on each with cardboard tubes & foam swords don’t tend to hit themselves. So why would Rey? She’s been show to be competent with her staff, which is similar dimensions to the lightsaber (that’s a bit of a convinience) to not cause issues. So she should have no issues basically handling the lightsaber - her main issue would not be letting muscle memory take over and trying to grab the blade (that’s far more likely than hitting herself).
  4. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    You can still hit yourself with it though. But here’s the thing, do you imaging you’d accidentally cut off a limb swinging a lightsaber or a sword around for that matter? Amazingly you’re pretty aware of where things are, in all my years of HEMA training I accidentally hit myself once (cross-guard to the top of the head) after training for 6 hours solid and suffering from sun stroke. But she’s used to using a weapon to fight, if not that particular one, one which has a lot of transferable skills. Ren is, as noted above, pretty emotionally devestated after killing his father, additionally he’s also been shot by Chewie’s bowcaster we’ve watched send stormtrooper flying, so is pretty injured, and has already been fighting Finn. Despite all that she just about holds her own against him, it’s hardly the embarrassing beating some have reframed it as.
  5. Could you expand on that? Because outside of the broadest brushstrokes (Francis McDormand, small town, crime) I’m really not seeing it.
  6. Microsoft looking into buying EA?

    It was $375m, still nothing to be sniffed at and way more than they’ve paid for anyone else. Even then Rare continued to produce GBA & DS games, I do wonder if that was part of the agreement to buy Nintendo’s stake. I think paying that much for them also put them in a bit of a protected position. Honestly when I was at Lionhead we constantly expected the news Rare would be shut down when they did the quarterly IEB visits/meetings. They’ve had a long fallow period I hope Sea of Thieves does well for them. I don’t see what would be in this for EA, they’re not exactly hurting for money as I understand it. Sure their reputation has take a(nother) beating lately but is MS’s that much better? A large part of the issue MS has had is following the EA model and dictating to its teams what they can & can’t make - Bungie only Halo, Lionhead only Fable, etc. And culling studios at the first sign of failure. One that really still stings is Ensemble “make this Halo RTS for the console, what’s the worse that can happen?”. Suddenly you’ve got very few first party devs, many in the dev community have very little time for you (check out how many indie devs who made it big on XBLA have very little good to say about MS), and suddenly your late 90s early 2000s EA.
  7. Monster Hunter: World

    A video I just watched was saying the sword & shield allows item usage without having to sheathe the weapon, and you can evade/block out of most of its attacks. Only mentioning since you flagged both those points.
  8. Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    I’ve been flipping through the Realm Of Chaos 80s blog since the interview with Mike McVey was posted in the miniature appreciation thread the other day, and this entry is really interesting it looks at the coverage of Rogue Trader in White Dwarf at its launch. Probably the most interesting part is the article written by Rick Priestley about its development and some of the concessions they made like abstracting the weapon ranges rather than the WHFB 1” = 10 yards system. http://realmofchaos80s.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/warhammer-40000-rogue-trader-original.html
  9. The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    That’s a great piece.
  10. Life is Strange - Season 1

    Have you played the original Life is Strange? And don’t open the spoiler if you haven’t TSH, agree on that Eliot scene, I though it was very effective.
  11. Best Game Names Ever

    Crypt of the Necrodancer
  12. Life is Strange - Season 1

    Yeah, the ending
  13. Game of the Year A1. Nier Automata A2. Yakuza 0 A3. Persona 5 A4. BotW A5. Battle Chef Brigade Most Disappointing Game of the Year Z1. Mass Effect Andromeda Z2. Destiny 2 Z3. AC Origins ”I don’t think I’ve bounced off a game so hard in a long time. The combat’s a poor imitation of Dark Souls. I think levels rob it of a lot, in previous ACs I could go anywhere, it might go wrong but I’d probably be able to hold my own & escape. Now I look at places, see all the guards & their levels and think “cant be bothered with that”. And I know it worked for many people but it really didn’t for me. Also, I miss the codex entries or person telling you about the history. I want this thing telling me the pyramids are two & a half thousand years old by they time Bayek is climbing on them.” Z4. Mario Odyssey “Not a bad game, a great one, a fantastic one in many moments but ultimately I was left underwhelmed by it. I realise this is most down to me but with all the reviews and leap that was BotW at the start of the year I expected something more revolutionary. I realise I’m on my own here but I don’t think it explored it’s mechanics well enough. Sure you can posses a t-rex but you never do anything interesting with it, just the same thing on the occasions you come across one. Older Mario games built the mechanics asking you to explore how they interacted with other mechanics and the level. Here there’s precious little of that, mainly cause the capture mechanic replaces your ability set rather than augments it. Additionally since most capture targets are unique to a world it limits the ability to do, although you do spend a lot of time in each world if you want the moons. Signposting of moons is pretty poor at times, and it teaches the wrong things at times. For example smashing rocks or making you hat spin on something can give you moons, but not all the time and there’s no way to tell without performing the action. Sure you probably don’t need to investigate every rock as you’re drowning in moons. But that’s not a great bit of design from Nintendo. For me 64 & the Galaxies are still the best 3D Marios.” Z5. Sound Design of the Year S1. Nier Automata S2. Persona 5 S3. BotW Visual Design of the Year V1. Persona 5 V2. Nier Automata V3. Mario Odyssey Writing of the Year W1. Yakuza 0 W2. Nier Automata W3. Divinity 2 Original Sin ”(haven’t completed so won’t consider for GOTY)” Gaming Format (System) of the Year F1. Switch Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Nintendo Best Supported Game (from pre 2017) of the Year B1.

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