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  1. The first game I ever bought with my own money (rather than a compilation of stuff my cousin copied for me) was Batman on the Spectrum. From Boots the Chemist, natch. I often think about this game when playing the Arkham games, and how amazingly far we've come. 7 year-old me would be very, very excited.
  2. I'm in the process of moving all my islanders to a new layout, starting with my least favourite, so naturally Huck was first. I put his house right next to the campsite, hopefully the stink of the campsite toilet will drift into his back garden.
  3. Capcom: "We're going to remake Resident Evil 4!" Rllmuk: "Make sure you remove all the fun!"
  4. Horizon Zero Dawn. I finally finished God of War last month, and I loved it. "Hmm", I thought, "a lot of my favourite games this generation (except BOTW, natch) have been Sony exclusives. God of War, Spider-man, Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, The Last of Us Remastered... but I've not given Horizon Zero Dawn a go. I should probably play that, I might love it." Spoiler: I did not love it. It just seemed to be littered with bad design decisions, or out-and-out bugginess that I thought was a thing of the past. I can't remember them all, but off the top of my head: - Rubbish autosave mechanism, that more than once would respawn me in a position where I'd have to immediately leg it in the opposite direction as fast as possible, otherwise I'd be immediately killed by the thing that just killed me - Rubbish autosave mechanism (2), that left me stuck in an underground base thing with not enough supplies, and no way out other than past a massive boss I had to beat before I could escape (and that there had been no warning of before I went in) - Dramatic loud music that would kick in whenever a robot spotted me, then continue playing over whispered plot-critical dialog that was triggered moments later, and was therefore impossible to hear - An overworld that was tedious to navigate, because every 30 seconds there'd be a herd of robo-dinosaurs that needed avoiding or killing - Really unclear levelling & difficulty. Yes, I know the missions are marked with a recommended level, but their actual difficulty regularly seemed wildly out of whack with that. I often found myself completely unsure whether I had the right equipment or the right level of that equipment. And despite the fact the tutorial/intro seemed to go on for ages, it still managed to explain very few of the things you need to know once you hit the main game. - Awful facial animations - Even worse voice acting Robot dinosaours are cool, obviously. But Horizon Zero Dawn is not a good game.
  5. It's on Xbox GamePass if you have that and want to try it out. I've played it for an hour or so, and the combat is very XCom-y, but I haven't got as far as the non-combat stuff yet to know how that works.
  6. The people who write for DF seem nice, and are undoubtedly very knowledgeable, but they really do produce some of the most dreary old bollocks ever to have been published. Letting them affect your enjoyment of games is like letting an audiophile who insists you should spend 500 quid on speaker cables stop you enjoying your favourite album.
  7. I remember people making pretty much the same argument about the PS2->PS3/360 generation. "Oh, it's only HD, it doesn't really make much difference. The games will be the same". Then PS3/360->PS4. "The last generation had the SD->HD jump, what's the equivalent this time? Just slightly shinier graphics. The games will be the same". PS4 was the first time in 30+ years of gaming I've been able to afford a console on launch day, and even though there were hardly any games, and most of them were rubbish, it was brilliant fun and I have every intention of being there day one this time as well.
  8. What are the creation tools in this like if you're using a DualShock? Most of the videos I've seen have people using Move controllers to do all the editing, which makes me suspicious that it's incredibly clunky if you just have a standard controller.
  9. Rockstar are painted into a corner at this point, and it's very difficult to see them going any way but down. They desperately need to break out of the GTA/RDR cycle, but the money at stake is so huge that I can't see how they do that. Why would any talented up and coming creators go there now? They have a terrible reputation for working conditions, you only get to release one game per generation, and it's always going to be a story-led open world game with an online component. The last meaningful new IP they produced was Bully, and that was nearly 15 years ago. I'm sure we'll keep seeing GTAs, but just like the latest FIFA or Coldplay album they'll only be the inevitable output of a creatively bankrupt bohemoth consuming everything before it and excreting the inevitable outcome on an audience gratefully smothering themselves in the resulting faeces. Woah, that last paragraph did not end up where I thought it would.
  10. Loading. Not quick loading, just reliable loading full-stop, rather than: - Put in the tape - Adjust the volume wheel to the level that (you think) worked for this game previously. Extra points if your volume wheel has special marks tippexed on based on previous success. - Type 'Load""'. - Wait 10 minutes. - Loading fails 9 minutes 50 seconds in. - Analyse why loading failed. Was it the volume? Was it because you typed 'Load""' rather than 'Load "nameofgame"'? Was it because you turned away from the tv for a couple of minutes? - Repeat 2-5 times. - When game eventually loads, play it for 2 minutes, remember you don't like it, and start process again with a new game.
  11. What a shame the single explanation for all Dracula's weaknesses turned out to be the utter bollocks I feared it would. Episode 2 was good though.
  12. Couldn't help but wonder during episode 2 if Gatiss and Moffat hadn't been playing Return of the Obra Dinn recently...
  13. I don’t disagree with any of this. Going back to TLJ shortly before going to see RoS, knowing that it didn’t really pick up any of the plot threads I’d originally hoped it would, I enjoyed it much more. There’s definitely a case to be made for it being the strongest of the new trilogy as a stand-alone film. The trouble is, it wasn’t a stand-alone film, it was the middle of a trilogy. And in that respect, it’s pretty much a disaster. It deliberately shuts down almost everything TFA set up, and doesn’t really provide anything in its place. If you’re going to make a film as part of the main Star Wars canon that declares “the Star Wars mythology... isn't how life works and isn't particularly interesting”, you better make something absolutely astonishing to go in its place, and TLJ doesn’t. It’s a bit like employing a builder to add an extension to your house, only to come back from holiday to find they decided the house wasn’t up to much, so they knocked it down with all your stuff still inside. They might have a point, but you still don’t have anywhere to sleep. I guess this analogy makes RoS a tent in the back garden, populated by a family still having to wear their holiday clothes in the middle of Winter.
  14. Some personal faves: https://open.spotify.com/album/6ZCbYO3B5eslkY3zHdss4A?si=i_hIr7GHSLGuDF9EcRVbuQ https://open.spotify.com/album/1WJJZdtn1ZB0WcwkIu2urL?si=x7124ZxXQ7-RTAQEozDfQg https://open.spotify.com/album/4y57bVmY8Jj0BK0RxcLRXb?si=HfsPu-0MQr-u4EVIrnok8Q
  15. TCGS have really been killing it with the GOTY stuff, both in the podcast and on Twitter, in the last couple of days. It's really cheered me up in what could prove to be quite a depressing week. Thanks lads!
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