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  1. The Bag

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    That’s me trying to fit in with the families in the area. Regularly he looks more like this atm
  2. The Bag

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I got the sit down & unburden yourself talk with Tilly, my Arthur was upset about killin innocents and turn into Micah. My current Arthur, bit of a ch3 spoiler included
  3. The Bag


    If you haven’t seen it I’d recommend The Dawn Wall, I went to a screening of it with a friend a month or so back.
  4. The Bag

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    Love this, it’s such a good model, and a great paint job. I made a start on Jenetia Krole in last night’s lesson, looks okay from a distance, looks shit close up on camera. The amount of detail on the mini is insane, it’s all hand sculpted as well. All ready for me to fuck over with my paint job. Oh, and if anyone’s looking for a good white to airbrush I can recommend Com-Art opaque white, it’s a joy to airbrush with - it an airbrush paint. I got it from airbrushes.co.uk. I’ve previously used S75, VMC, and citadel whites, it’s night and day.
  5. The Bag

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    I just want the minis to paint, same with the rogue trader ones. Love the Blanche influence.
  6. The Bag

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I hid the post he’s quoted because I saw all that was dealt with, I thought I had hidden it before anyone responded but obvious not.
  7. The Bag

    Edge #326 | Devil May Cry 5

    If you’re not touching the left stick they will navigate themselves around trees.
  8. The Bag

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Thought I’d managed to hide the post in time, hadn’t realised I was so far back in the thread
  9. The Bag

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Decided to set up camp in the red circle, camp was set up in the green one
  10. The Bag

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Any tips for horse back combat? Any time I let go of the X button to move the camera with the right stick the horse slows down making me an easy target.
  11. The Bag

    Red Dead Redemption 2

  12. The Bag

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    It was an NYT article, iirc, and it makes such a good point about nothing being just a hobby any more. I only started painting again this year after a gap of 18 years (there was a comment in the other thread I must have been good before, I’ve got the models to prove that’s very my not the case) because I needed to do something that didn’t involve looking at a screen - health issues robbed me of HEMA & catch wrestling. Now I am trying to learn & improve, I’m following multiple patreons, watching YouTube videos, taking lessons because I do want to get better but at the same time I’m managing to surpress that urge to be like “why aren’t I instantly great at this”… Well, most of the time anyway and just enjoy the process. Personally I find it incredibly relaxing, stick on an audiobook/podcast and paint for hours. Yeah, I’d like to enter GD at some stage probably because it was a teenage ambition (actually I did enter as a teenager cause at they let ppl with entries into GamesDay earlier so it was off around the design studio area before the hordes got in ). But I’m no where near that, and that’s okay and if I never get there that’s okay too because I enjoy it.
  13. The Bag

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    How do I know if my horse is dead? I got jumped by the O’Driscols and killed, when I revived I had my old horse. Is Horsey a goner?
  14. The Bag

    The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    Looking good @JoeK. What size are those minis, they look 10/12mm, tiny… In tonight’s painting lesson I’ve finished of the anonymous bust, there’s things I’d fix/do differently in the future but learning. One thing I learned is don’t drop ‘em, knocked off his left ear. more pics

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